You’ll find many services and apps on the web that you can access via browsers. Some of these are useful, while others aren’t. We’ll review them here while also giving you updates on the latest news and features worth looking at or downloading.


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Can You Remove Internet Explorer 8 From Windows 7?

The topic came up recently on our How To Uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 9 guide: Is it possible to remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7? The short answer is […]

internet explorer retire timeline

Internet Explorer 11 will be retired in June 2022 for most Windows 10 versions

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 web browser will be retired by the company in 2022 for most Windows versions. Microsoft announced the end of Internet Explorer today, just a day after the official […]

remove flash windows 10

You can now uninstall Flash on Windows 10 and 8.1 using KB4577586

Microsoft has released an optional update for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 that will remove all traces of Adobe Flash Player from the operating systems when installed. Adobe Flash will be retired […]

internet explorer to edge redirect

Internet Explorer users will be redirected to Microsoft Edge if incompatible sites are opened

Internet Explorer is still widely used, especially in corporate environments. The browser won't receive feature updates anymore but Microsoft will release security updates for it for years to come. One of the […]


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windows-10-web search start

How to disable Bing Search in Windows 10 version 2004 and newer

When Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system in 2015, it merged the local search functionality with the digital assistant Cortana and also Bing Search. Cortana has since been revamped completely and […]

Google has added the Presearch browser

Google has added Presearch as a default option on Android devices in Europe

Google has just announced that they will be adding private, decentralized search engine Presearch to the default options on Android devices in the UK and Europe. This option will be available for […]

startpage advanced search

Startpage Search retires Advanced Search page

If you have been to main search page of Startpage recently, you may have noticed that the link to the site's advanced search feature is not there anymore. Users who have bookmarked […]

replace start menu search

You may replace Windows Search with EverythingToolbar now

The latest beta of the Windows search tool Everything Toolbar supports replacing Windows Search with Everything Search. Everything Search is a popular third-party search tool for Windows devices that comes with everything […]

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