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0Patch has a patch for Windows "InstallerFileTakeOver" 0-day vulnerability, Microsoft has none

There is a 0-day vulnerability for Windows, called InstallerFileTakeOver, which Microsoft has yet to address. The vulnerability was discovered by Abdelhamid Naceri, a security researcher, who discovered two other 0-day vulnerabilities in […]

local zero day windows

Unpatched Windows vulnerability allows attackers to gain admin rights

Security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri published a public exploit on GitHub yesterday that allows anyone to gain administrative rights on Windows devices using an unpatched exploit. The exploit works on all supported client […]

microsoft authenticator additional context

New Microsoft Authenticator features for organizations

Microsoft announced four new features for the company's Microsoft Authenticator application for organizations. The new security features improve Microsoft Authenticator's capabilities in several meaningful ways. Two feature additions improve the sign-in experience. […]

intel security vulnerability

Intel confirms two local security issues that affect many Intel processor generations

Intel published two security advisories for many of the company's processor generations this week. The vulnerabilities have received a severity rating of high, the second-highest after critical. Good news is that the […]

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