Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides a fantastic gateway to the web, with tools matching the top brands. Available on several platforms, we’ll discuss which features you should use, the top news related to the browser, and any tips to improve your experience.

Microsoft is testing another AI writing feature in Edge

Microsoft continues to integrate and test AI features into its products. One of the latest products to gain yet another AI test is the company's Edge browser. In testing for at least […]

Microsoft Edge 117 launches with Favorites Recovery and feature removals

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge 117 to the Stable channel today. The new version of Microsoft Edge is a security update, but Microsoft has not yet revealed any information on the patched […]

Windows 11 browser changes

Microsoft finally backs down on Edge, but only in EU

Windows 11 has caused quite a stir in the tech world. One of the most talked-about changes is the Windows 11 browser's overhaul, which has garnered mixed reactions across the tech world. […]

These tools will soon be removed in Microsoft Edge to make it simpler

Microsoft announced the removal of several tools in its Microsoft Edge web browser to "improve the user experience" and simplify the browser. Starting in Microsoft Edge 117, which Microsoft plans to release […]

Windows 10 users may now attach Microsoft Edge's sidebar to the desktop

Microsoft has published Microsoft Edge 116, a new stable version of its Chromium-based browser. Released on August 21, 2023, Microsoft Edge 116 includes security updates and two new features. Existing installations of […]

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge for Business launches next week: here is what you need to know

Microsoft plans to launch Microsoft Edge for Business Stable next week. A new blog post on the company's Tech Community website confirms Microsoft intention to launch the new business-focused Edge web browser […]

Microsoft Edge darker dark mode

Edge may soon save screenshots of every page you visit

Microsoft is testing a new feature in its Edge web browser for the desktop currently that saves screenshots of visited webpages to the browser's history. The feature, which is available in select […]

Microsoft Edge 115 fixes 14 security issues

Microsoft released new versions of Microsoft Edge Stable and Microsoft Edge Extended Stable to the release channel on July 21, 2023. The Microsoft Edge Stable update fixes 14 unique security issues in […]


About Microsoft Edge's Found downloadable files on this webpage notification

Microsoft Edge users who run the latest version of the web browser on Android may have noticed a new notification that the browser displays when it detects downloadable files on webpages. The […]

Madness? This is Microsoft! Installs Google Docs Offline extension in Edge automatically

Microsoft Edge users who have updated their web browser to one of the latest versions recently may want to check the installed extensions. Microsoft is installing the Google Docs Offline extension in […]

edge super resolution

Microsoft Edge's enhance image feature is sending image URLs to Microsoft

Microsoft is testing an image enhancing feature in its Microsoft Edge web browser that promises to improve the quality of images. It is available for all channels, but only some users see […]

Microsoft Edge 114 Stable update with (limited) Workspaces feature launches

Microsoft has released a new stable version of its Microsoft Edge web browser. Microsoft Edge 114 Stable is the latest version; it is a security and feature update for the web browser. […]

microsoft edge features enable

How to enable the latest features in Microsoft Edge Canary

Whenever Microsoft releases new features in development versions of its Microsoft Edge web browser, it is enabling the features only for part of the userbase. It can sometimes take months before a […]

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge 113 removes Basic Enhanced Security Mode

Microsoft has just released Microsoft Edge 113 Stable for all supported operating systems and platforms. The new version of the browser makes a change to its Enhanced Security Mode, automatic updating on […]

Microsoft Edge submits nearly any visited page to Bing. Here is how you turn that off!

Microsoft's Edge web browser is submitting nearly any visited webpage to Bing automatically. The privacy issue was detected last week and reported on Reddit, and users have been scrambling ever since to […]

How to disable Microsoft Edge's Workspaces feature

Microsoft unveiled Workspaces for Microsoft Edge earlier this month. The company launched Workspaces as a limited preview in the web browser, but all users of Edge may enable the feature already, as […]

Image Creation is now just a mouse-click away in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a new AI tool; this time, the company is adding Image Creator, an AI-powered tool to generate images based no user descriptions, to its Microsoft Edge web browser. […]

Microsoft AI event, "The Future of Work with AI," is at the door, and there are some guesses on what the company could reveal.

Microsoft Edge 112 ships with security fixes and improvements

Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge 112, a new stable version of the company's web browser. Edge 112 is a security update first and foremost, that follows the regular Chromium release schedule. Google […]

Microsoft Edge Workspaces: create, share and collaborate on sets of tabs

Microsoft has launched a public preview of Workspaces in Microsoft Edge, a feature designed to create, share and work on sets of tabs. The new feature, which was in the making for […]

Microsoft Edge: new toggle to hide the Bing Discover icon

Microsoft released a new stable version of Microsoft Edge earlier today, and with it comes an option to hide the Bing Discover icon in the Settings. The icon allowed Edge users to […]

How to remove the Try Acrobat advertisement from Microsoft Edge's new PDF Viewer

Microsoft announced in February 2023 that it would replace the internal PDF viewer of its Microsoft Edge web browser with Adobe's PDF viewer. The change would roll out to home and non-managed […]

microsoft edge crypto wallet

Microsoft Edge could soon have a crypto wallet

It looks as if Microsoft Edge users can soon use a built-in crypto wallet to manage cryptocurrency assets directly in the web browser. Barely a month passes by without Microsoft introducing another […]

Microsoft caves in, adds Edge setting to disable the Bing button

Microsoft has updated Microsoft Edge Canary today with a new option to turn off the Bing icon in the browser. The company launched the Bing icon in Microsoft Edge 111 and has […]

How to remove Microsoft Edge's Bing toolbar icon

Microsoft updated its Microsoft Edge web browser to version 111 today. Edge users who have updated the web browser may have noticed a new feature, that some may find annoying. Microsoft enabled […]

edge super resolution

Low resolution videos? A thing of the past in the latest Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing a new feature in Microsoft Edge Canary currently that it calls Microsoft Super Video Resolution. The feature, which sounds an awful lot like NVIDIA's RTX Video Super Resolution, is […]

microsoft secure network

Microsoft Secure Network reportedly rolling out in Microsoft Edge Stable

Microsoft unveiled Secure Network in the company's Microsoft Edge web browser back in April of 2022. The feature was launched as a limited test to integrate a VPN-like feature into the Edge […]

send tab to your devices

Microsoft Edge: manage Sent Pages in the History

Microsoft is working on a new feature in Edge that lists all pages that a user has sent to another device. The send feature, which many Edge users may be unaware of, […]

edge drop sign-in

Microsoft Edge Drop: share files and notes using Sync

Microsoft Edge 110 Stable includes support for a new feature that Microsoft calls Drop. Drop allows Microsoft Edge users to sync files and notes between all Edge instances on desktop and mobile […]

microsoft edge adobe pdf

Microsoft drops Edge's PDF reader in favor of Adobe Acrobat PDF

Microsoft and Adobe announced today that Adobe's Acrobat PDF technology will soon power the PDF reading capabilities of Microsoft's Edge web browser. Adobe's Acrobat PDF technology will be included in Microsoft Edge […]

Edge with Phoenix flags enabled

Phoenix: Microsoft working on Edge redesign

According to a report, Microsoft is working on a redesign of its Edge web browser, code-named "Phoenix," that should better differentiate Microsoft Edge from its browser competition. Development focuses on an updated […]

microsoft edge split mode

Microsoft is testing a Split Mode in Edge

Microsoft is testing a Split Mode feature in development versions of Microsoft Edge currently that allows users to display two webpages or internal pages side-by-side in a single tab. Microsoft Edge's Split […]

microsoft edge 109 interface

Microsoft Edge support extended to October 2023 for Windows Server 2012

Microsoft announced in December 2022 that Microsoft Edge 109 would be the last version of the web browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The company retired the two desktop operating systems […]

microsoft edge desktop shortcuts

How to block Microsoft Edge from creating desktop shortcuts

Many web browsers create desktop shortcuts and also pins on the taskbar when they are installed or updated. Some do so without prompting the user, others ask for confirmation before doing so. […]

microsoft edge 109 interface

Edge 109 Printing Issue affects printers with special characters

Microsoft's Edge web browser has an unconfirmed new issue that affects in-browser printing for some users. Affected users may notice that quick printing no longer works, that printing hangs, or that printing […]

microsoft edge 109

Microsoft Edge 109 launches with text prediction feature and security fixes

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 109 Stable today, just a few days after Google released Chrome 109 to the Stable channel. The new version of Microsoft Edge is already available. It should be […]

microsoft edge interface

0Patch: security updates for Microsoft Edge on unsupported Windows versions until 2025

0Patch, a company best known for providing security updates for Windows products that are no longer supported by Microsoft, announced that it has added Microsoft Edge to the list of supported products. […]

microsoft edge missing forward button

How to restore the Forward button in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge users who have updated the browser to the latest version, Edge 108 Stable, may have noticed that Microsoft seemingly removed the Forward button from the browser's toolbar. The interface displays […]

microsoft edge 110

Microsoft Edge 109 last version to support Windows 7 and 8.1

Microsoft released a new development build of its Microsoft Edge web browser this week that makes a number of changes to the browser. Included in the changelog is the information that Microsoft […]

The Microsoft Edge browser is putting billions of tabs to sleep

The Microsoft Edge browser is putting billions of tabs to sleep

Microsoft Edge has come a long way since the software giant decided to launch it as a Chromium-based browser and in November 2022 made up roughly 4.5% of the web browser market. […]

microsoft edge manifest v2 support

Microsoft extends support for Manifest V2 extensions to at least January 2024

Microsoft announced this week that its Microsoft Edge web browser will support Manifest V2 browser extensions at least until January 2024 using Enterprise policies. Manifest V3 for browser extensions is hotly discussed […]



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