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JSPaint is a web-based Microsoft Paint remake

JSPaint is a free web-based remake of Microsoft Paint, a basic but popular image editor for the Windows operating system. Microsoft announced some time ago that it would deprecate Microsoft Paint in […]

pale moon add-ons

Upcoming changes to Pale Moon's Add-on System

The Pale Moon team plans to remove support for Mozilla AMO (Add-ons Mozilla Org) from the web browser on May 8th, 2018. Pale Moon is largely based on Firefox code, but compatibility […]

pale moon 27.7.0

Pale Moon 27.7.0 release information

Pale Moon 27.7.0 is a new version of the web browser that was released on January 15, 2018. The latest version introduces new features as well as stability, security, and privacy improvements. […]


Wi-Fi Alliance announces WPA3

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the WPA3 standard officially on Monday. The new wireless network security standard will replace WPA2 eventually. WPA2, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, is the current security […]

Edge lag fix

Microsoft Edge Annoyances revisited

I published the article Microsoft Edge Annoyances back in mid-2016. Edge was about a year at that time, and it was still largely unusable (for me) then and there. The article that […]

waterfox 56.0.2

Waterfox 56.0.2 security update released

Waterfox 56.0.2 is out. The new version of the web browser patches security issues that made the round recently. In short: security researchers found flaws in processors that attackers can use to […]

dashlane automation password manager

Dashlane wants to automate passwords in 2018

Passwords are everywhere. You use them to sign in to operating systems and devices, web services, email accounts, computer games, audio and video chat services, or websites that you have user accounts […]


Fakespot: uncover fake reviews on Amazon, Yelp and Tripadvisor

Fakespot is a free online service that helps you uncover fake reviews on Amazon, Yelp, and Tripadvisor by analyzing reviews and grading them. Most shopping, travel and business listing sites support user […]

yahoo search ads

Yahoo Search becomes unusable because of ads

If you visit Yahoo Search right now from a location in the United States, the chance is high that you get more ads on the search results page than organic results. A […]

grammarly firefox

Grammarly Premium review

Grammarly is an online spell and grammar checker for the English language. It is available as a free and limited version and a premium version. I always wanted to try the premium […]

password manager web tracker exploit

How web trackers exploit password managers

Most web browsers come with a built-in password manager, a basic tool to save login data to a database and fill out forms and/or sign in to sites automatically using the information […]

amazon music storage retired

Amazon Music Storage subscriptions are being retired

Amazon announced recently that the company's Amazon Music Storage subscription plans are being retired. The service allowed Amazon customers to upload music to the company's cloud infrastructure. Free users could upload up […]

storify shut down

Adobe retires Storify but lets it live on as Storify 2 (sort of)

Remember Storify? Storify was a web service to use content from various social media sites and resources in what the service called stories. An author could pull data from various sources, tweets […]

ghostery 8

Ghostery 8 improves anti-tracking and ad-blocking functions

A new version of Ghostery, Ghostery 8, was released yesterday featuring new AI-powered anti-tracking capabilities and enhanced ad-blocking. Ghostery, which was acquired by German company Cliqz some time ago, is a cross-browser […]


Disqus commenting platform sold to big data and analytics firm Zeta Global

Big data and analytics company Zeta Global announced that it has acquired the commenting platform Disqus. Disqus is best known for its commenting system that sites all over the Internet use. It […]

vivaldi raspberry pi

Vivaldi launches build for ARM-based Linux devices

Vivaldi Technologies AS, the company behind the Vivaldi web browser, released a first build of the browser for Raspberry Pi and other ARM-based Linux devices today. Vivaldi browser is currently available for […]


Vivaldi lands Sync functionality in latest browser snapshot

The most recent snapshot of the Vivaldi web browser comes with integrated Sync functionality to sync data across devices. The much awaited functionality makes it easier to keep data such as settings, […]

session replay

How to protect yourself from Session Replay tracking

As if Internet advertising was not already in deep enough trouble, companies continue to research and use new invasive tracking capabilities on a regular basis. Session Replay is one of the most […]