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pale moon 28.2.0

Pale Moon 28.2.0 web browser is out

The Pale Moon team released version 28.2.0 of the web browser on November 13, 2018 to the public. The new version is a major release that includes fixes and improvements. Pale Moon […]

google squoosh

Google launches advanced online image converter Squoosh

Google's Chrome Developer Conference is in full swing and one of the things that came out of it yesterday was the official unveiling of Squoosh, an online service designed to showcase new […]

perceptual ad blocking

Perceptual Ad Blocking Study paints grim picture

Advertisement blockers address a growing number of issues related to online advertisement: from online tracking to sell higher paying ads over saving bandwidth and improving page load time, to blocking malware that […]

fiddler everywhere

A look at Fiddler Everywhere preview

Telerik, the company behind the free HTTP debugging application Fiddler, released a preview of Fiddler Everywhere today. Fiddler Everywhere is the next version of Fiddler that has been designed from the ground […]

adblock plus 3.4

Adblock Plus 3.4 promises 50% memory use reduction

Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the widely used adblocking browser extension Adblock Plus, released Adblock Plus 3.4 today. Adblock Plus 3.4 features a number of changes, most notable a promised reduction of […]

Google reCAPTCHA v3 without user interaction launches

Google unveiled a new version of the company's reCAPTCHA service yesterday that aims to make the service more user friendly and provide webmasters with better options when it comes to dealing with […] preview

Preview of the new plans to release an updated version of its search engine in November 2018 that promises faster searches and better functionality. The company revealed a preview of the upcoming interface and functionality […]

vivaldi quick commands

Vivaldi 2.1 launches with Quick Commands improvements

The team behind the Vivaldi web browser released the update to Vivaldi 2.1 a moment ago. The new version of the web browser comes a month after the major upgrade to Vivaldi […]

udemy download

How to download Udemy courses

Udemy is a popular online learning resource with more than 80000 video courses at the time of writing. Most courses are paid courses that users need to buy on the site before […]

norton connectsafe shutdown

Symantec retires Norton ConnectSafe (DNS) on November 15, 2018

Computer uses who use Symantec's NortonConnectSafe public DNS service need to switch to another service soon as Symantec announced the shutdown of the service. Symantec launched Norton DNS back in 2010 and […]

pocket new listening

Pocket update for mobile introduces improved listening experience

The Pocket team released a new version of the popular "read it later" application for mobile devices recently. The new version features an improved listening experience, a redesigned interface and a new […]

google tracking

Latest Privacy Badger eliminates some Google tracking

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released a new version of the organization's Privacy Badger extension that is designed to improve user privacy while using desktop browsers it supports. The new version introduces […]

instagram rss feed

How to create Instagram RSS feeds

Did you know that you can subscribe to any Instagram user using RSS directly using any RSS feed reader? Instagram happens mostly on mobile devices where users subscribe to users, post new […]

project atlas

What is Project Atlas? (BitTorrent, TRON)

When Justin Sun, creator of TRON, acquired BitTorrent INC and assets, it was clear that he had larger plans. Sun paid $140 million U.S. Dollars for BitTorrent Inc reportedly and Project Atlas […]

brave beta

Brave 1.0 Beta has been released

The first major release of the Brave web browser is not far away anymore. The team moved the upcoming version 1.0 of the web browser from the developer channel to the beta […]

vivaldi 2.0 browser

Vivaldi 2.0 Web Browser launches

Vivaldi Technologies AS launched the much anticipated Vivaldi 2.0 web browser on September 26, 2018 to the public. The third major release of Vivaldi after the initial beta version of the web […]

disable javascript ublock origin

uBlock Origin can block JavaScript by default now

A recent update to the cross-browser content blocker uBlock Origin introduced an option to block JavaScript by default for all visited sites or individual sites. The new option of uBlock Origin 1.17.0 […]

pale moon 28.1.0

Pale Moon 28.1.0 Release Information

Pale Moon 28.1.0 was released on September 20, 2018 to the release channel. The new version of the web browser is a performance and security update. It replaces Pale Moon 28.0 which […]