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windows 8 end apps

Another nail in Windows 8's coffin

Microsoft published a roadmap yesterday for Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.x that highlights the end of support dates for app submissions to Windows Store and the distribution of app updates […]

google play protect

Google last again in Android antivirus ranking (2018)

Google Play Protect does not protect Android devices against malware attacks very well according to latest test results of German company AV-Test. The result confirms previous tests that AV Test and AV […]

gimp 2.10.6

GIMP 2.10.6 launches with major improvements

A new version of the popular cross-platform image editor GIMP was released yesterday. GIMP 2.10.6 features a number of important changes and improvements including new filters and other enhancements. While the new […]

twitch turbo

Ad-Free Viewing changes on Twitch

Amazon's game streaming service Twitch announced changes to the ad-free viewing benefit on the site for Twitch Prime customers. Amazon Prime customers or Amazon Prime Video customers can link the account to […]


Annotate directly on the Windows screen with ScreenMarker

ScreenMarker is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices to annotate directly on the screen using various tools the app provides. While you may run dedicated software to make annotations on […]

windows defender pup protection

How to enable Windows Defender's potentially unwanted programs protection

One of the latest additions to Windows Defender Antivirus' arsenal of protection tools blocks potentially unwanted programs, short PUPs, from landing on the system or being installed on Windows PCs. Note: Potentially […]

firefox 62 new search tab

Firefox 62: Google added to Top Sites

The next stable version of the web browser Firefox, Firefox 62, comes with a number of search related changes on the browser's default New Tab page and Home page. Users of the […]

chrome incompatible applications

About Google Chrome's incompatible applications warning

Some Chrome users on Windows noticed a new warning message about incompatible applications recently when they start the web browser. The "incompatible applications" notification is displayed to users after Chrome crashes on […]

offline registry finder

NirSoft releases two offline Registry tools for Windows

OfflineRegistryFinder and OfflineRegistryView are two new portable programs for Windows by NirSoft to view and search offline Registry files. Offline Registry files are any Registry files that are not loaded currently by […]

auto refresh blocker chrome

Stop websites from reloading pages automatically

Webmasters have a number of techniques at their disposal to create auto-refreshing or reloading websites. From the basic meta refresh to more advanced options that rely on JavaScript. While it may be […]

waterfox for android

Waterfox for Android update brings huge privacy improvements

A new version of the Waterfox web browser for Google's Android operating system has been released. The developer of Waterfox released a first public version of Waterfox for Android in 2017. The […]

Browsers have cookie and anti-tracking enforcement issues

A team of Belgian researchers from KU Leuven analyzed third-party cookie policies of seven major web browsers, 31 ad-blockers and 14 anti-tracking extensions and discovered major and minor issues in all of […]

web security

Mozilla bans 23 snooping Firefox extensions

Mozilla purged 23 Firefox extensions from the official Firefox Addons website Mozilla AMO and browsers the extensions were installed in today. The ban affects 23 extensions for Firefox that were installed by […]

Ghacks Deals: The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle (98% off)

The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle includes three Microsoft Excel courses for just $9.99. It is discounted by 98% right now on Ghacks Deals for a limited period of time. The bundle […]

microsoft quality updates

Windows 10 and Server 2016 update changes

Microsoft revealed yesterday that it plans to introduce a new update package for Windows 10 and Server 2016 later this year that is more compact for easier and faster deployment. The company […]

stylish new privacy

Stylish add-on makes a return

Stylish, a web browser extension to load so-called userstyles in supported browsers that modify looks and layout of webpages, has returned to the official Mozilla Add-ons Store for Firefox after its removal […]

Set a custom Recycle Bin size on Windows

All versions of Windows include a Recycle Bin to store deleted files. The main idea behind the Recycle Bin is to provide users with options to restore deleted files provided that they […]

pale moon 28.0

Pale Moon 28.0 Major Update released

Pale Moon 28.0.0 is the first version of version 28.x and as such a major upgrade from the previously used version 27.x which the team released in 2016. The new release is […]