What is Llama2: Meta's AI explained

Emre Çitak
Jul 19, 2023

Meta AI is an innovative research laboratory dedicated to the advancement and practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) in tackling real-world challenges. Among its primary areas of focus lies the development and utilization of large language models (LLMs), which are AI models trained on extensive collections of text and code. These powerful LLMs have a wide range of applications, including facilitating dialogue, fostering creative writing, and enabling effective summarization.

Now, Meta AI unveiled Llama 2, an exceptional LLM designed to surpass the capabilities and safety measures of its predecessors. Llama 2 underwent rigorous training using an expansive dataset comprising over 1.56 trillion words, and it was meticulously fine-tuned for diverse tasks.

This groundbreaking model is accessible in two versions:

  • Pre-trained
  • Fine-tuned
Meta AI Llama 2
Llama 2 comes in 2 different versions - Image courtesy of Meta

So, what is Llama 2 exactly?

Llama 2, the brainchild of Meta AI, is an extraordinarily large language model (LLM). It was meticulously developed through extensive training on an immense corpus of text and code, ensuring its versatility across various tasks like dialogue facilitation, creative writing, and effective summarization.

The pre-trained iteration of Llama 2 offers remarkable utility across a spectrum of tasks, including:

  • Addressing queries
  • Generating text
  • Facilitating language translation
  • Summarizing written content

On the other hand, the fine-tuned variant of Llama 2 caters to more specific objectives, including:

  • Engaging in human-like conversations
  • Crafting imaginative and original content
  • Generating code snippets

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How to use Meta's AI

To use Llama 2, you can either use the pre-trained model or the fine-tuned model. The pre-trained model can be used for a variety of tasks, while the fine-tuned model can be used for more specific tasks.

If you want to use the pre-trained model, you can do so by visiting the Hugging Face Hub. The Hugging Face Hub is a website that hosts a variety of AI models, including Llama 2.

If you want to use the fine-tuned model, you will need to download the model and train it yourself. The fine-tuned model can be downloaded from the Meta AI website.

Meta AI Llama 2
Meta's AI has outrun its competitors in both complicated and simple tasks - Screenshot from Meta

How does Llama 2 compare to others in the game?

Meta's AI, Llama 2 stands out among other large language models (LLMs) due to its impressive size, boasting a staggering 70 billion parameters. This surpasses the parameter count of many other LLMs, granting Llama 2 a higher capacity to absorb and comprehend intricate information. With a substantial amount of training data at its disposal, Llama 2 was exposed to an extensive dataset encompassing various sources such as books, articles, code repositories, and social media. Consequently, Llama 2 possesses a broad understanding of the world, enabling it to generate text that is more precise, informative, and contextually appropriate.

Safety is a fundamental aspect of Llama 2's design. To ensure responsible usage, Meta AI took precautions during the training phase by filtering the dataset to exclude harmful or offensive content. Furthermore, Meta AI has implemented an acceptable use policy that sets limits on Llama 2's utilization, preventing it from being exploited for malicious purposes. This commitment to safety underpins Llama 2's responsible deployment.

Meta AI Llama 2
The results from Llama 2 have shown a lot fewer violations - Screenshot from Meta

Llama 2 has exhibited exceptional accuracy across an array of tasks, outperforming other LLMs. Whether it's answering questions, generating text, or translating languages, Llama 2 consistently delivers results with remarkable precision. In addition to accuracy, Llama 2 excels in fluency. Its generated text adheres to proper grammar and flows naturally, ensuring a coherent and engaging reading experience.

Beyond its aptitude for factual and informative text generation, Llama 2 showcases its creative prowess. This remarkable model is capable of generating imaginative and original content, including poems, stories, and even code. Llama 2 adds an element of novelty and intrigue to its outputs, captivating users with its ability to transcend the realm of mere information dissemination.

If you wish to learn more about Meta's AI, Llama 2, Meta has shared a full white paper in which they describe every important aspect of their new language model


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