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Here you also find news about tablet devices including Apple’s iPad, Android tablets and Windows tablets, the latter have just began to be distributed which can be largely attributed to the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.

Notebooks and laptop reviews, news and tutorials are also included in this category even though they can also be used as stationary systems. The category features news, tips and tricks, first looks and more as long as it is related to mobile computing.

Samsung Dex

Imagine being able to place your cellphone into a small little dock, and be able to run your favourite Linux distribution on a monitor with proper mouse and keyboard, use it as you desire, then switch over to android; still using the mouse and keyboard. Once all was said and done, you could undock the […]

whatsapp delete messages

WhatsApp added a new feature to its messaging applications that you may use to delete messages that you sent already using the client. Messages that you sent up until now could not not be deleted by you after the fact. There was no grace period to undo the sending, and it seems that users requested […]

ifttt voip calls

If This Then That is a handy online service that you may use to automate things on your computer or mobile devices. The service calls these recipes applets, and they enable you to automate all kinds of things; examples include getting a weather report notification each day at 7 am, saving email attachments automatically to […]

lastpass authenticator cloud backup

LastPass Authenticator is a free application for Android and iOS devices that can generate two-factor authentication codes for you. The application is compatible with LastPass accounts, but works also with other services that support two-factor authentication such as Google or LogMeIn. The app supports all services or apps that use Google Authenticator, or TOTP-based two-factor […]


Memrise and Duolingo are two language learning services that are both free to use, and available for various platforms including Android and iOS. If you want to learn a language, one option that you have is to use an application for that. Apps offer several advantages over language cassettes, tapes, CDs or books. Probably the […]

microsoft to-do

Microsoft launched a preview of To-Do, a new cross-platform task management service the other day that is "designed to make it easy to plan and manage your day". My first reaction to the announcement was meh, another task management service. Did not Microsoft buy Wunderlist a couple of years ago exactly for that purpose? Wunderlist […]

das keyboard model s professional

Microsoft's chief envisioning officer Dave Coplin believes that the days of using a Qwerty keyboard to interact with computing devices are numbered. In an interview with the UK's Evening Standard newspaper, Coplin stated that it was bizarre that today's workforce was still relying on technology invented in the 19th century. Coplin mentioned the Qwerty keyboard […]

samsung galaxy note 7 battery

There has been lots of talk already about the battery issue of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The faulty battery of select Galaxy Note 7 devices may explode, and several have exploded already. While some reports were exaggerated, Note exploded in the hands of a child, footage was uploaded online that showed a burning jeep […]

whatsapp desktop

WhatsApp desktop is a new program for Windows and Mac operating systems that enables users of the communication service to tune in from the desktop as well. Desktop users up until now had only options to use WhatsApp Web, a web-based version of the service, or rely on third-party services to use their WhatsApp account. […]

I recently wrote an article on Ghacks titled “Is Samsung Giving up on the S-Pen?”, which argued that Samsung is shying away from releasing many new devices that feature the famous “S-Pen” stylus associated with it’s “Galaxy Note” brand. The argument was that Samsung did not find mainstream traction for the S-Pen, that it hasn’t […]

Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note phablets and tablets have a single important feature that is unavailable in any other Android or iOS device: the built in S-Pen that fits inside the device. For those unfamiliar with it, the S-Pen is not a regular stylus but one that has evolved since it’s introduction with the original […]

xiaomi mi4c

After clinging far too long to my trusted Motorola Moto G (1st generation) smartphone, I made the decision to buy a new phone a while ago. What I wanted was simple: A form factor of 5" or smaller, hardware upgrades across the board, at least 32 Gigabyte of storage space, and a high resolution display. […]

downloaded dev rom

My new Xiaomi Mi 4c smartphone arrived yesterday after an  interlude with a German customs agent and several days of delay. I first thought that I had to fight my way through a Chinese language interface but that was thankfully not the case. Since I want to run custom modifications on the device, I had […]

huawei p8 lite

The Huawei P8 Lite is a mid-range phone that stays true to the overall style of Huawei's high-end P8 smartphone. The unlocked device is priced at $249 in the US and at €249 in Europe. Included in the package is the phone, a micro USB cable, a wall charger, 3.5mm headset, and a quick start […]

bittorrent sync mobile

BitTorrent Sync is a file synchronization software that does not utilize cloud storage to transfer files between devices. We have reviewed the software in the past, the first alpha and beta versions, and the big BitTorrent Sync 1.4 update that improved the sharing of folders significantly. The service is available for desktop operating systems and […]

whatsapp change number

My mother made the decision recently to switch from a regular smartphone contract to a prepaid contract. It simply did not make sense for her to pay €30 per month for making a couple of calls, sending some SMS and using WhatsApp. Along with the change came a new phone number. While it was easy […]

ifttt do

IFTTT, If This Then That, is a wonderful service that you can use on the web or in form of app to use recipes that react automatically on certain events. We reviewed the service back in 2011 for the first time and found it to be very useful to automate certain tasks on the Internet. […]