You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.

display trackers android

List the trackers that apps use on Google Play

Google Play is the primary application store for Android applications. Most Android devices ship with Google Play installed by default and most Android users use it to browse, find and install applications […]

lumen privacy monitor android

Lumen Privacy Monitor monitors Android apps tracking

Lumen Privacy Monitor is a free application for Google Android that monitors connections that applications make on a device it runs on to uncover communication with tracking servers and data collecting. Created […]

addons detector android

Addons Detector for Android review

Addons Detector is a free application for Google's Android operating system that reveals which addon packages installed applications use among other things. You may use it to find out which apps include […]

protonvpn android

ProtonVPN Android promises free bandwidth unrestricted service without ads

Proton Technologies, best known for the secure email service ProtonMail launched ProtonVPN for Android today. The company launched ProtonVPN to the public last year but had to shut down registration soon after […]

opera 44 mobile android

Opera 44 for Android with UI refresh and fast news access

Opera Software announced the general availability of Opera 44 for the Android operating system earlier today. The new version focuses on delivering news faster to users of the mobile browser, and refreshes […]

files go google android

Google tests Files Go file manager for Android

Files Go is an unreleased (at this point in time) file manager by Google for Android whose primary purpose is freeing up storage space on Android devices, and managing files. The application […]

f-droid 1.0

F-Droid 1.0 for Android is out

F-Droid 1.0 has been released today. It is an Android application that provides users with a catalog of free and open source software that users can install on their Android devices. Note: […]

blizzard android

Blizzard app for Android

Blizzard Entertainment published Blizzard, a new application for Google's Android operating system recently. The new application focuses on communication more than anything else. You may use it to chat with your […]

blueborne scanner

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner for Android

BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner by Armis is a free application for Android devices that checks whether the device is vulnerable to BlueBorne. BlueBorne is an attack vector that attacks devices via Bluetooth. Any […]


Windy: Wind, Waves and Hurricane forecast on Android

Windy is a specialized weather application for Android that combines basic weather forecasting with highly detailed weather information. Designed specifically for anyone who needs wind or waves weather information, it may be […]

orfox settings

A look at Orfox, a Tor Browser for Android

Orfox is a web browser for Android that is based on the same source code as the Tor Browser but with some privacy modifications added to it. Basically, if you want to […]

guides by loneley planet

Guides by Lonely Planet for Android

Guides by Lonely Planet is a free application for Google Android that provides you with free city guides curated by Lonely Planet. It takes at least some preparation to visit a different […]

kaspersky secure connection

Kaspersky launches information hungry VPN app for Android

Kaspersky Secure Connection: VPN service is a new application by Russian security company Kaspersky for the Android mobile operating system. The application is available as a free and premium version. The free […]

elsa speak

Improve your English Pronunciation with ELSA Speak for Android

ELSA Speak: Reduce your accent is a free application for Android (and iOS) that assists you in improving your English pronunciation. ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant coaches non-native speakers […]

my device android

My Device: the best system information app for Android?

My Device is a free application for Google's Android operating system that displays all there is to know about an Android device in its interface. Knowing which features your Android device supports […]

py for android

Py for Android: learn programming and IT skills

Py is a free application for Google Android devices that teaches you programming and IT skills in an interactive environment. When you want to learn how to code, you have plenty of […]

Quantum, an introduction to Quantum Mechanics for Android

Quantum is a free application for Google's Android operating system that teaches you the basics of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics deals with the so-called microworld and the objects -- atoms or particles […]

guide to linux

Guide to Linux app for Android

Guide to Linux is a free application for Google Android that comes with tutorials, information on commands and shell scripts, and a Terminal emulator. If you want to get to know Linux, […]

changes android

Keep track of Android app updates with Changes

Changes is a free application for Android devices that makes it easier to keep track of application updates and changelogs. Google Play is the default store for Android applications. It is installed […]

google motion stills

After a year, Motion Stills lands on Android

Motion Stills, an experimental short video creation application by Google, has been released by the company for the Android platform. Google launched Motion Stills in June 2016 for iOS, and has now […]

whatsapp send any file

Send any file with WhatsApp

The most recent WhatsApp update for Android and iOS enables the sending of any file type to other users of the messaging service. File attachments were limited to a selection of files […]

caffeine android prevent sleep

Caffeine: prevent sleep on Android devices

Caffeine is a free application for Android devices that prevents sleep, lock or screen dimming automatically or manually. Power saving modes are essential on mobile devices as these modes will preserve battery […]


neutriNote: powerful note-taking for Android

The Android application neutriNote is a powerful note taking application that supports math (LaTeX), rich markdown, and drawings among other things. Many Android devices come with basic note taking functionality, and a […]

dropsync android

Sync Dropbox automatically on Android

Dropbox's Android client is limited when it comes to the automatic synchronization of files between Dropbox and the Android device. It did support automatic photo syncing up until now, but a recent […]

soccer scores

Soccer Scores: football app for Android

Soccer Scores - FotMob is one of the most popular and highly rated football applications for Android devices. The free application provides you with options to follow your favorite teams and leagues, […]

storage analyzer disk usage

Analyze Android Storage Use

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage is a free application for Android that reveals the files and directories that take up most of the space on the device. If your Android device runs […]


Notibox: backup, search and block Android notifications

Notibox is a free application for the Android operating system that backs up notifications you receive for you among other things. Notifications inform you about application or system events, say a new […]


Picklor: Identify colors using your Android camera

Picklor: Camera Color Picker is a free application for Android devices that you can make use of to identify any color using the device's built-in camera. If you are a designer, interested […]

hooks android

Hooks for Android notifies you about anything

Hooks is a free application for Android devices that you configure to receive custom alerts and notifications for things you are interested in. The application offers more than 100 different channels that […]

shuffle my life

Bored? Shuffle My Life suggests activities based on time, weather and location

Shuffle My Life is a brand new application for Google's Android operating system that provides you with activity suggestions at times when you are bored, don't know what to do or cannot […]


Flynx collects and loads links on Android in the background

Juggling around between multiple open applications is often not very comfortable on smartphones. Say a link is posted on your wall on Facebook. A click opens it in the default viewer application […]

gallery doctor

Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner highlights bad photos on Android

Gallery Doctor - Phone Cleaner is a free application for Android device that promises to go through your digital photo collection on the device to separate good from bad free up space […]

kaspersky qr scanner

Kaspersky QR Scanner; make sure QR Codes are not malicious

So-called QR Codes are very similar to shortened urls. The core similarity is that you don't see where the link takes you when you activate it. QR Codes are used in many […]

microsoft outlook android

Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android and iOS is now available

Microsoft released its Outlook Preview application for Android devices to the Google Play Store. It is not the first Outlook app by Microsoft for Android, there is OWA for Android for instance […]

formula calculations

Create and execute equations with Formula Calculator Equreka for Android

Depending on what you do, what you buy and where you go, you may come into situations where formulas can come in quite handy. If you live in the US and plan […]

image searcher

Add Google Image pictures to messages or email on Android effortlessly

You can add pictures to Android messages or emails easily on devices by selecting that option. Usually though, you are limited to images that are either on the local device already or […]

when last

WhenLast for Android keeps track of repeating tasks

Keeping track of certain tasks can sometimes be difficult. While it is usually no problem if you complete tasks regularly, say once a week, it gets difficult if you only do so […]


SnoopSnitch for Android warns you about fake base stations

So-called IMSI-Catchers and StingRays act as false mobile towers that sit between mobile devices such as smartphones and real towers maintained by mobile providers or other legitimate companies. These fake towers can […]

hidden device admin detector

Check for hidden Android device administrators

Device Administration on Android is a powerful API that was first introduced in Android 2.2. It offers features at the system level which makes available features such as remotely wiping the storage […]


TaoMix offers a unique way to play relaxing sounds on Android

I'm a big fan of apps and services that offer relaxing sounds. From pure white noise applications to services that make available dozens of different sound loops that suite all tastes. I […]



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