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How to enable the new iOS 17 Contact Widget

With the release of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a convenient feature that allows users to enable dedicated Call and Message buttons for an iOS 17 Contact Widget on their home screen. […]

Adobe Firefly alternatives that are just as good

When it comes to AI image generation and editing, Adobe Firefly has gained significant attention. However, for those looking for alternatives to Firefly without the need for an Adobe account or seeking […]

Meta adds WhatsApp Channels for creators and organizations

Meta continues to improve WhatsApp with different features. Today, the company rolled out WhatsApp Channels, a broadcast-based messaging feature that will make the app a "private broadcast messaging product." Channels communications will […]

Mac Game Mode in Sonoma: Revolutionizing the Mac gaming experience

Mac users have long cherished their systems for their exceptional performance in creative endeavors and productivity. However, when it comes to gaming, Macs have often fallen short due to limited native game […]

Best Midjourney prompts you can use (2023)

Midjourney is an AI-powered art generator that can generate breathtaking visuals from basic written descriptions known as prompts. But how can you create the most effective suggestions for your project? In this […]

What do camels eat in Minecraft: Full guide

One of the most popular games in the world right now, Minecraft holds a huge audience in its hands, and more people want to learn more about it by reading guides, news, […]

Report: Amazon considering adding Ads to Prime Video

Amazon is considering integrating advertisement into its Prime Video service, according to a Wallstreet Journal report. Amazon might introduce a new ad-powered tier to Prime Video or introduce advertisement to the current […]

How to fix PS4 error NP-34958-9: Explained

You may have experienced various problem codes while playing games, getting updates, or connecting to the internet if you possess a PlayStation 4. These error codes can be disturbing and mysterious, especially […]

We take a closer look at the Desktop Widgets in macOS 14 Sonoma

macOS 14 Sonoma has been out for a couple of days. One of the highlights in the new operating system, are Desktop Widgets. How to add desktop widgets in macOS 14 Sonoma […]

You can now access Bing Chat in Vivaldi 6.1

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 6.1, a new stable version of the company's Chromium-based web browser, to the public. Vivaldi is a highly customizable web browser, probably the most customizable browser with […]

Vivaldi Web Browser Review

The first stable version of Vivaldi, a new web browser by Vivaldi Technologies, was released on April 6, 2016 to the public. The web browser, launched by Opera co-founder John von Tetzchner's […]

SEC seeks freeze on Binance.US assets amid claims

In a bold regulatory move, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has initiated steps to freeze the assets of Binance.US amid allegations of securities law violations. On 5th June, the SEC […]

Is your Discord not working? Here is how to fix it!

If you find yourself facing the frustrating problem of Discord not working, being stuck on a loading screen, or simply not functioning, you're not alone. Discord, the popular communication platform cherished by […]

Honkai: Star Rail codes (June 2023)

Make sure to redeem the new Honkai: Star Rail codes. Exciting news awaits as we unveil the latest batch of redeemable codes for June 2023. Don't miss out on this opportunity to […]

Maximize your reach with TikTok Exolyt

To effectively grow your TikTok profile, it is crucial to analyze its performance and constantly improve your content. That's where TikTok Exolyt, a game-changing analytical platform tailored for TikTok users and agencies, […]

Here are the new iOS 17 wallpapers

Apple recently announced its new devices, updates, and new technologies at the WWDC 2023 event. One of the announcements revealed the new iOS 17 features, design, and more. Apple has also shared […]

Your Diablo 4 death goes Hollywood: Let Megan Fox eulogize your journey

The enthusiasts recently started enjoying Diablo 4, and even if you are the best player in the world, you will still die at some point. There is no other way, and it […]

Street Fighter 6 Frame Data system explained

Frame data, a crucial element in Street Fighter 6's training mode, has emerged as a valuable asset for players aiming to elevate their combat prowess. Capcom, the game's developer, has introduced Street […]

Steam auth timeout Rust: How to fix it

If you're a Rust player, you may have seen an error message that said "Disconnected: Steam Auth Timeout" when attempting to join a server. This issue indicates that your game was unable […]

Google patches exploited security issue in Chrome: update asap

Google has released an update for Chromium and Google Chrome that addresses a security issue in the web browser that is exploited in the wild. Exploited in the wild means that Google […]



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