Having the history of being one of the most popular search engine companies, Yahoo has plenty services rivalling other media giants. In this category, you’ll find loads of news on their latest features, services, and endeavours that continue to grow.

yahoo answers shutdown

Yahoo Answers will cease to exist on May 4th, 2021

If you have been to the Yahoo Answers website recently, you may have noticed a big banner at the top stating that the site will be shut down on May 4th, 2021. […]

yahoo groups shutdown

Farewell Yahoo Groups! Shutting down on December 15, 2020

Yahoo announced this week that it will shut down Yahoo Groups on December 15, 2020. Yahoo Group users are informed by Yahoo via email about the shutdown timeline. Dear Yahoo Group Moderators […]

yahoo groups

The end of Yahoo Groups? Not quite yet but close

Yahoo announced far-reaching changes to the company's Yahoo Groups service recently. The changes affect the visibility of groups, uploaded content, and upload functionality. Yahoo Groups was one of the world's largest discussion […]

yahoo opt-out

It is time to opt out of Yahoo Mail email scanning

Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail, which both fly under the Oath banner, a Verizon owned company, scan emails that arrive in user inboxes to improve advertisement targeting. An article published by The […]

yahoo messenger dead

Yahoo Messenger is dead

Yahoo revealed today that it will no longer support Yahoo Messenger, the company's instant messaging program, after July 17, 2018. Yahoo Messenger users can use the program like they normally do until […]

yahoo search ads

Yahoo Search becomes unusable because of ads

If you visit Yahoo Search right now from a location in the United States, the chance is high that you get more ads on the search results page than organic results. A […]

yahoo account access

Yahoo: information on at least 500 million accounts stolen

Yahoo released an important message about Yahoo User Security on the official company blog a moment ago confirming that information on at least 500 million Yahoo accounts was stolen in late 2014. […]

yahoo password less sign in

Yahoo Account Key: password-less sign-in for Yahoo accounts

Yahoo announced today the roll-out of new mobile versions of the company's Mail application that introduce new features such as multi-mailbox management and password-less sign-ins among other things. The company launched on-demand […]


Yahoo shuts down Pipes, Maps and other services

Yahoo Inc. announced the shut down of several company products including Yahoo Maps and Pipes yesterday. Yahoo Pipes, which we first covered back in 2008 here on Ghacks, is one of the […]

Yahoo turns off Search Alerts frontend, leaves users without management options

Yahoo! Search Alerts is was a Google Alerts alternative for Yahoo users. The service provided you with tools to monitor search keywords in Yahoo's engine and receive notifications when new websites or […]

on-demand passwords

Yahoo On-Demand Passwords improves security for some users

Yahoo announced the launch of the a new on-demand password feature today in the United States. If you have a US IP you get the new on-demand passwords options under account security […]

yahoo screen

Can Yahoo Screen become a serious YouTube competitor?

YouTube is not the only online platform on which Internet users can upload, share and watch videos but it is without doubt the most popular one. While that is the case, there […]

flickr yahoo account

Flickr removes Facebook and Google sign-in option

Up until now you had several options to create a Flickr account and sign in to the account afterwards. You could create a Yahoo account for that obviously, but also had options […]

yahoo news digest

Yahoo News Digest review

Yahoo launched the Yahoo News Digest application for iOS four month ago. Today, the company launched the Android version of the application along with international versions. Most news applications display an never […]

yahoo toolbar

Yahoo! launches toolbar update in the United States

Toolbars were quite common back in the gold old pioneering days of the Internet as they added functionality to the browser that you could not add in any other way to it. […]

Tumblr safe mode

How to access NSFW or adult flagged contents on Tumblr

When Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013. users of the platform had two main concerns. First, that Yahoo would introduce ads to the platform, and second, that it would limit access - or […]

yahoo images

A look at Yahoo's new image search

Since most Internet users have fixed their eyes on Google, many may not have noticed that Yahoo revamped its image search engine back in June of this year. Image search on Yahoo […]

yahoo search alerts

Yahoo! Search Alerts: a Google Alerts alternative

Update: It appears that Yahoo! retired Search Alerts. The link pointing to the page on Yahoo redirects automatically to the homepage of Yahoo! now. If you are running an online business, want […]


Yahoo! shutting down AltaVista and 11 other products in cleanup round 3

Yahoo just announced on the official company blog over at Tumblr that it will shut down twelve of its services over the course of the following days, weeks and months. It may […]

Yahoo does a Google: retires several products

Yahoo Inc is in a different position than Google is. The company for some time now has been trying to alter the companies course away from the obscurity it is currently in […]

yahoo toolbar

Firefox, IE displaying coupon popups? May be Yahoo Toolbar

Toolbars have been quite useful in the past, and with that I mean ten or more years ago. The Google Toolbar for instance, available for many browsers at that time, added lots […]

yahoo recent account security list

How to check your recent Yahoo login activity

Reports started to appear on the Internet about hacking incidents of accounts over at Yahoo and while it is not really clear what is going on, it seems fairly certain that some […]

yahoo mail

Yahoo! Mail update for all platforms launches

Anyone here still using Yahoo! Mail? I still have a Yahoo email account from back in the days when people used Yahoo's homepage as their homepage and Yahoo search for finding stuff […]

yahoo voices

Formspring and Yahoo Voices services compromised

The last 24 hours have been filled with news of two compromised services. First victim of a successful attack was the social question and answer site Formspring. After being notified that a […]

flickr photo sizes

Flickr: List all Photo Sizes directly

If you want to view a photo on the popular photo hosting site Flickr in its original size, you need to click your way through a number of pages before you finally […]

yahoo axis

Yahoo Axis Launched, Changes how you Search on the Internet

The basic search concept has not really evolved in the past decade or so. People visit a search engine like Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo, enter  a search term there, and wait for […]

flickr uploadr

Flickr Update Brings Faster HTML5 Powered Uploader

Anyone using the Flickr photo hosting website here? Flickr just announced an update to the service's photo uploader that is improving things significantly for Flickr users from all over the globe. Probably […]

yahoo second sign-in verification

Yahoo! Improves Account Security With Second Sign-in Verification

More and more Internet companies are beginning to implement 2-step verification processes to provide additional security against the ever increasing attacks on customer accounts. Yahoo! is the latest company to upgrade the […]

Tech Coalition is Formed to Stop Phishing

Phishing emails are a huge problem and one that numerous attempts to rectify have so far failed to achieve.  Now a large group of tech companies have joined forces with a start-up […]

create new dapp

Use Dapper To Create RSS Feeds From Any Page, Including Google Plus Posts

Lorelle just informed me that the public Google Plus RSS Feeds service Plusfeed has shut down because of an increase in pricing over at Appspot (which is run by Google apparently). It […]



Hobby and professional photographers often work with photo sets, and Flickr's option to create sets aids them in the creation, management and organization of photo sets. Managing a large number of sets […]

Today is IPv6 day!

The largest test yet of the Internet's new IPv6 addressing system is taking place worldwide today.  Companies including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook are switching on IPv6 versions of their websites for […]

translate rss feeds

How To Translate RSS Feeds Automatically With Yahoo Pipes

I have shown you how to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds With Yahoo Pipes. Today I'm going to show you another very handy, and easy to configure, Yahoo Pipes construct: Feed translations. I'm […]

AVOS Aquires Yahoo's Delicious

Back in December of last year Yahoo released a statement that they would close down several of their web properties. Among them popular social bookmarking site Delicious. The statement turned out to […]

fetch feed

Combine Multiple RSS Feeds With Yahoo Pipes

Mike just emailed me asking for a way to combine all of his author feeds from all websites he is writing for to publish all of his articles as a single feed […]

yahoo search direct

Yahoo Search Introduces Yahoo! Search Direct

Instant search results, results that appear before the search engine visitor even started typing, appear to be a relatively new trend that is pushed by search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo […]

"I'm bored... There's Nothing on the Internet!" The Argument for a Walled Garden

The call "There's nothing on TV" has long been a common phrase in households around the world, but now I'm beginning hear people express disappointment with the quality and availability of good […]

flickr sign in google facebook

Flickr Sign In With Facebook, Google Account Introduced

Back in October of last year, Flickr introduced an option to create a new Flickr user account by linking it to a Google ID. This made the signup process more comfortable for […]

Google, Facebook and Yahoo Ready IPv6 Test

The first global test of the IPv6 net addressing system will take place on June 8th, and Google, Facebook, Akamai and Yahoo will all be taking part, according to a report by […]

AltaVista and Delicious to Close in 2011

It's a sad day for search as Yahoo! have announced they're to close the AltaVista search engine.  AllThingsDigital report that cutbacks at Yahoo! are responsible for the decision. Other products to be […]



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