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DottedSign is a powerful E-Signature solution for individuals and organizations

DottedSign is a versatile E-Signature solution for the web and mobile devices that is available for individuals and organizations alike.  It is a comprehensive E-Signature solution that enables home users and professionals […]

FairEmail developer calls it quits and pulls apps from Google Play

The developer of the open source email client FairEmail pulled all of his applications from Google Play and announced that he would stop development. FairEmail was a popular email client for Google's […]

Thunderbird 102: support for multiple active spell checking dictionaries

The open source email client Thunderbird will soon support multiple active spell checking dictionaries. Planned for Thunderbird 102, the feature enables users to have Thunderbird check for spelling mistakes using multiple dictionaries […]

Skiff Mail is a new end-to-end encrypted email service, but should you use it?

Skiff Mail has been launched to the public, it is a new end-to-end encrypted email service provider. The company says that it focuses on protecting the privacy of its users. The service […]

`Good News: non-business legacy Google G Suite customers may keep their accounts after all

Google revealed plans to shut down the G Suite legacy free edition in January 2022. The company gave customers only two options at the time: sign-up for a paid plan to continue […]

Vector Graphics Editor Inkscape 1.2 is now available

Inkscape is an open source cross-platform vector graphics editor. Inkscape 1.2, released on May 16, 2022, is the first major release of 2022. It includes a large number of changes, including multi-page […]

Ghacks Deals: The Coding From Scratch Bootcamp Bundle

The Coding From Scratch Bootcamp Bundle includes four courses that teach you Python, Java, Tailwind CSS and Sass. Access to the courses is set to lifetime, and the entire bundle is available […]

Apple's new rule allows app subscriptions to be auto-renewed at higher prices without informing the user

Apple's new App Store rule may not be welcome amongst users. The company has decided to allow app subscriptions to be auto-renewed without requesting the user's permission. There are many apps that […]

Trackers may collect data that you type even before hitting submit

Many websites come with web forms, for example, to sign-in to an account, create a new account, leave a public comment or contact the website owner. What most Internet users may not […]


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