firefox screenshots

Firefox Screenshots is a new upcoming feature of the Firefox web browser that enables you to capture screenshots or entire websites in Firefox. Firefox has supported the capturing of screenshots straight from the Developer Toolbar for about five years already, but the feature was never promoted in any way by Mozilla. While some Firefox users […]

google personal search

Google launched a new Google Search feature recently that makes search even more personal than it already is with a new personal option. Google introduced the filter bubble years ago which delivers news to search users that the company believes users wants. What this means is that you are more likely to get results and […]

youtube mark watched videos

YouTube Watchmarker is a free browser extension for Mozilla Firefox that marks watched videos on YouTube for easy recognition. One of the main issues on YouTube is that the site's watched functionality is terribly broken. While YouTube keeps track of the videos that you have watched, it does not mark those when you use the […]

firefox multiple content processes

Mozilla plans to increase the number of content processes of Firefox's multi-process architecture to four (from one) with the release of Firefox 54. Tip: if you are new to the concept or want to find out more about it, read our extensive Firefox multi-process guide. Firefox Stable users who run a multi-process Firefox copy right […]


Vimium-FF is a new Firefox WebExtension that is marked as experimental right now that brings Vim-like controls to the Firefox web browser. What this means? Basically, that you get a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for navigation, and other browser features. Several add-ons are already available that add the functionality to the […]

filezilla master password

The developers of the FTP client program FileZilla have integrated support for a master password protection in the FTP software. FileZilla is a popular FTP client that you may use to access FTP servers that are in a private network or on the Internet. While you can use modern web browsers for that as well, […]

fling web searches windows

Fling is a new program for Microsoft Windows devices that adds global web search capabilities to PCs the program runs on. Most Windows programs come without options to run web searches for terms or to look up information. While Microsoft did integrate web search capabilities in Windows Search, it is a rather mediocre solution as […]

windows defender security center

Windows Defender Antivirus is the default security solution that ships with all versions of the Windows 10 operating system. It offers basic protection when compared to third-party solutions, but the overall protection that it offers has improved and the product does not test at the very bottom of every AV Comparatives or AV Test runs […]


Microsoft released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1703 -- the Creators Update -- yesterday evening through Windows Update. The update raises the build version of Windows 10 to 15063.332 once it is installed. It fixes errors and issues in previous versions of the Windows 10 Creators Update operating system. The update has […]

programming bootcamp

The Complete Programming Language Bootcamp is an eight course eLearning bundle that teaches you programming languages. Most of the courses that are included are designed for users of all experience levels. They provide you with a thorough introduction and foundation that you can then build on to advance your skills. It includes the following eight […]


Microsoft revealed today that the company's Xbox One and Windows 10 streaming service Beam has been renamed to Mixer. The name change, according to Microsoft, was necessary to grow the service in every major market in the world, and because it symbolizes better what the service is about. That's "bringing people together" according to Microsoft. […]


Splash is a video and audio player for Microsoft Windows that is developed by Mirillis, makers of the screen recorder Action!. The media player vertical is quite crowded on Windows. You got dedicated audio or video players, as well as media players that support both audio and video formats. Programs like VLC Media Player, SMPlayer, […]

travel mode enabled

AgileBits, makers of the 1Password password manager, introduced a new Travel Mode feature in recent versions of the program for paying customers. This new mode hides password vaults when you enable it, so that they are not revealed when someone opens the passwords in the application. Traveling internationally with electronic devices can be an unpleasant […]

close website overlays

BehindTheOverlay is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers to close annoying website overlays. HTML5 Overlays are the new popups, they have been for quite some time now. They are used on a lot of sites to throw newsletter signup forms or special offers on the screen. What makes them problematic […]