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Why digital gaming is here to stay

It’s truly not an easy choice when it comes to choosing which video games are the best ones for you. With an overwhelming amount of titles to discover, the Eneba marketplace comes […]

Is Anyone using Microsoft Edge's Collections feature?

Collections, a way to save content in Edge, is one of the features that distinguishes Microsoft Edge from Google Chrome, its main competitor. Collections work similarly to bookmarks, as the feature's main […]

Windows Defender is reportedly affecting the performance of Intel CPUs, but there's a fix

Kevin Glynn, the developer of popular tools like ThrottleStop and RealTemp has discovered a bug in Windows Defender that was causing it to consume more system resources than was required. He has […]

Ghacks Deals: The Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle

The Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle includes nine different eLearning courses that teach you programming languages and skills, such as C#, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML and PHP […]

Firefox 102: new ESR base and improved security

Firefox 102 and Firefox 102 ESR will be released later today. The new version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser improves security, picture-in-picture mode, and is the new base for the Extended Support […]

Opinion: Cheaper Media Streaming tiers support by advertisement is a good development

A new streaming service is launched every other month it seems. With more and more streaming services competing for customers, it is not only the customers that need to adjust to the […]

Waterfox G5 will be based on Firefox ESR 102; users will be upgraded from G4 automatically

Alex Kontos, the developer of Waterfox, has announced that the browser is being migrated to Firefox ESR 102. The current version of the popular application, Waterfox G4, is based on Firefox ESR […]

New Windows Phishing Method gives attackers access to cookies and more

The rise of two-factor authentication added a new layer of security to the authentication process on the Internet. Attacks designed to steal user credentials are still common, but many fall short because […]

Bypass Windows 11 Microsoft Account requirement and deny privacy questions during setup with Rufus

Rufus is an open source application that allows you to create bootable USB media. It is widely used to create bootable Windows 11 or Linux media for installation. The latest version of […]


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