Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides a fantastic gateway to the web, with tools matching the top brands. Available on several platforms, we’ll discuss which features you should use, the top news related to the browser, and any tips to improve your experience.

microsoft edge drop file transfer feature

Microsoft Edge Drop: transfer files between all Edge instances on all devices

Microsoft is testing a new feature called Drop in the Canary version of the company's Edge web browser. Drop allows Edge users to transfer files and notes between all Edge instances on […]

microsoft edge visual search

How to disable the Visual Search icon in Microsoft Edge

If you are using Microsoft's Edge web browser, you may have noticed that the browser displays a small icon over any image that you hover the mouse over. The feature, called Visual […]

edge download old versions

Some users are reporting printing issues in Microsoft Edge 102

Microsoft released a new stable version of the company's Edge web browser a few days ago. Microsoft Edge 102 fixed several security issues in the browser, including three that were specified to […]

microsoft edge 102

Microsoft Edge 102 fixes 31 security issues

Microsoft released a new stable version of the company's Edge web browser on May 31, 2022. Microsoft Edge 102 is a security update first and foremost, that addresses 31 different security issues […]

microsoft edge import browser data on each launch

Microsoft hopes to improve Edge with permanent imports from Chrome

Microsoft is testing a new function in the Canary and Developer versions of its Edge web browser, that is designed to import data from Google Chrome on every launch of the browser. […]

Microsoft Secure Network is now available as a limited preview in Edge Canary

Microsoft Secure Network is now available as a limited preview in Edge Canary

We reported about Microsoft Secure Network a few weeks ago, when it was spotted on the company's support website. The free VPN has officially entered a limited access preview in Edge Canary. […]

edge-browser usage share april 2022

Microsoft Edge beats Safari and Firefox to become second after Chrome on desktop systems

Microsoft's Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser surpassed the 10% usage share market on desktop systems in April 2022 according to Statcounter; this means that it is second only to Google Chrome, which […]

microsoft edge 101 release

Microsoft Edge 101 patches 25 security issues

Microsoft Edge 101 stable is now available. The new version of Microsoft's cross-platform web browser patches 25 security issues and includes several non-security related improvements. Desktop users may select Menu > Help […]

edge secure network

Microsoft Edge Secure Network: browser VPN with 1GB free data

Microsoft is testing a new feature in the Microsoft Edge web browser, that is bringing a browser VPN free of charge to all users who are signed-in with a Microsoft Account. Microsoft […]

vivaldi 5.2 browser update

Vivaldi and Microsoft patch 0-day vulnerability in their browsers

Vivaldi and Microsoft have released updates for their web browsers that address security issues, including one that is exploited actively in the wild. Vivaldi Technologies announced the release of a minor update […]

microsoft edge pause extensions

Microsoft Edge is getting an option to pause extensions on sites

Microsoft is testing a new feature in its Edge web browser currently that enables users to pause extensions on specific sites. The description of the feature may remind some users of Google […]

Microsoft Edge 100 improves the resources saved by Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft Edge 100 improves Sleeping Tabs ability to save more resources, and allows you to monitor its performance

Microsoft Edge 100 was released a few days ago, and is essentially a security update. The Redmond company has highlighted that the latest version improves the browser's performance with a more optimized […]

microsoft edge 100

Microsoft Edge 100 released: here is what is new

Microsoft released the first three-digit version of its Microsoft Edge web browser on April 1, 2022. Microsoft Edge 100 is available for all supported systems. Like Google Chrome 100, released last week, […]

microsoft edge emergency securityv update

Microsoft releases emergency security update for Edge

A day after Google released an emergency update for its Chrome web browser, Microsoft fixed the security issue in its Microsoft Edge web browser. Google released an emergency security update to patch […]

Microsoft Edge can now auto-generate image labels for Narrator and other screen readers

Microsoft Edge can now auto-generate image labels for Narrator and other screen readers

A picture is worth a thousand words. Microsoft is taking the old adage quite seriously, it has introduced a new feature in Edge, called Automatic Image Descriptions, to assist people with visual […]

libredirect privacy friendly redirects

LibRedirect loads privacy-friendly sites automatically when you load YouTube, Search, TikTok and other sites

LibRedirect is an open source browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It is designed to redirect the loading of popular destinations on the Internet automatically to privacy friendly websites. The […]

enable efficiency mode edge

Improve Microsoft Edge power usage and performance by turning on Efficiency Mode

Microsoft Edge users who use the browser on mobile or low-performance devices may enable efficiency mode to improve the browser's performance. Previously called Performance Mode, efficiency mode is available as an option […]

whatsapp code verify

Meta releases Code Verify extension for WhatsApp Web

Meta released the new Code Verify browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to validate the web version of WhatsApp Web. A version of the extension for Firefox is still under […]

edge 100 primary password

Microsoft Edge 100: primary password support and PDF thumbnail view

Microsoft released a new development build of Microsoft Edge 100 to the Dev channel this week featuring primary password support and PDF thumbnail viewing. Microsoft Edge Canary is the main development build […]

Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update lets you search through open tabs quickly

Microsoft Edge Dev Channel update lets you search through open tabs quickly

The Microsoft Edge 100.0.1163.1 update has landed for users in the Dev Channel. It adds a new way to manage your tabs. Search Tabs in Microsoft Edge To search through open tabs, […]

edge bar

Microsoft Edge: Edge Bar feature first look

Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Microsoft Edge web browser that it calls Edge Bar. Edge Bar displays content in a floating window or pinned to the right side […]

edge startup boost

Microsoft Edge may be running on your Windows PCs, even if you don't use the browser

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on recent versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft integrated a feature in Edge that it calls startup boost; this feature preloads some Edge components […]

edge vertical tabs

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft's "see what sticks" development approach

A sports ticker, a games button, buy now pay later integration, a quick actions bar on the right, Bing visual search for images, and more. Microsoft added several new features to its […]

Microsoft Edge is testing a Sports Ticker to display Live Scores, News in all pages and new tabs

Microsoft Edge is testing a Sports Ticker to display Live Scores, News on all pages/new tabs

Do you watch sports? When a game/match is going on, do you use Google or rely on other sites for live scores? Well, you may not have to do that anymore if […]

microsoft edge quick actions sidebar

Microsoft tests a new quick actions sidebar in Edge

Some Microsoft Edge Canary users are seeing a new quick actions sidebar on the right side of the web browser. It appears that Microsoft is A-B testing the functionality at the time; […]

microsoft edge vertical tabs

You may soon display vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge on the right side

Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser will soon get a couple of new features and improvements, including several that improve the vertical tabs feature of the browser. One of the distinguishing factors of Edge […]

microsoft edge 97

Microsoft Edge 97 released: here is what is new

Microsoft Edge 97 Stable is now available. The new version of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge web browser is a security and feature update. Edge desktop users may load edge://settings/help in the browser's address […]

microsoft edge website

Is Microsoft adding too many controversial features to its Edge browser?

Many Internet users welcomed Microsoft's decision to retire the aging Internet Explorer browser and the classic version of Microsoft Edge in favor of a new Chromium-based browser. Some criticized Microsoft for strengthening […]

Microsoft Edge Games button in Canary Channel

Microsoft is adding more bloat to Edge with a Games button

Microsoft is adding a new feature to Edge, but you're probably not going to like it. The Chromium-based browser now has a games button, because why not? The feature hasn't made it […]

microsoft edge search data collection

Microsoft Edge may be sending search information to Microsoft! Here is how you turn that off

Microsoft Edge may send search results from any search that is run in the browser to Microsoft by default. The feature is not limited to Bing Search, it will inform Microsoft about […]

edge strict tracking prevention

Cyber Ratings report: Microsoft Edge offers better malware and phishing protection

Cyber Ratings ran a study in 2021 in which it tested the defensive capabilities of the web browsers Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The study observed malware and phishing protections […]

Vivaldi CEO criticizes Microsoft Edge for anti-competitive practices

In 2013, the European Union slapped a massive $731 Million fine on Microsoft for failing to offer users a choice to set a default browser. 8 years have passed since then, has […]

edge strict tracking prevention

Transparent Ads in Microsoft Edge, and how to disable them

Microsoft introduced a new feature that it calls Transparent Ads in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary build. Transparent Ads are designed "to raise the bra no transparency and control with new privacy […]

How to reset Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10 and Windows 11. It may also be installed on other operating systems, including Windows 7 and 8.1, Android, Mac OS and on […]

Microsoft's Buy Now, Pay Later integration in Edge is highly controversial

Microsoft announced a new addition to the company's Microsoft Edge web browser in mid-November. Available only in Insider Builds of Edge at the time, the feature was rolled out in Edge 96 […]

microsoft edge change password

Here is how Microsoft Edge's semi-automated password changing feature works

The Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge got a new security feature recently that introduces nearly automatic password changing options on select sites. The feature landed in Chrome 86 and most Chromium-based web […]

microsoft edge 96

Here is what is new in Microsoft Edge 96

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 96 last week and a small bug fix and performance update on November 23, 2021. The new version of Microsoft Edge includes several improvements for users of the […]

edge vertical tab groups

Microsoft Edge 93 released with Tab Groups and Vertical Tabs improvements

Microsoft released a new version of the company's Microsoft Edge web browser on September 2, 2021. Microsoft Edge 93 is an update for the stable channel of the browser that introduces new […]

microsoft edge security mitigations

Microsoft Edge's Super Duper Secure Mode lands in Settings

Microsoft unveiled a new security feature called Super Duper Secure Mode in the company's Microsoft Edge web browser about two weeks ago. Super Duper Secure Mode is an experimental feature to make […]

microsoft edge vertical tabs no titlebar

Microsoft Edge 93: hide the titlebar in vertical tab mode

The upcoming Microsoft Edge 93 web browser includes vertical tab mode improvements. Users may flip a switch in Edge to hide the browser's titelbar to gain extra pixels while using vertical tabs. […]



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