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Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News back in 2005. Martin started his career as a tech support representative at a large German financial corporation which he used to finance his college education in English, Information Technology and History.

He quit college and his job when Ghacks began to attract a large enough readership. He made the decision to become a full time blogger and webmaster, and has not looked back since.

Martin is interested in all things tech. His primary focus is on desktop operating systems, web browsers, Internet services, and privacy related topics.

He published the book The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version in 2017. Martin writes a weekly column for fellow tech site Betanews as well.

You can reach Martin on Facebook or on Twitter. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the author directly.

Martin has been quoted or mentioned in many major online and print publications, including Forbes,, ComputerWorld, LinkedIn, Reddit,, Bleeping Computer, TechCrunch, PC World, Tom's Hardware, Slashdot, Hacker News, The Register, and more.

Martin's articles on Ghacks

rufus windows iso blocked

Rufus: Microsoft is blocking Windows ISO downloads

It appears that Microsoft has started to block Windows ISO downloads that originate from Rufus. Rufus is a popular open source tool to create bootable media. Options to download Windows ISO images […]

microsoft office 2021 advertisement

Microsoft displays ads to some Office 2021 users

Buying Microsoft Office 2021 and not the subscription-based Microsoft 365, is a deliberate choice for many users. Some prefer to pay once for a product instead of having to pay each month […]

youtube keyboard shortcuts

YouTube keyboard shortcuts help you save time on the site

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming sites on today's Internet. What many desktop users do not know is that it supports keyboard shortcuts that may help save time on […]

Ghacks Deals: KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is available as a 5-device and 10-device offer on Ghacks Deals currently. The VPN provider supports different platforms and protocols, has a zero-logging policy, supports torrent servers, kill-switch functionality […]

ubuntu 22.04 lts desktop

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS unlocks Ubuntu 20.04 LTS upgrades

Canonical has released Ubuntu 22.04,1 LTS to the public. The first point release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS -- Long Term Support -- marks an important milestone in development, as it is the […]

bing coupons

Microsoft Bing's annotation feature: price history, coupons and ethical choice

Microsoft added a ton of new features to its Bing search engine over the past couple of years. The latest addition to Bing is an annotations feature that adds information directly to […]

Digital gift cards are excellent for online shopping

Online shopping has risen in popularity since the start of the Pandemic. Even people who used to shop locally most of the time have seen the benefits of making some purchases online: […]

Opinion: Disney+ with Ads pricing disappoints

Disney unveiled upcoming price changes to its streaming service Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN this week. The company announced plans to increase the price of a Disney+ subscription by $3 to $10.99 per […]

intel processor identify vulnerable

Security vulnerabilities found in Intel and AMD processors

Security researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in Intel and AMD processors that may lead to information disclosure. Most Intel 10th, 11th and 12th generation processors are affected by a new vulnerability that the […]

microsoft office microsoft 365 connectivity

Office may or may not work with Microsoft 365 after end of mainstream support

Microsoft has the habit of being very cautious when it comes to communication with the public and its customers. The company's communication is often unclear and open for interpretation. Whether intentional or […]

vivaldi browser 5.4

Vivaldi 5.4 launches with Rocker Gestures and Web Panel improvements

Vivaldi Technologies, maker of the Vivaldi web browser, released Vivaldi 5.4 today to the stable channel. The new version of Vivaldi comes with a series of usability improvements, including custom rocker gestures […]

microsoft windows august 2022 updates security

Microsoft Windows Security Updates August 2022 overview

Microsoft released security and non-security updates for all supported client and server versions of the Windows operating system on the August 2022 Patch Day. The updates are available already via Windows Update […]

Ghacks Deals: The 2022 CPD Certified Coding Certification Bundle

The 2022 CPD Certified Coding Certification Bundle introduces you to mobile app development, coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, WordPress, and even building your own computer. The bundle is available for $39.99 […]

linux mint upgrade

How to upgrade to Linux Mint 21 using the Upgrade Tool

Last week, the Linux Mint team released Linux Mint 21, a new base version of the popular Linux distribution. Today, instructions have been published on updating existing installations of Linux Mint to […]

windows pin password security

The differences between Windows account PINs and passwords

Microsoft's Windows 10 and 11 operating systems support several different account authentication options. There is the classic local user account and password option, the Microsoft account and password option, and options provided […]


Rescuezilla: open source backup, restore and recovery environment

Rescuezilla is a free open source disk imaging solution that supports data backups, restores and recovery actions. The application is operating system agnostic, as it needs to be put on an optical […]

paypal fake phishing invoice

Your next Phishing email may come straight from PayPal

Malicious actors have started to exploit a loophole in the defenses of many home users, organizations, email and security services, to send out phishing emails from legitimate services. Threat actors have found […]

firefox unified extensions button

Mozilla is working on a single Extensions button for its Firefox web browser

Firefox users may soon have access to a single Extensions button in the browser's toolbar to manage all of the installed and enabled browser extensions. Firefox extensions that are installed in the […]

thunderbird 102

Thunderbird 102.1.1 is a huge bug fix release for the email program

Thunderbird 102.1.1 has been released. The new version of the desktop email client fixes dozens of non-security issues in Thunderbird. The update is already available, but it is offered to devices with […]

microsoft windows safeguard holds

Windows Update: Safeguard Holds for likely issues are only for businesses, says Microsoft

We all know that Windows Updates may lead to issues on target devices during installation or afterwards. Updates in the past have caused all kinds of issues, from boot issues over lost […]

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser app does not block Microsoft trackers

DuckDuckGo is soon protecting you from most Microsoft scripts

DuckDuckGo CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg announced today that the company's apps and browser extensions will block Microsoft tracking scripts soon as well. DuckDuckGo found itself at the center of a controversy […]

google meet duo

Google's merging of video chat app begins: now there are two Google Meet apps

Some say, it takes a fulltime job to keep track of Google's communication applications. The company has created, rebranded, merged and terminated so many communication apps, that it seems impossible to keep […]

Ghacks Deals: YeetDL Premium Multi-Device Plan: Lifetime Subscription

YeetDL Premium is a download application for Windows that supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo. Unlike many other apps of its kind, it supports single and bulk downloads, including entire playlist […]

Windows 11 Smart App Control SAC

Microsoft improves Windows 11's Smart App Control, but you may not be able to use it

The Windows 11 Security feature Smart App Control was unveiled earlier this year by Microsoft. Back then, Microsoft described it as a protective tool that "blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications". What […]

aitm phishing campaign

Another phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication targets Microsoft email users

Cybersecurity research analysts at Zscaler have uncovered a new large-scale phishing campaign targeting Microsoft email users. The main targets of the campaign are corporate users, specifically end users in Enterprise environments that […]

brave 1.42 update

Brave 1.42 released: security fixes and Edge import support

Brave Software released a new stable version of the company's Brave web browser today. The new version of Brave includes several security fixes, the ability to import data from the Chromium-based Microsoft […]

nvidia geforce security update windows 7 8

Nvidia releases security update for unsupported Windows 7 and 8.1 systems

Nvidia ended support for Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems in 2021 officially. The company announced that it would release critical security updates for unsupported systems until September 2024. Nvidia released […]

google chrome 104 windows

Google Chrome 104 released: fixes 27 security issues

Google has released a new stable version of the company's Chrome web browser. Google Chrome 104 is available for all supported desktop operating systems, as well as for Google Android and Apple […]

Ghacks Deals: AdGuard: Lifetime Subscription

AdGuard is a popular and effective content blocking solution. AsGuard's solution is not limited to specific browsers, it works system-wide and takes care of banners, pop-ups or video ads among other things. […]

Microsoft Outlook Lite: core differences to Outlook, how to get the app

Microsoft launched the Android application Outlook Lite in select countries this week. Designed to provide new and existing Microsoft customers with a resource-friendly version of Outlook's mobile version, it is more lightweight […]

firefox 103.0.1

Mozilla Firefox 103.0.1 fixes a crash

Mozilla released a new stable version of the Firefox web browser this week. The new version fixes a shutdown crash and enables hardware acceleration on newer AMD cards. Firefox 103.0.1 is already […]

youtube channel rss feed

How to subscribe to YouTube RSS Feeds without third-party services

YouTube, at one time, supported RSS feeds. Anyone could subscribe to channel feeds to receive updates in any RSS reader. Google made it harder over the years to subscribe to channels, likely […]

linux mint 21

Linux Mint 21 is now available

The Linux Mint team has released a new version of the popular Linux distribution to the public. Linux Mint 21, codename Vanessa, is now available. Linux Mint 21 is a long-term support […]

wikipedia who wrote that

Who Wrote That reveals authorship information on Wikipedia

Who Wrote That? is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome, that provides you with authorship information on Wikipedia. Most articles on Wikipedia are free to […]

windows 11 control panel

Microsoft improves App Management in the Windows 11 Settings app

When Microsoft releases its Windows 10 operating system in 2015, it made it clear that the days of the classic Control Panel were numbered. Back then, Microsoft introduced the Settings application as […]

thunderbird 102

Thunderbird 102.1.0 fixes four security issues in the email client

Thunderbird 102.1.0 is now available. The new stable version of the email client patches four security issues in the application and makes some minor changes next to that. Thunderbird 102.1.0 is already […]

amazon drive shutdown

Amazon is retiring Amazon Drive in 2023

Amazon is sending out emails to customers that use Amazon Drive currently to inform them that it plans to retire the cloud storage service in 2023. Customers need to download files from […]

microsoft edge enhanced security mode

Microsoft Edge's Enhanced Security Mode explained

Microsoft Edge's Enhanced Security Mode is an optional security feature of Microsoft's web browser that is designed to improve protection against attacks on the Internet. Called Super Super Secure Mode during its […]

windows 10 version 22h2 update

Windows 10 version 22H2 reaches final stage before official release

Microsoft plans to release a feature update for Windows 10 in the second half of 2022. Windows 10 version 22H2 will be the first feature update for Windows 10 of the year, […]

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The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle includes 12 eLearning courses that teach you Python as well as advanced Python skills such as Data Science, Network Programming, Machine Learning or pen testing. The […]