For internet lovers, Google often stands out among companies that deliver top browsing and mobile tech. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, updates, tools, and drama surrounding this industry mogul, be sure to check this content.

Google begins integrating ads into AI Overviews on Google Search

Google is revamping its search engine with the help of AI. The company announced AI Overviews not long ago. This new feature displays an AI reply at the top of the Google […]

Google now lets you set up 2-Step Verification without adding a phone number

Google now lets you set up 2-Step Verification without adding a phone number

Google has announced that it is streamlining the process of setting up 2-Step Verification (2SV) for user accounts. Users can now enable 2SV without adding a phone number. Prior to this change, […]

AI mobile

Google is releasing previously Pixel-exclusive AI tools to all Google Photos users

Soon, all users of the photo viewing and editing app Google Photos may use a number of AI tools to edit their photos. Google announced yesterday that the three AI tools Magic […]

Google announces improved Find My Device network for Android devices

Google announces improved Find My Device network for Android devices

Google has launched its improved Find My Device network in the U.S. and Canada. The technology is quite similar to Apple's Find My service. Android's Find My Network is a crowdsourced network, […]

Gemini Google

Google considers charging you extra for AI-powered Google Search features

A report by the Financial Times (via Neowin) suggests that Google is considering charging search users for use of AI-powered search features. The push towards an AI powered future has reached search […]

Gemini Google

Google AI: Goodbye Bard: Gemini Advanced and Google One AI launches

Today, Google launched a series of updates for its AI products. Google Bard, the company's main consumer AI product, is no more. Google changed the name of its core consumer AI product […]

Google confirms that cache links have been removed from search results

Google confirms that cache links have been removed from search results

Google Search has removed cache links from the search results. The feature allowed users to view old versions of web pages. The tool was useful to compare the current version of a […]

The 10 best hidden Google Games that you can play in your browser

Google is known for a lot of things: search, advertisement, AI, Android, security and more. The company dabbled in gaming as well, but its Stadia project did not meet Google's high expectations. […]


Google ends support for less secure passwords in third-party apps (workaround)

If you use an application or service that requires a Google username and password, then you may not be able to use it anymore after September 30, 2024. This may impact third-party […]

Google .ing domain

Google lists improvements that only users from the EU will get

Google published a list of changes to some of its products and services that it plans to launch before March 6, 2024 to users from the EU. Companies like Google react to […]


Important files will be gone in February 2024 when Google removes them from Files for Android

Files is the default file manager on many Android devices. Last year, the company launched a new feature that added an Important tab to the application. Limited to India, it scanned the […]

Google settles its $5 billion privacy lawsuit over Incognito Mode tracking

A class-action lawsuit against Google Chrome's Incognito mode tracking was filed in June 2020. The plaintiffs claimed that Google was using cookies, analytics and tools on Google and non-Google websites to track […]


Your Google Maps Location History will soon be stored on your devices

Google is making an important change to the Timeline feature of Google Maps. The feature is powered by the Location History setting and allows users to remember places they have been to […]

Google Groups is dropping Usenet support, and that is a good thing

Google announced this week that it plans to cut the ties to the Usenet in Google Groups. Starting February 22, 2024, Google Groups users can no longer post content to Usenet groups, […]

Google has illegal app store monopoly says jury in Epic case

A jury has just decided that Google has an illegal app store monopoly on Android. Epic Games, which sued both Apple and Google about three years ago over app store practices, has […]

Google Podcasts will be added to Google's Graveyard in April 2024

Users of the Google Podcast app won't be able to use the app anymore from April 2024 onward. Google announced the discontinuation of the app in the United States today. The company's […]

Google Drive Recover Backup

Google explains how Drive users may restore lost files

Some Google Drive users reported online that they were missing months worth of files. Most stated that they lost months worth of files from one day to the next. It took Google […]

Google aims to leave ChatGPT behind with this AI

Google has unveiled Gemini, which it claims is its largest and most powerful AI model to date. Gemini's capabilities surpass that of ChatGPT and other competing AI models, according to Google. Gemini […]

Google Drive for iOS gets a document scanner

Google Drive for iOS gets a document scanner

The Google Drive for iOS has been updated to introduce a new feature, a built-in document scanner. Finally, it was about time. The feature was recently revamped in the Android app. Here […]

Google dangerous website alert

Some Google Drive users claim that they lost months worth of files

Over the past couple of days, users flocked to the Google Drive Help forum to report on a issue. According to their reports, they lost files that they hosted on Google Drive. […]

Google is the master of fake Privacy features

Google started out with a "don't be evil" motto when it launched its first product, Google Search. Today, Google is a different company. It has created numerous products and abandoned a lot. […]

Google rolls out new Google Maps color scheme

If you use Google Maps, chance is that you have noticed that the service is using a new color scheme. The change is still rolling out to users on all device types […]

google ai shopping

Google wants a slice of the AI holiday shopping pie, too

After Microsoft and Mozilla, Google also announced how generative AI can help shoppers find the perfect holiday gifts.  Some shoppers on Google may use AI to get gift ideas for the holiday […]

YouTube Dream Track

YouTube embraces generative AI

YouTube is launching a new AI-powered music generator tool called Dream Track. The tool allows users to type in an idea and select a participating artist, then it produces an original song […]

google titan security key

Google launches updated Titan Security Key with FIDO2 support

Google announced the official launch of its latest Titan Security Key devices in select regions this week. Main improvements include support for FIDO2, which allows users to add compatible non-Google accounts to […]

Google trashes its "DRM for the Web" API

In May 2023, privacy groups and developers were up in arms over Google's plan to integrate the Web Environment Integrity API into its Chrome web browser for the desktop and mobile devices. […]

Google One data breach checker dark web report

Is your data on the dark web? Let Google tell you

Your personal information is valuable to cybercriminals. They can use it to steal your identity, commit fraud, or even blackmail you. That's why it's important to take steps to protect your privacy […]

Google .ing domain

Google has added .ing to its professional domain service

Looking for a unique and memorable domain name that stands out from the crowd? Look no further than the new .ing domain extension! In a recent announcement, Google has introduced a new […]

Google dangerous website alert

It's worth listening to Google

Today, our smartphones are our constant companions. They're our connection to the world, our entertainment, and sometimes, our lifelines. But lurking in the virtual landscape are threats that we often underestimate – […]

Judge says Google's deal with Apple is the heart of the antitrust case

Judge says Google's deal with Apple is the heart of the antitrust case

The U.S. Department of Justice antitrust case has rested its antitrust case against Alphabet Inc's Google. The search engine mogul has 5 weeks to put up a defense. Now that we have […]

Google Passkey explained

Google's biometric ID verification system is available now

Passwords are a pain. They're hard to remember, easy to lose, and often not very secure. But what if there was a better way to sign in to your online accounts? Earlier […]

google passkeys

About Google's Simplify your sign-in prompts

Simplify your sign-in is a prompt that personal Google customers may see when they sign-in to their Google account. It is an offer to switch from using a password to sign-in to […]

Ex-Samsung executive says that Google prevented expansion of Branch's search app

Ex-Samsung executive says that Google prevented expansion of Branch's search app

More details have surfaced from the Google antitrust trial. A former Samsung executive testified that the Alphabet-owned company had prevented the expansion of a mobile search app made by Branch Metrics. The […]

Google Tensor G3 chip

Google Tensor G3 is your Pixel's engine

The journey of Google's Pixel smartphones has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in AI. From the introduction of the original Pixel's Google Assistant to the advanced computational photography features […]

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Google Pixel Watch 1

How does the Google Pixel Watch 2 compare to its big brother?

Google has consistently made its mark with its Pixel lineup. Among these offerings, the Pixel Watch has long been anticipated, and the wait is finally over with the release of the Google […]

Google Pixel 8 series

Google Pixel 8 family is finally officially here

The Pixel 8 launch event is over and the highly anticipated Google Pixel 8 series has made its debut, and it's set to take the smartphone market by storm. With a slew […]

Google Chromebook Plus specs

Google is raising the bar for Chromebooks

Google has recently announced the release of the Chromebook Plus, a new addition to their lineup of affordable and powerful computing devices. Priced at an unbeatable $399, this latest offering promises to […]

Google Pixel 8 event

What to expect from Google Pixel 8 event?

On October 4th, Google is set to host the Google Pixel 8 event in New York City that promises to unveil innovative technologies, including the much-anticipated Pixel 8 series and Pixel Watch […]

Google 25th birthday surprise spinner

Happy birthday Google!

Google 25th birthday surprise spinner is here to celebrate the new birthday of the search engine that is the face of the internet! It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years […]

Apple defends Google

Apple defends Google in a court hearing

In a recent court hearing on Google's antitrust trial, Apple defended its controversial deal with Google that makes Google Search the default search engine on Apple devices. Apple executive, Eddy Cue, argued […]



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