Brave Browser gets its own AI chat assistant called Leo

Aug 22, 2023

Microsoft Edge has Bing AI chat, Google Chrome has Bard, and Opera has Aria. Brave Browser has joined the list with its own AI chat feature, meet Leo.

This isn't the first time Brave has toyed with artificial intelligence. Earlier this year, an AI summarizer was introduced in Brave Search. It allowed users to interact with the search engine by typing queries, and provides a snippet at the top of the results with the information that you were looking for. It doesn't work for all queries, so the experience can be a hit or miss.

Brave Browser's AI assistant - Leo

Brave Leo is quite different. The AI assistant is a native app embedded in Brave Browser. It is currently available for users in the Nightly channel on desktop. The feature works similar to other AI chatbots, like Open AI's ChatGPT does. So you can ask it questions, generate text, write code, etc.

Testing Brave Browser Leo Assistant

Based on some quick testing, I'd say it still needs a lot of work, which is why it is part of the Nightly experience, it will be improved based on feedback from users. It generates text very quickly, which is quite impressive.

Brave Leo Chat summarizes web articles

Brave Leo can summarize articles on the web page that you are on, which can be useful if you are in a hurry, and want to know what the web page is about without scrolling the entire thing.

How to access Brave Leo AI chat in Brave Browser

1. Install the nightly version of Brave Browser. (version 1.59 or later)

2. Click on the Sidebar button.

3. You should see a new icon that is shaped like a chat bubble. Its tooltip says Brave AI, click on it.

That's it, you can now access the Brave Leo AI chat feature. The panel displays some information about how the assistant's capabilities and limitations.

Brave Browser gets an AI Assistant called Leo


The chat panel also mentions that Brave Leo AI does not collect personal data, including IP Address or other identifiers that can be linked to you. No personal data is retained by the AI model.

Brave Leo is powered by the Llama 2 model, which is a source available large language model (LLM), that was created by Meta (Facebook). That might raise some eyebrows about privacy, but Brave has outlined the details to state that it does not collect data from users.

The announcement says that Brave Leo does not require a user login or account to use the service. The chats in Leo are not used for training the AI. The conversations are discarded immediately, i.e. they are not stored on servers, so nobody can access them, not even you can your chat history. As a matter of fact, these chats work on a per-tab basis, so if you open Brave Leo on one tab and use it, you cannot view the same chat in a different tab.

Brave only shares the latest query that you made, with the server, along with the current conversation history. Similarly, when you use it to summarize a web page, it only detects the article's text from the page that you are currently on, or in the case of YouTube videos, it can access the transcript. If you are worried about this, you can bypass it quite easily by simply opening a blank new tab and access Brave Leo from there.

Brave Leo submits your inputs anonymously through a reverse-proxy to its inference infrastructure. The proxy server in question could be something like how Cloudflare works to protect servers from malicious users, but this time with anonymity for users.

Brave's Leo Assistant has a dedicated section under the browser's Settings. You can find it here: brave://settings/leo-assistant.

The first option, is used to toggle Leo's icon from the sidebar. The next setting is called "Show suggested prompts in the conversation", this option is disabled by default. When you enable this option, Leo will display some contextual follow-up suggestions in the chat.

brave browser leo follow up suggestions

The Settings page has an option to clear Leo's data manually.

If you head on to brave://flags/ you will find the feature's flag called Brave AI Chat. This is enabled by default. You can remove the icon from the sidebar by right-clicking on the sidebar or from the Settings page. Alternatively, you may choose to disable the flag if you don't want to use the feature.

Limitations in Brave Leo AI

Brave says that Leo does not have access to live info, so it cannot provide up-to-date news on current events like Microsoft Bing chat does. Brave plans to add support for real-time information in Leo in the future, and the results will be powered by Brave Search.

Brave Browser gets its own AI chat feature called Leo
Article Name
Brave Browser gets its own AI chat feature called Leo
Brave Browser now has an AI chat feature called Leo. We take a closer look at it.
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  1. Toon said on August 25, 2023 at 3:05 pm

    Probably only in the English version of Brave. In the Dutch Nightly-version there is no trace of Leo…

    1. Anonymous said on August 28, 2023 at 8:59 pm

      You have to enable the flag brave://flags/#brave-ai-chat
      It is not available in the sense that it is turned on by default, it is available in the way that it works, the AI Chat has been available for quite sometime, like 3 months but it wasn’t usable since it didn’t give any response back, I read something like it only worked with Brave VPN, but I never confirmed it, of course, now there is no restrictions and people can use it, at least for the ‘pre-release’ time, since it will be a premium service that will cost some money.
      I hope the premium will be a bundle, and not individual expensive services like Brave currently is running, they should offer everything in one package instead of different packages, it would sell more and make people explore more Brave services like Talk and AI in this case, even if all you want is the VPN.

  2. Sebas said on August 24, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    This is the old ghacks net, back in all its glory and fury. At last. It made my day, thanks to all who are alive and kicking in this tread.

  3. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 8:58 am

    Just a little advice for commenters. When Iron Heart starts to lose an argument he resorts to rudeness and personal attacks. Don’t reply, that will trigger him further. Just let him make a fool of himself, which he can do perfectly on his own.

    1. Iron Heart said on August 24, 2023 at 2:11 pm

      Except none of the comments directed against me made a good point, but that should be required in order for me to “lose an argument”, right?

      What you call rude is the appropriate reaction. There are hard limits to the amount of stupidity I am willing to take from others.

      1. Brotherhood of Google Fanboys said on August 24, 2023 at 5:19 pm

        Indeed brother Iron Heart. We cannot allow the non believers to doubt us. Those that question the glory of Google must be harassed and bullied until they learn to never question the glory that is Chromium. Thank you for aggressively stopping these heretics from speaking negatively of Google. Don’t let them get away with blasphemy.

  4. Sebas said on August 23, 2023 at 12:31 pm

    Since about the beta beginning (which was really bad, crashing almost every time), I use Brave, and it has developed into quite a privacy aware and fast browser. The shields are solid, if sometimes too eager in blocking. There are other small nuisances but all in all, with Brave, which can fall back to Google search if needed, or Qwant Lite or Metager as search engines it has become a quite capable browser.

    Though I still use uBlock Origin or Adguard extension, Cookie AutoDelete and LocalCDN along with it. (using separate profiles). LocalCDN needs some rule sets in uBlock Origin/ Adguard, which you cope paste into my rules in uBlock Origin or user rules in Adguard ( see the tab Advanced in Options, LocalCDN).

    1. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 5:00 am


      Why are you using Beta? Beta and Dev and not great because they don’t get fixed Nightly gets quickly enough causing you to have issues for longer time, when you could use Nightly and get few issues from time to time but test the latest features and have a better experience.
      Brave doesn’t have a “canary’ version of Chromium, so Nightly runs the same Chromium version as Beta, being really stable and then Brave own features being the only one to test (usually).

      Why do you need Adguard? uBlock Origin is faster, while lacking few Adguard features, they don’ matter and you won’t use them.
      In fact, Brave adblocker is enough for most websites, only few rules with some specific new uBlock features or popup support is what makes uBlock still necessary.
      Since Brave (and other Chromium browsers) got the :has() native support, it is not even necessary to have procedural filtering in Brave adblocker, the difference in speed with procedural filtering has and has text and upward, make it worth it to re-do the rules with native :has() because even if it is the worst ‘selector’ you can have, it will be like 10 times faster than procedural filtering.

      Brave still misses few features, like popup is really important, but I don’t even like it, because it still allows the popup to happen and then closes it, so something like no-window-open-if or the most used alias: nowoif, will be a better alternative because you can easily block links from opening, of course they are aimed at different things, but nowoif works 99% of the time and does the job better at preventing popups, there is also window-close-if and CSP to pretend popups. so popup rule is not necessary needed, it is only needed because uBlock and Easylist lists have it.

      Why are you using Cookie AutoDelete? Brave has literally like 4 ways of cleaing cookies automatically, they even added recently Forget me feature, but there is also “Sites that clear cookies when you close them” which uses Ephemeral Storage on first party storage, so the cleaning happens as soon as you close the site. There is also “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” which respects your “Sites that can always use cookies” lists and doesn’t clear them.
      And there is also the On Exit, and then the other manual ways to clearing storage in Brave, they even re-added what Chromium removed, which is to see the storage from different sites in brave://settings/content/all, so you can see how much storage a website is taking and clear it based on that and see each individual cookie without devtools.

      By having unnecessary extensions you are actually adding more fingerprinting to you. I mean, LocalCDN and all those extensions seem a bit too paranoid to really even talk about it, I mean for how many IPs will connect to those CDN, you will be just a little grain of sand on the beach, to really force yourself to run another extensions just because you are paranoid about it.

      I think people over complicate the way they use Browsers, I mean, I don’t agree with everything Brave supports or removes in the name of Privacy, but sometimes people do unnecessary stuff, causing crashes and problems, for running extra extensions that will not be needed.

      For example about uBlock or Adguard, Brave native adblocker will take precedence over extensions, making them mostly useless.

      1. Sebas said on August 24, 2023 at 8:15 am

        @Anonymous I don’t use the beta version. Brave was only available as beta in the beginning, but that is not the case anymore for a long time now. About Adguard: it is just easier to use for me as uBlock Origin in advanced mode, and as such is in use in 1 of my 3 Brave profiles. For the rest I am not paranoid as far as I know. There comes a time when I will re-evaluate the said extensions. About Brave shields and uBlock Origin see for example:

  5. Anonymous said on August 23, 2023 at 2:54 am

    Why are my comments being censored?

    1. VioletMoon said on August 24, 2023 at 6:42 pm

      @Anonymous–No, Ashwin is a lot like the “Leo” AI being discussed; if he doesn’t like the response, he simply disposes of it. Why so many commentators get away with insults and incivility, but posts that pertain to the subject but take a different view are vaporized, is a mystery to me. Never have had the problem with Martin; how many now, Ashwin? 10 and more?

    2. John G. said on August 23, 2023 at 9:58 pm

      Probably your comments have some links inside and you will need to wait some time.

  6. John G. said on August 23, 2023 at 12:14 am

    I am starting to think that Brave Browser will be better than the other Chromium based browsers really soon. The speed and stability of Brave is as good as Edge by the way, with less RAM consumption in mostly all scenarios that have involved videos (e.g. Youtube). However Edge is still faster loading long websites (e.g. newspapers and so forth). Thanks @Ashwin for the article! :]

    1. Seeprime said on August 23, 2023 at 12:54 am

      Imo Brave is the most private Chromium based browser already. It takes a couple of minutes to turn off the features you don’t want. It keeps your settings, unlike Edge.

      1. John G. said on August 23, 2023 at 9:56 pm

        @Seeprime, indeed I use Brave to browse insecure or unknown websites for its good privacy and security features. Brave is addictive as Edge, once tasted it’s difficult to forget.

  7. Anon said on August 22, 2023 at 11:59 pm

    Brave needs to have a huge redesign, option to completely disable crypto shit and obviously, fixing the issue where if you set a custom url-homepage as your new tab, bookmarks bar doesnt show on new tabs. If they fix these issues and implant new things based on these, I don’t see why I cannot switch to Brave completely forever.

    1. Iron Heart said on August 23, 2023 at 8:41 am


      > bookmarks bar doesnt show on new tabs

      There is a setting for that under brave://settings/appearance

      > custom url-homepage as your new tab

      You can set a page that is to be opened on startup under brave://settings/getStarted

      This same page can then be set for all new tabs under brave://settings/newTab

      If you want a separate startpage and new tab page, then there are extensions for setting a custom new tab page (URL).

    2. Anonymous said on August 23, 2023 at 7:35 am

      Crypto, rewards, ads… is all OPT-IN, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, maybe people like you should stop complaining about the same thing, when you never use it = you never get to even remember it exists…. Simple as that.

      Also, your comment doesn’t even make sense, Chromium has never given any option to replace the NTP, it is only a custom starting page and a custom page when you press the Home button, that’s it, if you are obviously not using the NTP, the bookmarks bar will not show… why would it? if you want the bookmarks bar show always, then set it to always, but it will not show in a custom URL that is not NTP, especially when the option says it will only show the bar in NTP only, by default.

      Seems like you are complaining about a lot of meaningless things, so I doubt you will ever switch to Brave because you will always find ‘things to complain about it’.

      Brave is not perfect and has many bugs that they need to fix, but not the ones you say… when was the last time you even tried Brave?

      Especially when they have been changing icons, adding more menus and more notices and all that, it’s just a browser… if you think adding useless rounded corners like Edge is doing is somehow a super mega revolutionary ‘redesign’ then it shows the level of mentality of some internet users, the ones like you who think appearence is better than features… Brave already offers vertical tabs which feels better in many ways than what Edge has, sidebar with the Leo, playlist and they will obviously make it better eventually like what Edge has. They also offer shared pinned tabs, quick commands in the address bar and keyboard customization which are some stuff not even other browsers really offer.

      They also offer a native adblocker not being affected by manifestv3, and features like forget me, and OTR and Ephemeral Storage and others which can be used for a lot of things more than they were designed too if you use Extensions and modify some Browser files.

      So yeah… you are not even probably reading how Brave has progressed in many features better than the ones you suggest which are just nothing but ‘preference’ like “redesign”.

  8. Tony said on August 22, 2023 at 10:12 pm

    Just a heads up, I downloaded Nightly just now and I had to enable the flag for “Brave AI Chat”. It said it was Default (disabled).

    Testing it out, it seems fairly decent for just starting out.

  9. bruh said on August 22, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    Aw, wanted to see the rest of that python renaming script. GPT failed me hard the one time I asked it a python question, although it wasn’t that trivial :)

  10. Anonymous said on August 22, 2023 at 6:34 pm

    BTW I was talking about the summarization feature and/or the suggestions, not the part of it can supposedly generate images and write code and all that, which is obviously not what it is meant for.

    If you see, even the reader mode now has the Leo icon as well BTW, because Reader mode now has a nice toolbar to change settings, not like before, turn on and done.

    This has been in the works for months, and I mean, it is decent, but the whole summarization being at the decision of the Meta Llama2, and it will not work unless it agrees with it, it’s absurd.

    They also are doing it for transcript video and all that, I wonder if it was already implemented.

    Also, this will obviously require an account when it is released, a premium account, the free version will be limited to something every 24h, because I saw the talk about it in a PR in Github.
    Might be not so useful for free users, but can’t be worst than what you get in Bing AI when you not logged and all that.

  11. Anonymous said on August 22, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    Leo is overused by Brave in so many ways, wish they would have named things differently, Leo is also the icon’s framework they built and reason why the icons now look different than Chromium.

    Anyway, seems okay, but it is based on Meta crap, which means, they will have control on the information they want you push to people, whatever outside the box, they will not summarize it.

    I already experienced going to pages where it said “I apologize…” ~I can’t help you with stuff based on hatred, made up brainwshing ‘phopias’~, ~you are asking me to summarize an article I don’t agree with, I will say this historical event has been proven based on the same mainstream information that contains inaccuracies and lies, but I will go with it and don’t give you any information, not even summarize the article, just because I am controlled by Big Tech not to even give you a summarizing of an article I disagree with~

    You get the idea, you go to any article that is slightly controversial and it is longer the “I apologize”, explanation than what the summarized article would be.

    It is ridiculous. Technically this shouldn’t even care if it agrees or disagrees with the article, but it still says ~I apologize but I disagree with this so I will not do it and just give you long explanations with all the disinformation pushed by governments and organizations, which are pushed as truth, even if they already proven to be a lie~

    So there you go, you pretty much will be able to use this AI assistant in like 5% of the internet, in whatever topic they agree with, if not the ‘I apologize’ AI assistant will come and take over because Leo is not so Rwar anymore.

  12. Mike said on August 22, 2023 at 6:01 pm

    The chatbot is there. The outputs are very wrong in most cases. Math is a big problem for it. It gets into a loop and will not go further even if you correct it and still provides the wrong answer. Its training data is insufficient.

  13. Anonymous said on August 22, 2023 at 4:16 pm

    Great. A browser engine made by Google and and AI made by Facebook. I guess it make sense since they are financed by a Facebook board member and crypto bros. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    1. Iron Heart said on August 23, 2023 at 8:35 am


      “Facebook board member” – if you mean Peter Thiel, he is invested in a lot of things in an equal opportunity manner. Crypto / BAT is actually good because that means the browser is not a search engine leech and not beholden to such deals.

      Google-funded Mozilla Corporation’s parent, the Mozilla Foundation, funnels donations into commie activism:

      Study finds Brave to be the most private web browser ootb, short of Tor anyway:

      I don’t think that has changed since then. You are coping, and you are seething. Hard. And it’s fun to watch.

      1. Karl said on August 25, 2023 at 11:45 am

        That lunduke article made me think about something I saw the other day…

        “Do you think it’s appropriate for corporations to get involved with controversial social issues?”

        Yes 15%
        No 85%

      2. Thoughtful said on August 26, 2023 at 10:24 am

        Laugh Out Loud @ The boring obsessive Iron Heart reading the pro-Firefox comments and replying back to them going to great lengths and effort in attempting to control the narrative in the discussion, a really obsessed Firefox hater. Pathetic!

        People often wonder what did Firefox do to him? He complains about Firefox deplatforming? But he never provides any reference source for his BS claims on who they are actually deplatforming.

        Contrast that with all the people Google really deplatformed from youtube, when such people talked about controversial topics. The author of his favorite browser engine (Chromium) is in fact known for deplatforming and known as an ad-tech company, but our dear Iron Heart does not talk about Google deplatforming certain famous youtubers or about how google being an ad-tech company is limiting the capability of ad-blockers on chrome with MV3.

        The obsessive anti-firefox commenting from him degenerates the discussions on Ghacks, a commenter like him shouting over others without a voting system in place allows misinformation/FUD about Firefox to be spread.

        I believe Iron Hearts comments get a lot of negative feedback here, this is why he has to constantly shout over others, trying to get in the last comment in discussions lol. When he loses the arguments he asks mods for help lol.

        He also repeats the same boring BS almost everytime in browser news articles, repeatedly using the same words/sentences such as Deplatformfox, Android (everything is about android with him), deplatforming, Fake news, Shill/Shills, Chromium and Chrome, BAT, Ungoogled Chromium, Bromite, that outdated stupid link he always spammed, repeating that Brave comes preconfigured with sane defaults, AD NAUSEAM.

        If someone says that they harden Firefox, he foolishly believes that such browser customization offers nothing good for people who decide to harden Firefox settings. He is very wrong though. Changing Firefox settings can increase both privacy and security. With Javascript off, it further increases security and privacy. That is why Arkenfox exists, it allows enhanced privacy and security for Firefox.

        Chromium based browsers like Brave do not compare to the privacy, complexity and security of a hardened Firefox browser with extensions like UBO.

        Some delusional comments from the Firefox hater.

        Iron Heart commented > I wouldn’t be surprised if Mozilla drops the webRequest API as well in the slightest. Judging by the comments here so far, the meltdown will then be epic and a sight to behold.
        Iron Heart Commented > Cheers to you all, will be watching this topic in the coming months for sure.

        Notice his excitement about the possibility of trolling Firefox users. Obsessed and pathetic behaviour from him.

        Keep dreaming, wishing, and hoping for such a scenario, you bitter, misinformation spreading, Firefox/FOSS hater. Even if Mozilla did replace webRequest API (No signs they will anytime soon, so looks like you will be waiting a very long time, by wasting your time here spreading BS about Firefox) they would likely have something better in its place that will still make extensions like UBO work as intended.

        See article below.

        Some words from the Mozilla blog.

        Mozilla will maintain support for blocking WebRequest in MV3.
        We will continue to work with content blockers and other key consumers of this API to identify current and future alternatives where appropriate. Content blocking is one of the most important use cases for extensions, and we are committed to ensuring that Firefox users have access to the best privacy tools available.

        They say they will maintain support for blocking WebRequest in MV3, continue to work with content blockers, and by mentioning future alternatives, it would kind of imply that if they ever decided to remove certain features like “blocking webrequest in Firefox” they would likely have something else in place to allow UBO to be used as intended by gorhill. They likely will not be even thinking of removing “blocking WebRequest” for a very long time, because MV3 is still new.

        UBO is a very popular recommended extension on their addon site. If such an extension did not work correctly, they would get a lot of criticism.

        UBO works best on Firefox. Not much will change probably, Firefox will have Manifest V3, however, it is very likely that Firefox with MV3 will still allow recommended extensions like UBO to work as Gorhill intended on Firefox for a very long time, whilst probably eventually transitioning to some alternative that can make UBO work with Firefox/MV3, without losing a lot of the featrures UBO had with MV2, or they just keep some of the MV2 features permanently.

        As for now, UBO Minus for Chromium-based browsers. Got to like the new name and Gorhills sense of humor. The inferior version of UBO for the inferior “browser engine chromium, an engine authored by google the ad-tech company.

        No native ad-blocker on chromium-based browsers can do the things that UBO or NoScript on Firefox can do, which is why Brave apparently said they are going to keep MV2 for now, they likely do not want some of their more intelligent users switching to Firefox if they can not use UBO or NoScript on Brave.

        Also, no chromium based browsers as far as i know (I don’t use such browsers) have advanced privacy features such as this option in Firefox or Librewolf settings “privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing”

        Chromium based browsers lack the advanced privacy and security features that Firefox has, do not listen to people (Like Iron Heart) who say otherwise as they have not a clue what they are talking about. Brave may be good, but nowhere near as good as Firefox.

        Firefox on desktop is amongst the best most private, customizable and secure browser when one takes the time to configure it correctly.

        There are no real advantages that the Brave browser would have over Firefox, both privacy or security wise, however, the Brave browser has good defaults for the less tech savvy, but again it is still based on “crappy insecure monopoly chromium engine” designed by ad-tech company Google and now even M$ too involved with the engine because of Edge.

        Brave search though looks promising, nice to have more alternative search engines.

        As for those people saying Pale Moon is better than Firefox? Just no, at least from a privacy and security perspective, because Pale Moon has none of the advanced features that Firefox got with the Quantum project and having code written in rust like Firefox.

        Iron Heart comment > I am one of the few people in this thread looking at FF and Mozilla with a tad bit of realism. I‘ll be here for the mental meltdown when they also drop the webRequest API, should be a massive one judging by the cheerleading done here.

        People will be laughing if Brave decides that supporting MV2 will not be feasible due to the constraints of google engineered code in chromium, Lol. If that happens no more UBO SUPERIOR VERSION for browser engine chromium made by an ad-tech company. But don’t worry, you always have the inferior ad-blocker on Brave.

        Firefox is just better.

        Have fun with this comment Iron Heart, you are pathetic in the way you are trying to control your misleading BS narrative about Firefox on many browser news articles, a lot of people know you have an unhealthy obsession with your hatred of Firefox at this stage and they also know that you spread a lot of misinformation about that browser.

      3. Karl said on August 25, 2023 at 11:18 am

        @Iron Heart

        Than you for your comments and the lunduke article. Thank you is all I will say, as the rest of my comment about Mozilla and the company leadership would not be politically correct, unlike all the **** that mozilla thinks they should give away money to. But what lunduke write sums it up pretty good…

        “…it should be questioned why so much money — possibly millions of dollars donated by individuals who thought they were supporting a web browser — is being funneled into highly political organizations that seem to have no involvement with the World Wide Web, Web Browsers, or any related standards.”

      4. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 4:43 am

        @Iron Heart

        What you so childishly call coping is actually a legitimate concern. Brave has become more and more intertwined with Big Tech over time. First with Google and Chromium, then with Microsoft and search, now with Facebook and AI. How long can it really claim to be privacy friendly when it get so much from Big Tech?

      5. Iron Heart said on August 24, 2023 at 8:31 am


        > What you so childishly call coping is actually a legitimate concern. Brave has become more and more intertwined with Big Tech over time.

        No, it’s coping. Taking open source projects developed by Big Tech, and forking it, is not being intertwined with it in the sense of Big Tech influencing Brave. That’s like condemning GrapheneOS and saying they are influenced by Google because they’ve forked AOSP. It’s ridiculous.

        > First with Google and Chromium, then with Microsoft and search, now with Facebook and AI. How long can it really claim to be privacy friendly when it get so much from Big Tech?

        They needed Bing as a bridge solution because otherwise Brave Search would not have had image search for months. Building a web crawler is non-trivial. They are no longer relying on Bing, and when they did, they operated like DuckDuckGo, and I don’t remember DuckDuckGo getting hammered for it.

        Taking open source solutions by big tech and forking them / patching them is a good thing. It ensures interoperability and compatibility while privacy is still respected in the forked code. As I said, that’s e.g. what GrapheneOS does with Android (or Brave does with Chromium). GrapheneOS being based on Android is a good thing (app selection etc.) while it’s also private. Same story for Brave.

      6. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 8:51 am

        I don’t remember DuckDuckGo getting hammered for it.

        Yes they did

      7. Iron Heart said on August 24, 2023 at 2:12 pm


        > Yes they did

        No, they did not. They have always used Bing’s results, from day one.

        What they got hammered for was letting Microsoft’s trackers through, which was not OK. This is not the same as using their crawler though.

      8. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 5:09 pm

        Yes they did

      9. Anonymous said on August 24, 2023 at 4:37 am

        @Iron Heart

        12 euros have been deposited in your Google Play account.

      10. Jody Thornton said on August 24, 2023 at 4:35 am

        “You are coping, and you are seething. Hard. And it’s fun to watch.”

        Says the guy who just linked spammed everyone and writes a text wall monologues.

        Why would Google, a very capitalist large corporation want to fund communism? Do you know what Communism is? Obviously you don’t. Communism means all Google assets would belong to the state. There would be no Google. How is this good for Google?

        What does Firefox have to do with Brave’s Facebook AI? McDonalds gets money from Big Macs. Get some therapy, you’re either crazy or just uninformed.

      11. Jody Thornton said on August 24, 2023 at 8:47 am

        @Iron Heart sock puppet

        >Seems like I have hit a wokish nerve of yours when I said “commie activism”. Fake-Jody with Pronouns, it’s not my fault that Mozilla’s leadership are Cultural Marxists / Neo-Marxists that funnel donations to political shenanigans while knowing fully well that people are donating for Firefox. That’s scummy af, but you already you knew that.

        You seem to have limited understanding what communism is, beyond grifter talking points. When your lack of knowledge is pointed out, you insult people to distract from your lack of understanding. Communism is state control of private industry. Private industry does not benefit from state control and they know it, but apparently you don’t. Also what is wokish? Is that something shaped like a wok?

        >I am bringing up Mozilla because OP criticized Brave for the minority share of Peter Thiel, an equal opportunity investor. Criticizing this while being ignorant of Mozilla being completely in Google’s pocket while still collecting donations for Firefox – pardon – I mean political activism of course, is a double standard one can only laugh about.

        Nobody brought up politics or Firefox. You get triggered and cope every time someone points out Brave’s links to Google and Facebook. You always say what about Firefox every time this is pointed out, while lacking the understanding that Firefox is not the standard against all other browser should be measured. Just because Firefox does it, does not mean it is a good thing.

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