Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions provide new functions to the popular browser, with new advanced tools to use across several platforms and web-based apps. We’ll review some of the top ones you can download while also sharing any essential updates and news.


Chrome extensions may slow down browsing significantly

Extensions are one of the greatest strengths of web browsers. They allow users to extend functionality, but this comes at a cost. A test of the 5000 most popular Chrome extensions showed […]

Ad Accelerator mutes and speeds up YouTube ads

Ad Accelerator is a new browser extension for Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It's only purpose is to make ads on YouTube easier to bear. The extension […]

Malicious Google Chrome extensions

Your passwords are on the scope of malicious Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are a powerful way to add new features and functionality to your browser. However, it's important to be aware that not all extensions are created equal. Some extensions can be […]

Google Chrome will now warn you about harmful extensions

Google Chrome will now warn you about harmful extensions

Google Chrome's upcoming feature marks a significant advancement in online security, as it aims to alert users about potentially harmful extensions within the Chrome Web Store. This move is in response to […]

ChatGPT bing search

GPT-AdBlocker for Chrome promises to block all ads, including ads in videos

It was only a matter of time before a developer would come up with an idea to use AI tools for content blocking on the Internet. GPT-AdBlocker is a free browser extension […]

How to hide the Shorts section on YouTube

Depending on who you ask, YouTube Shorts is either the most annoying feature on YouTube or a great way of watching TikTok-like short videos on the platform. Google has pushed Shorts to […]

uBlock Origin's icon now tells you if it's ready to block ads at browser launch

uBlock Origin's icon now tells you if it's ready to block ads at browser launch

uBlock Origin has been updated to version 1.48. The open source content blocker, renowned for its ad-blocking capabilities, now changes its button's color to indicate its readiness at the browser's launch. Why […]

adguard chrome manifest v3

Google delays Chrome Manifest V3 rollout once again

Google's initial plan to start Manifest V3 experiments in several versions of its Chrome web browser have been postponed again by the company. An update from December 9, 2022 on the Manifest […]

chrome 108 mysterious update

Google releases Chrome 108 update without revealing anything about it

Chrome users may have noticed that Google released a new update for the browser on December 7, 2022. The update to Chrome 108 installs fast and the browser looks just like before […]

what is windows 11

Add ChatGPT answers to Google Search

ChatGPT is a new product by OpenAI that is been optimized for dialogs. You communicate with the artificial intelligence, for instance, by asking a question, and get an answer. You can check […]

routora google maps multi-stop route optimization

Routora optimizes Google Map multi-stop routes to save gas and time

Routora is a Chrome extension and Internet service that optimizes multi-stop routes on Google Maps to save gas and travel time. Google Maps is a popular choice when it comes to finding […]

bypass paywalls clean

Bypass Paywalls Clean browser extension review

Bypass Paywalls Clean is an open source browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers that loads paywalled articles once installed. More and more sites implement paywalls as […]

adguard chrome manifest v3

AdGuard launches Manifest V3 compatible ad-blocker for Chrome

AdGuard, the company best known for its content blocking solution, launched what it calls the "world's first ad blocker built on Manifest V3". Chrome and Chromium-based browser users who have not followed […]

google teller audio google connections

Google Teller: browser makes a noise whenever Google gets data

To better demonstrate how much data Google is accumulating over the course of a browsing session, Dutch software developer and entrepreneur Bert Hubert created Google Teller. The browser extension makes a beep […]

wikipedia who wrote that

Who Wrote That reveals authorship information on Wikipedia

Who Wrote That? is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome, that provides you with authorship information on Wikipedia. Most articles on Wikipedia are free to […]

reggy temporary accounts

Reggy for Chrome: create anonymous accounts with a few clicks

Reggy is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers that is designed to speed up the creation of anonymous accounts on sites. Many websites prompt users to create an […]

toucan learn languages

Toucan: Can you learn a language while browsing the web?

Can you learn a new language by just browsing the web, like you always do? Toucan, a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, other Chromium-based browsers, and Firefox, suggests that you can. Learning […]

extension fingerprints

Your installed browser extension may be used to fingerprint you

Extensions installed in web browsers may be used for tracking purposes. Some extensions use resources that are accessible by sites that are loaded in the browser; the information may be used to […]

vytal spoof location user agent

Vytal: browser extension to spoof your location and user agent

Vytal is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers, that will spoof the location, locale, timezone and user agent manually or automatically. Vytal uses the chrome.debugger API, […]


FastForward: skip tracker and intermediary URLs automatically

FastForward is a cross-platform browser extension that will skip link shorteners, trackers and intermediary URLs automatically when enabled. It works on sites such as,,,, or, and thousands […]

bionic reading

Bionic Reading: promises better, faster and more focused reading

Bionic Reading is a reading system that is designed to improve reading through the use of typographic highlights. The system highlights parts of words in texts to guide the human eye and […]

skip silence

Skip Silence: Automatically skip silent parts of video and audio streams

Skip Silence is an open source extension for Chromium-based web browsers such as Google Chrome and for Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The extension's main purpose is to skip silent parts of audio […]

chrome publisher verification

Featured and Established Publisher badges are now listed on the Chrome Web Store

If you have visited the Chrome Web Store recently, you may have noticed that many extensions show up with a featured and established publisher badge on the Store. The Chrome Web Store […]

Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension banned from Chrome and Firefox for redirecting users and injecting referral links

Video Ad-Block for Twitch extension banned from Chrome and Firefox for redirecting users and injecting referral links

Video ads are perhaps the most annoying thing on the internet. This is one of many reasons why one should use an ad-blocker, but what happens when an add-on that is supposed […]

fake profile detector

Fake Profile Detector tells you if people are real or fake online

Fake Profile Detector is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers that helps you determine whether a person is real or fake online. Designed by V7Labs, a company that […]

virustotal browser extension

Virus scanning service VirusTotal releases VT4Browsers extension for Chrome and Firefox

VirusTotal is a useful online virus scanning service that Google acquired in 2012. The developers of the service have released VT4Browsers, an updated web browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. VT4Browsers […]

whatsapp code verify

Meta releases Code Verify extension for WhatsApp Web

Meta released the new Code Verify browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to validate the web version of WhatsApp Web. A version of the extension for Firefox is still under […]

ublock origin dark mode interface

uBlock Origin adds support for a dark theme, a new setting to block network activity at browser launch

The open-source ad blocking extension, uBlock Origin, now has a dark theme for its interface. This had been one of the most requested features by users. uBlock Origin adds support for a […]

music mode

Play audio only on YouTube to save bandwidth with Music Mode for YouTube

Music Mode for YouTube is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers that blocks video on YouTube and YouTube Music to play audio only and save bandwidth. YouTube […]

How to Get Chrome Extensions on Android

Whether you’re a student or work from home or an office, Chrome has some great extensions that help with organization, productivity, learning, and entertainment. You’ve probably discovered quite a few of these […]

Best Google Drive Extensions for Chrome

Are you looking for the best Google Drive extensions for Chrome? Check my list here!

Get the most use out of your favorite cloud storage with these extensions! Ever since its official launch back in 2012, Google Drive has become one of the most popular online cloud […]

Best Dark Mode Extension for Chrome

Need to protect your eyes? I have a list of the best dark mode extensions for Chrome

Save your eyes from blinding light with these great dark mode extensions! Most of us spend plenty of time looking at screens throughout the day. Hours upon hours go to gazing at […]

top screen recording plugins for Chrome

Want to easily capture your screen? Here are my top screen recording plugins for Chrome

Ever find something while browsing the internet that was worth recording, but you didn’t have the right tools for it? Here are five of the best screen recording plugins for Chrome on […]

Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

What are the best Chrome extensions for Gmail?

If you’re spending a lot of time in your email, why not add a few extensions to increase your productivity? Which Gmail extensions for Chrome will help you the most? Gmail is […]

javascript restrictor

JavaScript Restrictor: improve privacy by limiting web browser APIs

JavaScript Restrictor is an open s0urce cross-browser extension designed to improved user privacy by limiting access to APIs of web browsers that websites may use when running JavaScript. The extension is developed […]

Best Screenshot Extensions for Chrome

Which are the best screenshot extensions for Chrome?

Want to download a screenshot add-on but don’t know which one is reliable and safe? Keep reading for the six best Chrome extensions for screenshots Have you ever come across a website […]

Want to edit a PDF online? Here's a list of the best 9 PDF Extensions for Chrome

Good news, you can edit your PDFs right from your browser! But which tools are the best for the job? Most file types are easy to edit. Just throw them into one […]

Best REST Client Plugin for Chrome

Need to test your API? Here are my top 5 REST Client Plugins for Chrome

REST extensions for Chrome can reduce the time you spend on manually testing your web apps, but which are the best to use? App testing takes a fair bit of the developers' […]

Best Pinterest Plugin for Chrome? Here is my best choice

Chrome has extensions for all sorts of sites, and Pinterest is no exception. Which ones are the best? Plenty of people rely on Pinterest for a nice burst of inspiration or just […]

Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome

7 Best Facebook Extensions for Chrome

Extensions can be extremely useful when a website like Facebook lacks the necessary features. Here are seven extensions you can use to enhance your Facebook experience. Facebook is a major social media […]



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