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Remove unwanted objects in seconds with TouchRetouch for Android

TouchRetouch is an application for Google Android device that may be used to remove unwanted objects from photos and images. The application is not free, it costs around $2, depending on the […]

It may be time to upgrade your PC's Memory

In times where smartphones have often more memory installed than desktop PCs, tablets or laptops, it is a good idea to at least think about upgrading RAM. More RAM may improve the […]

How to enable the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home

Microsoft ships a useful tool called the Group Policy Editor, commonly known as Gpedit.msc or just GPEDIT, with the Pro version of its Windows operating system. It is handy for enabling or […]

Performance of Windows 11 is a focus for Microsoft in 2022

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has been out for some time. Reception has not been too bad but it is clear that there are areas that need improvement. Apart from bugs, some […]

How to manage and display all system tray icons in Windows 11

A quick way to access some programs in Window, is by using their shortcut's icon displayed in the system tray. When Windows 10 came out, Microsoft made some changes to the way […]

Network Protocol Analyzer Wireshark 3.6 released

Wireshark 3.6 is the latest version of the network protocol analyzer. The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and the latest version introduces a large number of improvements, […]

Here is how Microsoft Edge's semi-automated password changing feature works

The Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge got a new security feature recently that introduces nearly automatic password changing options on select sites. The feature landed in Chrome 86 and most Chromium-based web […]

The GOM Mix Max launch is on its way

GOM Mix Max is the name of a new video editing software developed by GOM & Company that is due to launch on November 30th. With its launch right around the corner, […]


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