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Windows 11 provides much better functionality and security over previous Microsoft operating systems. In this category, we’ll provide news articles that highlight all the latest news, rumors, features, and updates of the popular OS.

Windows 11

Microsoft is not done yet: more ads spotted in latest Windows 11 build

When is an ad an advertisement and not a recommendation? Microsoft clearly likes to use the term recommendation for what others may see as an advertisement. There are recommendations in the Start […]

Microsoft says KB5034440 and KB5034441 updates won't be offered to PCs that meet these conditions

Microsoft says KB5034440 and KB5034441 updates won't be offered to PCs that meet these conditions

Remember the 0x80070643 error that affected the KB5034440 and the KB5034441 Updates. Well, Microsoft has provided more details about the requirements for installing the update. To recap, Microsoft released the KB5034440 Update […]

Windows 11 version 21H2 and 22H2 will reach end of support in October

Windows 11 version 21H2 and 22H2 will reach end of support in October, forcing an automatic upgrade to 23H2

Microsoft has announced that it will stop servicing Windows 11 version 21H2 and 22H2 later this year. Here's what it means for users. Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, about […]


First look at Notepad's Spell Checker: surprise, it is not as bad as it sounds

While Microsoft continues to kill some apps, including WordPad and Cortana, it is giving other classic apps some love. Notepad is one of these. After enabling tab-support and auto-saving, the Redmond-based company […]

Copilot+ PC

Microsoft is evolving Copilot in Windows 11 by downgrading it

Microsoft has just evaporated the small hope that some users may have had that Copilot could become a useful tool to manage the Windows 11 operating system. When Microsoft first began to […]

Microsoft's Weather app now displays more ads

Microsoft's Weather app now displays more ads

It's raining ads in Windows 11. The Microsoft Weather app in the operating system now displays more ads. You may recall that a year ago, Microsoft had actually removed the ads from […]


Windows 11 Government Edition is what everyone wants, but there is a catch

A new edition of Windows 11 has been making the rounds over the weekend. Called Windows 11 Government Edition, screenshots of it were posted on Twitter by Andy Kirby (via Günter Born). […]

Windows 11 set up is automatically enabling OneDrive folder back up for users

Windows 11 set up is automatically enabling OneDrive folder back up for users

Microsoft has made yet another silent change to the way the initial setup of Windows 11 works. The operating system is enabling the automatic folder backup to OneDrive, without informing the user […]

Microsoft is testing new features in Windows Recall - Screenray and Topics

Microsoft is testing new features in Windows Recall: Screenray and Topics

It appears that Microsoft is not yet done with Recall. The A.I. tool, which was postponed due to some concerns regarding the quality and security, is getting some new features. You could […]


The end of Windows 11's Recall AI feature? Microsoft postpones launch

When Copilot Plus PCs launch next week, it will be without the controversial Recall feature. Recall was unveiled by Microsoft in May 2024 as the core feature of Copilot+ PCs. This new […]

Windows 11 is getting a native profile picture editor

Microsoft is working on integrating a new profile picture editor in its Windows 11 operating system. This editor helps users change and edit the profile icon of a user account. The feature […]


Microsoft needs to make Windows 11's Recall feature opt-in

As it stands right now, the new Recall AI feature of Windows 11 will be enabled by default when it launches officially later this year. While limited to PCs that sport the […]

Audio playback

Microsoft drops AC-3 (Dolby Digital) Codec support in Windows 11 version 24H2

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system will not support the Ac-3 codec by default going forward. In a somewhat surprising and sneaky move, Microsoft announced the end of support on a support page. […]

Microsoft Phone Link will soon let you extract text from images

Microsoft Phone Link will soon let you extract text from images

Microsoft is testing a new feature in its Phone Link app. The PC app will soon allow users to extract text from images that are stored on your Android Phone. The feature […]

Is This the End of the Windows 10 Era

Microsoft lists reasons why Windows 11 is better than Windows 10 but forgets to mention this

Windows 10 is a dying operating system. Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 10 in October 2025. While customers may extend support by up to three years, they have to pay […]

Copilot+ PC

Microsoft releases Windows 11 24H2 to the Release Preview channel

Microsoft has released the upcoming 2024 feature update for Windows 11 to the Release Preview channel. The update is available for testing ahead of its final release later this year. The final […]

Copilot+ PC

Microsoft announces Copilot+ PCs and AI-powered Recall feature

On a special event at Microsoft Campus, Microsoft unveiled Copilot+ PCs officially. This new type of Windows PCs, formerly known as AI PCs, mark the first step into introducing AI capabilities in […]

Windows 11 Game Pass advertisement

Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Settings homepage

Look, another advertising test in Windows 11. Microsoft launched a new build to the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel on Friday. Windows 11 build 26120.470 fixes issues for the most part. It […]

Start Menu Companions Windows 11

Windows 11's Start Menu could soon show information in a floating sidebar

Microsoft introduced support for what it calls Start Menu Companions in a recent Windows 11 beta build. This feature adds a sidebar to the Start Menu that display information, for instance from […]

Microsoft Edge

Unactivated Windows 11 systems could soon block access to Microsoft Edge settings

Microsoft is testing new activation related restrictions on Windows 11 currently that affect the system's integrated Microsoft Edge browser. Windows 11 can be installed without a product key. This leaves the operating […]


Canalys: every PC sold will be an AI PC by 2030

Will every PC sold in 2030 be an AI PC? Analysts at Canalys predict that every PC sold by 2030 will have on-device AI capabilities. Microsoft, PC manufacturers, and chip manufacturers have […]

Windows 11 24H2 won't boot if the PC does not support this CPU feature

Microsoft is changing the system requirements of the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 feature update. When Microsoft released Windows 11, it changed the minimum system requirements significantly. This locked out millions of Windows […]


Microsoft Store apps install quicker now and with extra Telemetry

Microsoft launched Microsoft Store installers for web over the weekend to improve Microsoft Store application installs. The feature improves the process of downloading and installing apps like Microsoft PC Manager from the […]


Microsoft publishes new Registry security mitigation for Intel processors (Spectre)

About six years ago, vulnerabilities were discovered that affected most Intel and AMD processors. The vulnerabilities, Spectre and Meltdown, can be exploited to read sensitive data from attacked computer systems. Intel released […]

Microsoft continues push to turn Windows into an advertising space

A fundamental shift happened in the development of the Windows operating system in recent years. Some say it started during the development of Windows 11, Microsoft's newest operating system. Others suggest that […]

Windows Copilot Key

Intel: Microsoft AI PCs need a Copilot Key

Microsoft hopes that 2024 will be the year that so-called AI PCs will take off. Tidbits and rumors about this new breed of PCs are found everywhere, but Microsoft itself has been […]

Windows Copilot

Microsoft Copilot app getting installed on Windows devices

Last week, Microsoft revealed that it started to push its AI Microsoft Copilot to more Windows 10 and 11 devices. The feature, still in preview at the time of writing, shows up […]


Microsoft shows another Bing popup advertisement to Windows users

Microsoft has done it again. This time, the company displayed a popup advertising its Bing search service to Chrome users on Windows devices. The popup appeared for users who launched Chrome on […]

windows setup

Microsoft starts rollout of Windows DMA compliance changes in Europe

Microsoft has started the rollout of Windows changes for users in the European Economic Area to comply with the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company says that the rollout has started […]


Windows 11: new Features roll out in the coming 2 months

Microsoft released an optional non-security update for Windows 11 today that introduces a set of new features. The features, part of the Moment 5 update for Windows 11, add new capabilities to […]


The latest Windows 11 Security Update fails to install for some users

Microsoft has just confirmed a Windows Update issue that affects the company's Windows 11 operating system. Some users may experience issues installing the most recent security update for the operating system. Microsoft […]

Windows 11

Windows 11 version 24H2 may block devices without SSE 4.2 support

Recent Windows 11 development builds include new hardware compatibility rules that block the operating system on unsupported devices. Unlike current compatibility requirements, these new requirements cannot be bypassed. Microsoft released a new […]

Windows 11 version 23H2 is going to be installed automatically on older systems

Windows 11 device owners who still run an older version of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system need to be aware that their systems may be upgraded automatically to Windows 11 version 23H2. […]

Windows Copilot

Windows 11: Copilot is gaining more Windows management options (with a catch)

Microsoft released a new Insider build for its Windows 11 operating system to the Canary channel yesterday. This new build is all about improving the Copilot AI in Windows. One of the […]


Windows 11's final "Moment Update" has these new features

Microsoft is preparing the fifth Moment Update for its Windows 11 operating system. Currently available in the Release Preview channel, Moment Update 5 is included in the February 2024 optional updates for […]


Windows 11 24H2 to enforce hardware requirement

Microsoft is working on the next feature update for Windows 11 currently, which it calls Windows 11 version 24H2. The company confirmed the name of the update this month and ended speculations […]

Play Free Games

Microsoft adds games that you can play without download to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has just launched a new feature in the official Microsoft Store that allows users to play games instantly on the Store. Select games do not have to be installed anymore to […]

Next Windows

No Windows 12 update in 2024? What we know

We do not know much about Microsoft's plans for 2024 and beyond when it comes to the Windows operating system. Rumors suggest that the company could release Windows 12 this year, but […]

Microsoft Copilot Studio

Copilot-key: not mandatory and no fixed placement

When it comes to recent announcements regarding AI by Microsoft, none discussed as controversially here on Ghacks as the announcement of the dedicated Copilot key. The Copilot key is a new key […]

Microsoft configures Windows Copilot to launch automatically on certain setups

Soon, Windows users who start their PCs may be greeted by Windows Copilot's interface when the system loads the desktop. Microsoft released a new build to the Dev channel that tests the […]



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