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What is Todo.Txt and how to use it.

What is Todo.Txt and how to use it?

Have you ever written down a list of things to do or buy? Things have changed over time, and paper and pen lists have paved the way for modern alternatives like to-do […]

acronis true image 2020

A look at the backup software Acronis True Image 2020

Acronis True Image 2020 is the latest installment in Acronis' long-standing backup product series. It is a commercial backup program, a trial version is provided on the Acronis website that interested users […]

Tablacus Explorer file manager

Tablacus Explorer is a file manager with a tabbed interface and a ton of add-ons

We have reviewed many file managers here, the most recent one was an old-school looking one called FAR Manager. Let's take a look at a different file manager: Tablacus Explorer. Tablacus Explorer […]

How to enable Clipboard history in Windows 10

How to enable Clipboard History in Windows 10 and customize it

Windows 10 has a ton of features baked into the OS; one such feature is the Clipboard History which some find mighty useful, others not so much. It has been around for […]

Tab Notes

Tab Notes lets you write and save notes in Firefox and Chrome

We have seen and reviewed plenty of note taking applications in the past including tomboy-ng, Boostnote and Joplin which we reviewed recently here on Ghacks. But here's one which works right in […]

Advanced Renamer is a free batch renaming utility for Windows

Advanced Renamer is a free batch renaming utility for Windows

Renaming a lot of files is a chore, even more so when the names are very different from each other. Windows Explorer / File Explorer features some basic mass-renaming options, but these […]

RollBack Rx is a free Windows Time Machine software that's better than System Restore

RollBack Rx is a free Windows Time Machine software that's better than System Restore

If you have used Windows System Restore, you may know that it isn't always reliable. To make matters worse, it may not even be enabled on some machines by default. RollBack Rx […]

libreoffice 6.3 update

LibreOffice 6.3 with performance improvements

A new version of the open source Office suite LibreOffice, LibreOffice 6.3, is now available. The new version can be downloaded for all supported operating systems from the official project website or […]

pinga pingo optimize images web

Pingo is a fast image optimizer for the Web

Pingo is a free software program for Microsoft Windows and Linux devices to optimize images for web publication and other purposes. Pingo is a command line utility but Windows users may download […]

ImageGlass is free image viewer for Windows

ImageGlass is a free image viewer for Windows

Windows 10's photos app is horrible and slow but it is the default application to display images on the operating system. You can bring back Windows Photo Viewer optionally if you are […]

taskschedulerview waketorun

TaskSchedulerView update introduces Wake To Run information

TaskSchedulerView, a handy portable program for Windows devices to manage scheduled tasks, is one of our favorite Nirsoft applications. The recent update to TaskSchedulerView 1.51 introduces yet another useful feature; the program […]

tomboy-ng is a note taking app for Windows, macOS and Linux

tomboy-ng is a note taking app for Windows, macOS and Linux

If you want to jot down notes quickly, you shouldn't use notepad or Wordpad in most cases. It's better to use a note taking application and there are plenty of these to […]


Blast from the Past: Nirsoft's CurrPorts

We are revisiting great applications in this series that we reviewed in the past. In this episode of Blast from the Past: Nirsoft's CurrPorts application. We reviewed the freeware CurrPorts back in […]

progcop application firewall

ProgCop is a straightforward application firewall for Windows

ProgCop is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to block certain programs from accessing the Internet. The program uses an approach to allow all connections by default; the administrator […]


Nirsoft's SearchMyFiles 3.00 adds new find text in files option

SearchMyFiles 3.00 is a new version of Nirsoft's popular Windows search tool; the new version introduces functionality to search for text in Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and other documents. I reviewed an […]

Restores Twitter's old interface with GoodTwitter

Restores Twitter's old interface with GoodTwitter, an extension for Firefox and Chrome

You may remember my previous article about how to disable Twitter's new design. I had been using those tricks to avoid the new interface until yesterday when Twitter disabled the options for […]

malwarebytes adwcleaner 7.4

Malwarebytes releases AdwCleaner 7.4 featuring preinstalled software cleaning

Malwarebytes, maker of the security solution of the same name, released a new version of the company's AdwCleaner program this week. AdwCleaner is a standalone free program designed to detect and remove […]

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a free portable antivirus that you can use as a secondary scanner or to disinfect PCs

Emsisoft Emergency Kit has been around for a long time and ranks high in my troubleshooting arsenal. It has been a while since it was reviewed on gHacks. So, let's take a […]