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Brave Browser 1.46 launches with Brave News improvements

Brave Software released a new version of its desktop browser, Brave 1.46 on December 1, 2022. The new version of Brave browser includes a number of changes, many of them improving Brave […]

Did Firefox hop on board the Metaverse train?

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, bought Active Replica in November 2022. This Canadian company is currently working on a web-based metaverse. But, what does Mozilla intend to do with […]

How to make important emails stick out in Thunderbird

Not all emails are of equal importance. Take emails from your employee or family on the one hand, and spam on the other. Most email users have a good understanding of which […]

Is This the End of the Windows 10 Era?

The real-time analytics service Statcounter published its latest data on Operating Systems. In November 2022, Windows 10 usage fell below 70%, to be precise, 69.77%. That is, less than seven out of […]

Mozilla and Microsoft distrust TrustCor root certificates in their browsers

Mozilla and Microsoft have taken action against three root certificates by TrustCor. These root certificates are now distrusted by the browsers. Mozilla set the distrust date to November 30, 2022, while Microsoft […]

Brave launches Search Ads and Premium access

Brave Software announced the launch of advertisement on Brave Search, the company's search engine. The company promises that ads on Brave Search are privacy-preserving, which means that users of the search engine […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Professional Career Starter Bundle

The Complete 2023 Cyber Security Professional Career Starter Bundle includes 8 eLearning courses in total that includes a number of prep courses for CompTIA certification exams and four other security related courses. […]

Microsoft Office in trouble in Germany due to GDPR

Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps, Microsoft 365, is in hot water with German authorities due to an alleged incompatibility with the data protection laws of Germany and the rest of the European […]


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