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TunnelVision attack against VPNs breaks anonymity and bypasses encryption

Researchers from Leviathan Security have discovered a new vulnerability that affects virtual private networks (VPNs) on most platforms. VPNs serve multiple purposes. They encrypt all traffic when connected to a VPN server […]

Mega launches VPN for Android

Mega announced the launch of a dedicated VPN solution and application for Android. Available exclusively for Pro account customers, the company promises to launch dedicated versions of the VPN for Windows, Linux, […]

Mozilla VPN: security audit results and new features announced

Mozilla published the results of a security audit of its Mozilla VPN service last week. The organization unveiled new Mozilla VPN features last week as well. We followed Mozilla's VPN solution loosely […]

Mullvad VPN completes migration to disk-less VPN infrastructure

VPN provider Mullvad announced today that it has completed the migration to a disk-less VPN infrastructure.  The migration to servers that operate fully in RAM strengthens user privacy further and it also […]

Mullvad VPN ends support for port forwarding

Mullvad VPN is ending support for port forwarding. The organization announced the change on its official blog. Read on to find out why Mullvad has made the decision and what it means […]

Top 3 VPN extensions for Google Chrome

BEST 3 VPN Extensions for Google Chrome and Stay Secure

Nowadays, privacy is very important and should be taken seriously, as many malicious people are lining up to steal your information. If you want to surf the internet securely, you might want […]

Web Fingerprinting Gets Frighteningly Good: Sees Through VPNs and Incognito Mode

Web fingerprinting is not a new technique to identify visitors on the Internet, but it is a technique that has become frighteningly good in recent time. Fingerprinting describes a set of methods […]

Mullvad: Android may leak information when connected to a VPN

Secure and private VPN provider Mullvad discovered that Android devices may leak information when connected to VPN services, which can't be prevented. According to Mullvad's information, Android uses connectivity checks outside of […]


Is Kape's acquisition of ExpressVPN cause for concern?

Kape Technologies PLC, a company that changed its name from Crossrider to distance itself from its checkered past, has acquired the popular VPN service ExpressVPN. Express VPN is Kape's fourth acquisition in […]



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