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vivaldi edit context menus

Next Vivaldi release to feature customizable context menus

Vivaldi released a new snapshot of the upcoming Vivaldi 3.4 today to the public. It is a development version, and this particular version expands the browser's customizing capabilities further. Vivaldi Technologies introduced […]

umatrix interface

uMatrix development has ended

Raymond Hill, known online as gorhill, has set the status of the uMatrix GitHub repository to archived; this means that it is read-only at the time and that no updates will become […]

this tab is sleeping edge

A look at Microsoft Edge 87's Sleeping Tabs feature

Microsoft plans to introduce a feature called Sleeping Tabs into the company's Microsoft Edge 87 web browser.The feature is designed to reduce the browser's resource usage by unloading background tabs automatically. The […]

vivaldi tab at bottom

Vivaldi 3.3 for Android released with address bar at bottom option

Vivaldi launched the first beta version of its mobile web browser for Google's Android operating system about a year ago. The browser included several customization options that most Chromium-based browsers lack, including […]

microsoft edge downloads prompt

New Microsoft Edge gets open/save/cancel prompts for downloads

The new Microsoft Edge web browser that is based on Chromium handles downloads differently than the classic version of Edge. When you start a download in the new Edge currently, you will […]

vivaldi break mode

Vivaldi 3.3 browser with new Break mode released

Vivaldi Technologies released Vivaldi 3.3, a new stable version of the company's desktop web browser, for all supported platforms on Monday. The new version of Vivaldi browser is already available via the […]

cloudflare warp

Cloudflare Warp: beta clients for Windows and Mac are now available

Internet company Cloudflare launched its DNS service to the public on April 1, 2018. Besides using one of the easiest to remember IP addresses, Cloudflare promised that would be one […]

mozilla study browsing history privacy

Mozilla: there is a high probability that your browsing history can be used to identify you

There is a very high probability that individual Internet users can be identified by analyzing the browsing history alone, according to a new study by Mozilla. Mozilla published the results of a […]

samsung cloud onedrive

Samsung ends Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium storage subscriptions, offers OneDrive migration

Samsung announced today that it plans to terminate some of its Samsung Cloud services. The services Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium storage subscriptions will be deprecated over the course of the coming […]

pdf highlight

Microsoft Edge 85 released to the Stable channel

Microsoft released a new stable version of the company's Edge web browser to the public on August 27, 2020. Microsoft Edge 85, more precisely version 85.0.564.41, is now available via the web […]

firefox relay interface web

Firefox Relay: create email aliases to combat spam and improve privacy

Mozilla revealed Firefox Private Relay, an experimental service to protect email addresses through the creation of aliases, in May 2020. The service was invite-only at the time but it is now available […]

mozwire mozilla vpn

Use Mozilla VPN on Linux and Mac OS devices right now

When Mozilla, maker of Firefox, launched Mozilla VPN, it did so only in select regions and only for devices running Windows, iOS or Android. Mac and Linux versions were not offered and […]

microsoft edge secure dns controls

Microsoft introduces Secure DNS controls in Edge Canary browser

Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Edge Canary recently that introduces support for Secure DNS in the browser. Microsoft Edge Canary is the cutting edge development version of the web browser, […]

new microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge Classic support ends on March 9, 2021

Microsoft will stop supporting its Microsoft Edge classic web browser in all supported versions of the company's Windows 10 operating system on March 9, 2021. The company revealed its plans on its […]

brave sync v2 desktop

Brave introduces new Sync functionality in Android and desktop browser

The makers of the Brave browser have released version 1.12 of the web browser recently. One of the main new features of the new browser version introduces better sync functionality on all […]

vivaldi 3.2 android blocker

Vivaldi 3.2 for Android launches with improved tracker and ad blocking

Vivaldi Technologies launched Vivaldi 3.2 for Android on August 12, 2020; the new Android version of the browser comes after last week's desktop version update to Vivaldi 3.2. The new Android version […]

search google for image brave

How to remove "search Google for image" in Brave browser

When you right-click on an image in the Brave web browser, you may get an "search Google for image" context menu entry. The context menu lists several other options including the ability […]

vivaldi pop-out video

Vivaldi 3.2 launches with pop-out video improvements

Vivaldi Technologies released the web browser Vivaldi 3.2 to the Stable channel on August 5, 2020. The new version of the browser for supported desktop systems improves the built-in pop-out video functionality […]