Windows 11 Help

We provide the help you need with the new Windows 11 operating system. In this category, you will find tips, how-tos, and guides about the latest OS by Microsoft.

How to disable stock price information on Windows 11's taskbar

Windows 11's Widget icon is displayed prominently on the Windows 11 taskbar. It is the only icon that is displayed on the left side on the taskbar, while all other icons, including […]

Windows Configuration Updates explained

Microsoft released KB5026446 for Windows 11 version 22H2 a few days ago. The official changelog for the Windows update lists just two new features, even though it is also including the features […]

Windows 11's Get Updates as soon as they're available feature explained

Microsoft introduced a new feature in stable versions of its Windows 11 operating system recently. It is called "Get Updates as soon as they're available" and a new option in the Windows […]

How to fix internal drives showing up as removable on Windows 11

There is a clear distinction between internal, or fixed, hard drives and removable drives. The most common difference is that removable drives are usually connected to outside ports of the device. Removal […]


Microsoft still fiddling around with Windows 11's Local Security protection is off issue

Microsoft confirmed the "Local Security Authority protection is off" Windows 11 issue in March 2023. The company then produced a solution for it, but had to retract the solution as it was […]

How to reset user permissions on Windows 11 devices?

Resetting user permissions on a Windows 11 device is an essential troubleshooting step that can help resolve app or program issues. If you've been having problems with user profile settings, it may […]

How to prevent Windows from connecting to other wireless networks automatically

If your Windows PC is connected to a wireless network all the time or regularly, you may have noticed that it is sometimes switching between different networks automatically. A common use case […]

Where are the desktop wallpapers located in Windows 11

Where are the desktop wallpapers located in Windows 11?

When Windows 10 was released, Microsoft shipped it with a modern home screen background. With Windows 11, the company took it to a level further with multiple abstract wallpapers. Microsoft also packed […]


How to find out if your Windows PC supports DirectStorage

DirectStorage is a relatively new technology to improve game loading times on supported devices. Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system supports DirectStorage, and support has also been added to Windows 10. Microsoft has […]

How to disable "Create Event" popups in Windows 11

If you are using Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system, you may have received Create Event popups when copying content to the Clipboard. I recently noticed the behavior while copying content in WordPress, […]

What happens when you disable all Windows Widgets Feed Interests?

The Widgets window on Windows 11 is a controversial feature. It is liked by some users, as it gives quick access to weather and stock market information, sports, news and a lot […]

Windows 11 Snap Assist could soon offer suggestions

Snap Assist is one of the novel features of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. Windows 11 users may use the feature to align open program windows next to each other on the […]

How to change taskbar location in Windows 11?

Are you tired of the Windows 11 Taskbar's new center alignment and want to move it to another location? While Microsoft has removed the legacy ability to move the Taskbar around in […]

How to fix The app you're trying to install isn't a Microsoft-verified app on Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 may be configured to only allow certain kinds of applications to be installed on the device. The restriction may be intention, e.g., when policies are in place […]

Display the Downloads folder when you open File Explorer in Windows 11

File Explorer, the default file management tool of Windows 10 and 11 systems, opens Home, This PC or a OneDrive folder by default when launched. While these are the three default options […]

How to set default apps in Windows 11

Setting up default applications should not be difficult on any platform, but sometimes, companies have certain goals in mind that affect usability. This has been the case since the release of Microsoft's […]

How to install Windows 11 in VMware Workstation

If you want to learn more about how to install Windows 11 in VMware Workstation, you are at the right place, as we will be giving you every step you must follow […]

How to install macOS in VirtualBox on Windows 11?

With this article, you can learn how to install macOS in VirtualBox on Windows 11. It's true that more people want to know how to get Windows on a Mac, but the […]

windows setup

How to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account

Microsoft has made it really difficult to set up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. Setting up Windows 11 with a local account is a frustrating experience for many, as there is […]


How to uninstall apps and programs in Windows 11

There are plenty of reasons for uninstalling programs from Windows 11 PCs. Besides freeing up disk space on the computer's drives, it is also done to keep the system tidy or remove […]

How to repair your Windows user profile if it fails to load

The Windows user profile is used by Windows to store user related information. This ranges from personal files, such as downloads, images or documents, to custom Windows settings. The Windows operating system […]

How to enable LSA protection on Windows 11

How to enable LSA protection on Windows 11

The Local Security Authority is a crucial component of the Windows security system, responsible for verifying a user's identity during the sign-in process on a local computer. It checks password changes and […]

fix startup issue windows terminal

How to fix a Windows Terminal startup issue

Microsoft released Windows Terminal 1.16 Stable and Windows Terminal 1.17 Preview earlier this week. It appears that the stable release has a bug that prevents it from starting. Windows Terminal is the […]

windows setup

How to bypass the Microsoft Account requirement during Windows setup

Every few years, Microsoft is making it more difficult to create a local account during setup of the Windows operating system. The company announced in February 2022 that new setups and first […]

4 Tested Ways to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported CPU

4 Tested Ways to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported CPU

Windows 11 is here and almost everyone is excited to try the new operating system. Apart from new features and a new look, users were also surprised to see the minimum system […]

How To Change Windows 11 to Classic View?

How To Change Windows 11 to Classic View?

Microsoft has brought about many changes with the launch of Windows 11. However, the one thing many users are unhappy with is the taskbar. Many want it changed to a classic view; […]

Stop Windows 11 Update Notifications & Automatic Installation

Stop Windows 11 Update Notifications & Automatic Installation

Almost everyone out there is frustrated with the automatic Windows updates. While updates are important to ensure the smooth functioning of your system, they can get annoying at times. Microsoft started cumulatively […]

How To Upgrade to Windows 11 Using the Installation Assistant?

How To Upgrade to Windows 11 Using the Installation Assistant?

Microsoft has been known to provide handy tools to assist users. One such tool is the installation assistant to help when installing Windows 11. It is one of the fastest ways to […]


Windows 11 Installation Has Failed: How to Fix This Upgrade Error

Many consider Windows 11 to still be in its infancy stage. One of the errors that most users face is the installation process failing. There's no reason that people get and the […]

windows 11 android

How to play Android games on Windows 11

Google Play Games has finally been made available for Windows 11. This means that you can now download and play all your favorite Android games on a much bigger screen with far […]

windows 11 pc games

How to Play Old PC Games on Windows 11?

Do you miss playing Solitaire or Pinball? Do you miss your old Windows games after upgrading to Windows 11? Many people still turn to the dark web to play these games. We […]

5+ Best Windows 11 Wallpaper Apps to Customize Your PC

5+ Best Windows 11 Wallpaper Apps to Customize Your PC

People love customizing their desktops. With the advent of Windows 11, there are several apps to customize the desktop to your liking. Here are some amazing apps that can help customize your […]

Windows 11 Upgrade vs Clean Install Here’s the Differenc

Windows 11 Upgrade vs Clean Install: Here’s the Difference

You must have heard people talking about a Windows 11 upgrade and clean installation. If you don't know the difference, this article is for you before you install Windows. We will explain […]

Windows 11 Media Creation Tool

How To Use the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool?

Whether you're looking to upgrade to Windows 11 or just want to reinstall it on another system, you can use the media creation tool. This helps you create an installation file that […]

Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 11

How to Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 11?

If you've just upgraded to Windows 11, you must be wondering if it has a tablet mode. If it does, how do you enable it? This article will let you know everything […]

How to uninstall a Windows 11 update

How to uninstall a Windows 11 update

Windows 11 has become even more efficient with its update schedule than previous iterations of the OS have been. However, the OS is still new, and all software is prone to the […]

7 easy ways to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10

7 easy ways to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10

Windows 10 has been serving us faithfully since July 29th, 2015. While the old girl may not have much life left, she’s still the Microsoft OS of choice for many users. It’s […]

Download PC Health Check to Test Your PC for Windows 11

Download PC Health Check to Test Your PC for Windows 11

With the PC health check, you can now check if your system is compatible and ready for Windows 11. It will help identify any health problems your system may face and also […]

Windows 11 taskbar left

How To Move the Taskbar to the Left Side in Windows 11?

Did you know that in Windows 11, you can now move your taskbar to the left? All you need is a registry hack, and you can change the look of your screen. […]

task manager in Windows 11

How to open the task manager in Windows 11

Modern operating systems are like icebergs. Windows 11 is no different. The tools and utilities that most people use on a daily basis are the tip of the iceberg. These would be […]



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