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Notion Multistack

Notion was introduced to me by a long time friend on the IRC Network I am staff on, as part of a major gaming community. He almost exclusively used Notion for the longest time, and barely ever touched his mouse, doing nearly everything by keyboard. He was hardcore. I have dabbled with Notion from time […]

Ubuntu Unity Apperance Menu

Unity, probably the most universally debated DE in the GNU/Linux community; despised by some, yet absolutely loved by others. Unity was created by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, for Ubuntu. It’s possible to install Unity on other systems, but 99% of the users you see using Unity are running it with Ubuntu. It’s also Ubuntu’s […]

LinuxMint Cinnamon Default

Cinnamon is another desktop environment that began as a fork of a previous environment, this time a fork of the GNOME Shell. The developers of Linux Mint from how I understand it, didn’t like the tablet inspired GUI that GNOME went with, but they enjoyed the back end features and implementations, so they forked the […]

LXDE Default Desktop

LXDE is known as one of the if not the lightest of the main desktop environments available for GNU/Linux. LXDE is extremely minimalistic and comes with very little to no special effects, or resource hungry applications and tools. That being said, LXDE is a great option for taking an old machine and breathing new life […]

LinuxMint Default Desktop XFCE

Xfce is yet another lightweight but highly customizable desktop environment many people use for GNU/Linux, and is the environment of choice for systems such as Xubuntu, and Manjaro (Although Manjaro does come in other flavours, Xfce is known as the Manjaro teams initial focus and was their primary DE for a while.). The Xfce website […]

GNOME Startup

Back in the day, what we now know as MATE was initially the GNOME 2.x desktop environment in all it’s glory. Nowadays, GNOMEis an entirely different animal, and one worth exploring for those GNU/Linux users who love to do things differently, and like to stray away from the cookie cutter aspect of computer usage. I […]

Manjaro KDE Default

This time around we will be looking at KDE: powerful, graphically beautiful, and filled with an array of useful software; but the most resource intensive of the major desktop environments. KDE has always been a weird thing for me, I quite enjoy its almost limitless amount of customizability, the great tools that it comes with, […]

MATE Desktop Default

One of the most amazing things about GNU/Linux is it's customizability, both on a deeper system level but also on the surface with various desktop environments and window managers at the users disposal. My personal favourite of the various desktop environments is MATE (pronounced Mah-Tay). I started using GNU/Linux about 17 years ago on my […]

linux command

GNU/Linux is powerful, very powerful, but truth be told it can also be a daunting experience when trying to learn to utilize the true power behind a GNU/Linux system; the terminal. Using the CLI, or Command Line Interface, can speed up MANY processes and tasks, once you know how to use it and some of […]

CSF Homepage

Firewalls, commonly underused by home users yet probably one of the most important aspects of securing your machine; ever. Windows users have a HUGE array of options in front of them, but GNU/Linux isn’t quite as flexible in terms of giving you a thousand and one options. Thankfully, there is the powerful IPTables firewall built […]

Manjaro First Updates

Manjaro has always been one of my personal favourite distributions of GNU/Linux, it combines the speed and power of Arch Linux and its Pacman and AUR repositories, with the user friendliness and overall ‘out of the box’ feel of Ubuntu and other well known new user friendly distros. Having been probably a year or so […]

Windows Administrative Tools

Windows is the reigning champion when it comes to operating system share percentages according to NetMarketShare. However, as the world is learning more and more, day by day, there are other alternatives out there; the main two being Apples Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. However, not everyone is ready to entirely dedicate themselves or their […]

Linux Mint Download Page

There are many popular distributions of GNU/Linux to choose from, but it’s generally recognized among the GNU/Linux world that there are a few major players that people tend to gravitate towards more often than others. The most common known are primarily Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, and Linux Mint. There are vast numbers of other distros […]