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The music and video industries are massive, and there’s plenty of online resources for enjoying them. In this section, we’ll cover various applications for downloading or streaming, the latest brand or tech news, and managing your huge collections.

Lost Your Photos? Here’s How to Get Them Back

There’s a moment of panic when you realize your precious photos have vanished. Whether it's an accidental deletion or a malicious virus, the loss feels devastating. Our digital memories, from family vacations […]

Winamp source code

Winamp: new music platform and source code release

Winamp used to be a popular audio player for Windows. Things went quiet after its heyday and rights changed hands several times in that period. Veteran users of the player had big […]


Netflix's Standard with Ads plan grows to 40 million subscribers

There was a lot of outcry when Netflix announced the introduction of ads on its platform. The streaming service introduced an ad-powered plan in late 2022 in select regions. At $6.99 per […]

youtube netflix

Netflix starts pushing Basic users to other plans forcefully

Netflix has started to ask basic plan customers to pick another plan to continue using the service without interruption. The streaming company has been at war with the Basic plan for some […]

How to transfer Netflix profile

Moving out? Pack your Netflix account

Netflix offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries at our fingertips. With its personalized profiles, Netflix allows multiple users to enjoy their own unique viewing experiences, even though the […]

Netflix price increase 2023

Yet another Netflix price increase is among us

The announcement of yet another Netflix price increase has sent ripples through users of the popular streaming platform. In its third-quarter earnings report, the streaming giant revealed its plans to adjust pricing […]

VLC Media Player 3.0.19 fixes security issues and improves AV1 support

VideoLAN has updated its cross-platform VLC Media Player application to version 3.0.19. The new version is now yet published on the official project website, but interested users may download it from the […]

Disney's password sharing crackdown begins

Streaming companies like Netflix or Disney are not happy about customers who share account access with non-household members. Some share to reduce the monthly subscription cost, others allow their collage-bound children to […]

Lyrics on Spotify could become a premium-only feature in company's new test

Lyrics on Spotify could become a premium-only feature in company's new test

Spotify is testing a change in its free-tier. The music streaming service wants to make lyrics as a premium-only feature. To recall, Spotify added support for lyrics in November 2021, and proudly […]

Disney raises price of Disney+ to $13.99 and will block account sharing

Disney is increasing the price of its Disney+ streaming service, as well as that of Hulu, in the coming months. The company plans to charge 13.99 USD for an ad-free Disney+ plan […]

Netflix's password-sharing crackdown is pushing the company to new heights

Netflix claims that its password-sharing crackdown is working and it has the numbers to back it up. The company published its latest earnings report on Wednesday for the second quarter of 2023, […]

How to transfer Netflix profile to existing account

How to transfer Netflix profile to existing account

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and it allows users to create multiple profiles for different people or interests. This is great for families or households […]

Can TikTok Music beat Spotify and Apple Music

While Apple Music and Spotify have held the crown in the music streaming sector for some time, they may soon face stiff competition from an unexpected source - TikTok Music. The social […]

TikTok will have its own AI music generator

There's a new game changer stepping up to the plate: Ripple, the latest ingenious app launched by ByteDance, the parent company of the social media sensation, TikTok. The unveiling of Ripple marks […]


Netflix drops cheapest ad-free plan in Canada

Netflix users around the world may choose between one of several subscription plans. Up until now, Netflix offered three ad-free and a single ad-powered plan in most regions of the world. It […]

Netflix takes Black Mirror joke to the next level

Netflix takes Black Mirror joke to the next level

In a humorous turn of events, Netflix has embraced the satire of its own streaming platform from the first episode of "Black Mirror" Season 6, which became an internet sensation. In the […]


Password crackdown is working: Netflix signups are going like a rocket with a record in the U.S. that you wouldn't expect

Netflix signups in the United States have, for the first time, crossed the 100k daily mark recently. The rise is attributed to the company's policy on password sharing in the United States […]


Amazon deletes tweet endorsing Prime Video account sharing

Netflix is launching tools in more and more countries to prevent the sharing of a Netflix account outside of the primary household. The company launched password sharing restrictions in the United States, […]


Netflix password sharing in the United States: extra member slot costs more than the cheapest plan

Netflix announced today that it has started to impose restrictions on account password sharing in the United States after having postponed the launch previously. Netflix reiterates in the notification that "a Netflix […]

Netflix's ad supported plan has nearly 5 million users

Netflix's ad supported plan has nearly 5 million users

Netflix's ad supported plan is performing well. The company says that it has amassed nearly 5 million active users per month. Netflix's ad supported tier is growing rapidly Netflix launched its ad-supported […]

This ad-supported free TV could come right out of Idiocracy

Remember the movie Idiocracy? It is funny how many of its predictions have come true or may come true in the future. There was one scene in the movie that showed a […]

Netflix ad-supported plan price

Netflix's ad-powered plan is so successful, it is now called Standard with ads

Back in 2022, Netflix announced the price for its upcoming ad-powered plan Basic with ads. For $6.99 per month, Netflix customers would be able to watch most content for a reduced price […]

Netflix loses 1 million users in Spain because of password sharing crackdown

Netflix loses 1 million users in Spain because of password sharing crackdown

Netflix lost over 1 million users in Spain in Q1, 2023. The drop was seemingly caused by the streaming service's crackdown on password sharing. The after effect of Netflix's password sharing crackdown […]

Amazon Prime Video introduces Dialogue Boost to help users hear spoken lines better

Amazon Prime Video introduces Dialogue Boost to help users hear spoken lines easily

Have you ever found it difficult to understand what was said in a movie scene? If so, you may appreciate a new feature that has been added to Amazon Prime Video, it's […]

Netflix delays crack down on password sharing in the US

Netflix delays crackdown on password sharing in the US

Netflix has confirmed that its paid password sharing will be introduced in the US.  Over the past few years, the company has claimed that it has been incurring losses because of password […]

Netflix could expand its gaming service to TVs

Netflix Basic with Ads plan is now better than its Basic (without ads) plan

When Netflix launched its Basic with Ads plan in November 2022 in some regions, its first ad-supported plan, it was not clear how popular it would become. Existing Netflix customers and new […]

Download videos from hundreds of sites with open source app ViVidl

ViVidl is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to download videos from hundreds of sites. It is based on the very popular video downloader youtube-dl /yt-dlp, but comes with […]

VLC Media Player adds NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution support

NVIDIA unveiled RTX Super Video Resolution just two months ago. Back then, the feature was limited to the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Now, VLC Media Player, a popular […]

winamp preview

The new Winamp does not play local music anymore, as it is a website music service

Just yesterday, we told you that Winamp was preparing to launch a new audio player, called Winamp. The new version of Winamp is now available and most existing Winamp users may be […]

The new Winamp Player will launch on April 13, 2023

The next iteration of Winamp Player, a once popular music player, will be released on April 13, 2023. The announcement comes from the official Winamp Twitter account, which shared some images of […]

After revealing its 2023 lineup at Mobile World Congress, Samsung launched its latest bluetooth speaker in Brazil.

Party On-The-Go: Meet Samsung's new speaker with 12-hour battery life

Samsung has announced its new portable Bluetooth speaker, Sound Tower MX-ST45B. For now, it is only available in Brazil, but it might hit other markets later this year. The South Korean tech […]

netflix extra members

Netflix is desperate?: An extra member is more expensive than the Ads plan

Netflix announced earlier this year that it had plans to do something about the sharing of accounts. The company revealed that more than 100 million of its customers were sharing accounts with […]

nvidia rtx video super resolution

NVIDIA RTX Super Resolution Takes Chrome and Edge to a Whole New Level

NVIDIA unveiled a new technology in January 2023 that is capable of upscaling videos to 4K resolution on the company's most powerful graphics cards. Called RTX Video Super Resolution, it is designed […]

netflix homepage

Streaming Wars: How Netflix wants to prevent account sharing

Devices with Netflix will soon have to log into the local home network of the Netflix account to avoid being blocked. Netflix explained in an updated account sharing FAQ how it plans […]

Tech billionaire villains

A New Era of Villains: The Rise of Tech Billionaires in Cinema

Villains in movies have always reflected the contexts they’ve been made and shown. Take Die Hard for example with its Eastern European bad guys. It made sense in the late-80s, but you […]

'The Last of Us' with Malware and Phishing Attacks

Scammers Target Fans of 'The Last of Us' with Malware and Phishing Attacks

HBO released the first episode of its highly-anticipated series The Last of Us last week, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Apart from the HBO Max app crash we reported on […]

Netflix Founder Reed Hastings Steps Down as CEO

Netflix Founder Reed Hastings Steps Down as CEO

Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, announced that he will be stepping down as CEO but will continue to serve as chairman. Co-CEO Ted Sarandos will retain his position, while Greg Peters, […]

kodi 20 final interface

Kodi 20 Home Theater Software has been released

Kodi 20.0, codename "Nexus", has been released. The final version of Kodi 20.0 includes major new features and improvements, smaller changes and fixes. Highlights include support for AV1 hardware encoding, support for […]

ob 29 interface

Open Source recording and streaming app OBS Studio 29.0 released

The OBS Project released OBS Studio 29.0 today for Windows and Mac OS devices. The Linux version of OBS Studio 29.0 is not yet available at the time of writing on the […]

Netflix reveals the trailer for the AI sci-fi thriller Jung_E

Netflix reveals the trailer for the AI sci-fi thriller Jung_E

Netflix has recently released the intriguing trailer for the latest Korean AI sci-fi thriller Jung_E written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, also known for his supernatural Netflix series Hellbound and zombie film […]



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