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A new journey with Windows: Microsoft's "end of support" notice for Windows 10 users

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system has about 18 months of official support left. Customers may further extend support by up to three years, but this comes at a cost. Now, Microsoft is […]

Google is releasing previously Pixel-exclusive AI tools to all Google Photos users

Soon, all users of the photo viewing and editing app Google Photos may use a number of AI tools to edit their photos. Google announced yesterday that the three AI tools Magic […]

Proton acquires encrypted note-taking app Standard Notes

Proton has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the encrypted note-taking app, Standard Notes. The company says that the privacy-focused Proton has been expanding its portfolio steadily overtime, evolving from […]

Microsoft continues push to turn Windows into an advertising space

A fundamental shift happened in the development of the Windows operating system in recent years. Some say it started during the development of Windows 11, Microsoft's newest operating system. Others suggest that […]

Microsoft releases the April 2024 Security Updates for Windows

The April 2024 security updates for Windows are now available. Microsoft released the security updates for all supported Windows versions and also other company products on today's Patch Day. Our overview helps […]

Winxvideo AI: Your One-Stop Video and Image Solution for upgrading your Media

Forget grainy footage and shaky home videos, the Online world is currently craving for crisp and high-quality visuals! That's where Winxvideo AI comes in, wielding the power of artificial intelligence to transform […]

Maximize Your Online Security with Avast Secure Browser

As the Internet becomes a stage for sophisticated threats and unwelcome surveillance, online privacy and security have become a priority for Internet users everywhere. With every click, search, or visited website, your […]

Google announces improved Find My Device network for Android devices

Google has launched its improved Find My Device network in the U.S. and Canada. The technology is quite similar to Apple's Find My service. Android's Find My Network is a crowdsourced network, […]

New sneaky Windows driver UCPD stops non-Microsoft software from setting defaults

Microsoft has integrated the driver userChoice Protection Driver, short UCPD, into Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems recently. This driver has just one purpose: to block access to UserChoice Registry keys. These […]

Disney Plus' password-sharing crackdown begins in June

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the company will start implementing new rules to prevent users from sharing their accounts with other people. Disney Plus' password-sharing crackdown will begin in June. […]

Google considers charging you extra for AI-powered Google Search features

A report by the Financial Times (via Neowin) suggests that Google is considering charging search users for use of AI-powered search features. The push towards an AI powered future has reached search […]

Another Google Chrome 0-day vulnerability fixed: update asap

Google released a security update for its Chrome web browser to address another 0-day security vulnerability. This is the second 0-day vulnerability that Google fixed in Chrome in recent time and the […]

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 ESU pricing: starts at $61

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is nearing the end of its life. Come October 2025, support for the operating system ends officially. Microsoft announced that it is going to offer ESU, Extended […]

Mozilla released a Firefox Nightly test build with vertical tabs

Mozilla released a Firefox Nightly test build recently that includes support for vertical tabs. This new functionality is not available in regular Firefox Nightly builds, but there is a way to get […]

ChatGPT no longer requires an account to use, but there are some limitations

OpenAI has announced a major change to its AI-based chat service. ChatGPT is now available for use without signing up for an account. Technically, this isn't the first AI-powered service to go […]

Android on Windows: the best emulators for gaming

Would you like to play your favorite Android games on your PC? Run Android apps on PC to use them even without your Android device? It is easier than you may think […]

Microsoft Edge fixes 0-day vulnerability: confirms all Chromium-based browsers vulnerable

Microsoft released a security update for its Edge web browser that address several security issues, including one that is exploited in the wild. Google released security updates for its Chrome web browser […]

Intel: Microsoft AI PCs need a Copilot Key

Microsoft hopes that 2024 will be the year that so-called AI PCs will take off. Tidbits and rumors about this new breed of PCs are found everywhere, but Microsoft itself has been […]

Apple releases macOS 14.4.1 Sonoma update to fix USB Hub and Java issues

Apple has released the macOS 14.4.1 Sonoma update. It fixes some problems that users were facing with USB Hubs, and Java apps. Apple fixes USB Hub and Java issues in macOS 14.4.1 […]

Windows 11's Moment Update 5 is finally here: how to download

Microsoft released the fifth Moment Update for Windows 11 in February 2024. This release did not reach many user systems, as Microsoft limited its availability artificially. While Microsoft did state that the […]



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