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Brave Search Answer with AI

Brave Search: Answer with AI takes over, but you can turn it off

Brave Search's new Answer with AI feature is now available. The feature replaces AI Summarizer, which was used on Brave Search previously to provide summaries based on user queries. In a nutshell: […]

Brave no longer installs VPN Services on Windows for everyone

Brave Software released a new stable version of the company's web browser this week. Besides more AI and several improvements, it is also introducing a change regarding the installation of VPN services […]

Brave Browser 1.63 launches with vertical tabs on right support and more AI

Brave Software released a new version of its Brave Browser to the public. Brave Browser 1.63 includes several new features and improvements of existing features. Highlights include that vertical tabs may now […]

Brave Browser 1.62: strict fingerprinting protection and HTTPS Everywhere changes

Brave Software released a new stable version of Brave Browser earlier today. Brave Browser 1.62 is a feature and security update for the Chromium-based web browser. The update is available already and […]

Brave Browser: strict fingerprinting protection will be removed

Brave Software announced that it will remove the strict fingerprinting option from its Brave Browser. The company cites several reasons for the removal, including that it has been a major website breakage […]

A look at the summaries feature of Brave Browser's AI Leo

Brave Software launched its Leo AI officially this week. The feature is still rolling out to all users of the web browser at the time of writing. Access is offered via the […]

Brave Browser 1.60 launches with Leo AI and security improvements

Brave Browser 1.60 is now available. The latest version of the Chromium-based web browser introduces Brave Software's Leo AI to all desktop users. It is not the only change though, as users […]

Brave appears to install VPN Services without user consent

If you have the Brave Browser installed on your Windows devices, then you may also have Brave VPN services installed on the machine. Brave installs these services without user consent on Windows […]


Brave Browser 1.59 is here with security and crash fixes

Brave Browser 1.59 is the new desktop version of the Chromium-based web browser. The release revamps the main menu of the browser, introduces a few new options and fixes security issues and […]

Brave Browser maker lays off 9% of its workforce

Brave Software, maker of Brave Browser and Brave Search, confirmed that it has laid off 9% of its workforce. Brave Software was founded in 2015. The private company has seen significant growth […]

Brave Browser 1.58 launches with YouTube adblocking improvements

Brave Software has released a new version of Brave Browser Stable. Brave 1.58 is the latest stable version of the browser and it is available for all supported desktop operating systems already. […]

Brave Leo AI Chatbot

Brave Browser gets its own AI chat assistant called Leo

Microsoft Edge has Bing AI chat, Google Chrome has Bard, and Opera has Aria. Brave Browser has joined the list with its own AI chat feature, meet Leo. This isn't the first […]

Brave Browser 1.57 released with Forget by Default mode and security fixes

Brave Software has released Brave Browser 1.57. The new version of the web browser is a smaller update, but it includes several new features and also security fixes. Brave installations should receive […]

Google's Web Environment Integrity could be a disaster for the web

Brave Browser won't support Google's Web Environment Integrity API

Last week, Google engineers published information about a new API, called Web Environment Integrity API, which it considered integrating into Chromium and of course Google Chrome. Despite claims that the API was […]

Brave Browser 1.56 launches with Off The Record mode and custom shortcuts

Brave Software released Brave Browser 1.56 to the stable channel today. The latest version of the Chromium-based browser adds support for the recently unveiled Off The Record mode, custom keyboard shortcuts and […]

Brave Browser is getting protections against undesirable Localhost access

Brave Software plans to introduce new localhost access controls in Brave Browser 1.54. Localhost refers to resources that are usually found on the user's device and not on the Internet. Some popular […]

Brave Browser 1.52 adds vertical tabs support

Brave Software released Brave Browser 1.52 yesterday. The new version of the Chromium-based web browser adds support for vertical tabs. Vertical tabs allow users of the browser to move the horizontal tab […]

First look at Brave Browser's upcoming Off The Record feature

Brave Software plans to launch a new privacy feature, called Off The Record, in the upcoming Brave Browser 1.53. Off The Record addresses a very specific use case: it is designed to […]

Brave browser introduces Forgetful Browsing

As we reported two days ago, Brave Software has been developing a fresh privacy feature named Forgetful Browsing for its Brave Browser. It's finally here. The issue of online security and privacy […]

Brave Browser may soon delete cookies and data when websites are closed

Brave Software is working on a new privacy feature for its Brave Browser that it calls Forgetful Browsing. The feature is scheduled for inclusion in Brave 1.53 for the desktop and Brave […]

Brave update improves script blocking and Google Sign-In privacy

Brave Software published a new version of its Brave web browser today. Brave 1.51 adds several privacy-focused features to the browser or improves existing ones. The new version of Brave browser is […]

Brave for Android is now blocking annoying "use our app" prompts on websites

When you open certain websites on mobile devices, you may get prompts to install the site's app to display the content in the app. While that may be useful at times, it […]

Brave Browser 1.50 is a security and feature update

Brave Software published Brave Browser 1.50 for the desktop earlier today. The new version of Brave addresses security updates and includes a large number of new features, improvements and changes next to […]

How to remove the VPN button in Brave Browser

Brave Software launched a VPN subscription service on the desktop version of the web browser last week. The service was available on Android and iOS previously only, but this has now been […]


Brave Privacy update changes how the browser handles Google Sign-In requests

Brave is changing how the company's web browser is handling Google sign-in requests. The privacy change gives users more control over sign-in prompts in the desktop and Android versions of Brave. To […]

websites open in app prompts

Open In App prompts are soon a thing of the past in Brave Browser

Brave Browser will soon prevent so-called open in app prompts from websites when users load sites that make use of the functionality. In this article, we will walk you through the steps […]

brave 1.50 https upgrade

Brave Browser: HTTPS by Default

Brave Browser upgraded certain sites from HTTP to HTTPS in the past using a list of compatible sites. Starting with Brave Browser 1.50, Brave drops the list approach to upgrade all HTTP […]

Brave Quick Commands Setting

Brave is testing a Quick Commands feature

Brave Software is testing a Quick Commands feature in the company's Brave web browser currently. The feature gives users access to a prompt to run different commands from that prompt right away. […]

brave browser 1.47

Brave Browser 1.47: Windows group policy templates, clean link improvements, more

Brave Software Inc. released Brave Browser 1.47.171 for supported desktop operating systems. The new browser includes a number of important improvements, including support for Windows group policy templates, clean link improvements, built-in […]

brave default blocking

Better understanding Brave Browser's content blocker

A recent thread on Reddit resulted in a heated discussion about Brave Browser's content blocking and the company's dual-role as a browser maker and ad-tech company. The thread starter criticized Brave Browser […]

brave dark mode

How to enable Brave Browser's Night Mode for any website

Dark modes for application interfaces and also web content have seen a rise in recent time. Operating systems and many programs support dark and light modes, which users may enable or use […]

Brave Browser 1.46 launches with Brave News improvements

Brave Software released a new version of its desktop browser, Brave 1.46 on December 1, 2022. The new version of Brave browser includes a number of changes, many of them improving Brave […]

brave search premium

Brave launches Search Ads and Premium access

Brave Software announced the launch of advertisement on Brave Search, the company's search engine. The company promises that ads on Brave Search are privacy-preserving, which means that users of the search engine […]

brave 1.45

Brave 1.45 Stable out with Brave Translate improvements and more

Brave 1.45.113 Stable is now available. The new version of Brave Browser for the desktop is a massive list with a long list of improvements. Existing installations should be upgraded to the […]

brave cookie consent banners

How to enable Brave's upcoming cookie consent blocking feature right now

Brave plans to give users of the web browser an option to enable a cookie consent blocking feature in version 1.45. Scheduled for an October release, Brave users will see a prompt […]

Brave claims it will support Manifest V2 extensions like uBlock Origin even after Chrome drops them

Brave confirms it will support Manifest V2 extensions like uBlock Origin even after Chrome drops them

Last week, we reported that Vivaldi's ad blocker will continue working even after Manifest V3. And now Brave has done the same to reassure its users that it too will support ad […]

brave copy clean url

Brave has a new Copy Clean Link feature

Brave Software released an update for the stable version of the company's Brave Browser on September 27, 2022. Brave Version 1.44.101 release notes are available, but one feature that was originally scheduled […]

brave translate

Brave integrates privacy friendly translate option in its browser

Brave browser users may have noticed translate prompts in the browser when they visit foreign language sites for several weeks now. Brave, which relied on Google Translate up until now, has switched […]

brave 1.42 update

Brave 1.42 released: security fixes and Edge import support

Brave Software released a new stable version of the company's Brave web browser today. The new version of Brave includes several security fixes, the ability to import data from the Chromium-based Microsoft […]

brave speed reader mode

Configure Brave Browser to display all articles in Reader Mode

Most Internet browsers support Reader Mode functionality, which is designed to improve the readability of articles. Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi and many more browsers support reader mode functionality by default. Chrome, […]



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