Google Tensor G3 is your Pixel's engine

Emre Çitak
Oct 5, 2023

The journey of Google's Pixel smartphones has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in AI. From the introduction of the original Pixel's Google Assistant to the advanced computational photography features in the Pixel 6, Google has consistently raised the bar.

In recent years, AI has made incredible strides, primarily within data centers. However, Google understands that true transformation occurs when AI is accessible in everyday life.

That's where the Google Tensor G3 chip comes into play. It's custom-designed to bring the transformative power of AI directly to your daily device, Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Google Tensor G3 chip
Google Tensor G3 chip aims to bring generative AI features to the new Google Pixel phones - Image courtesy of Google 

Google Tensor G3 chip brings machine learning to Pixel phones

The Google Tensor G3 chip is not about raw speed or traditional performance metrics; it's about advancing mobile computing. Every crucial subsystem within this chip has been meticulously upgraded, laying the foundation for on-device generative AI.

Featuring the latest ARM CPUs, an enhanced GPU, a new ISP and Imaging DSP, and a next-gen TPU tailored for Google's AI models, this chip represents a significant leap.

Compared to its predecessor on the Pixel 6, the Google Tensor G3 chip can run over twice as many machine learning models on-device, and these models are more sophisticated than ever.

This substantial advancement enhances every facet of the Pixel's user experience.

Generative AI for everyone

The Google Tensor G3 chip's growth aligns with the expansion of generative AI and Google's partnership with DeepMind. However, on-device generative AI is exceptionally complex, being 150 times more intricate than the most complex model on the previous Pixel 7.

Yet, Google Tensor G3 is up for the challenge with its efficient architecture, co-developed with Google Research.

Google Tensor G3 also significantly improves Pixel's speech and natural language understanding. Google Assistant becomes more intuitive, recognizing speech nuances such as pauses and hesitations. Combining cutting-edge speech recognition with high-quality natural language understanding elevates the user experience to new heights.

Google Tensor G3 chip
Google Tensor G3 chip also increases Phone's camera efficiency

Excellent photographs by novice hands

Recording videos benefits greatly from Google Tensor G3's efficiency. The chip optimizes the camera pipeline and integrates machine learning algorithms directly into the silicon, resulting in superior Live-HDR with enhanced detail, colors, contrast, and dynamic range. Combined with new camera sensors and software, this chip offers the best video experience on a Pixel while conserving power.

Google Tensor G3 further introduces groundbreaking computational photography innovations. The updated Magic Eraser allows you to remove larger distractions from photos, thanks to on-device models that predict backgrounds accurately.

Privacy is priority

Google Tensor G3 upholds Google's commitment to privacy and security. It incorporates the Tensor security core and collaborates with the Titan M2 security chip, bolstering Pixel's resilience against sophisticated attacks.

Furthermore, advancements in machine learning enable Face Unlock on Pixel 8 to meet the highest Android biometric standards, making it suitable for banking app sign-ins and payment apps.

Featured image credit: Google.


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