legal illegal eu piracy

A piracy study that the EU commissioned in 2013 has been kept hidden for years, likely because it did not find statistical proven evidence that piracy impacts legitimate purchases. Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU resurfaced only recently, and has been published online so that it is accessible by anyone. You can […]

java 9

Oracle has just released Java 9, the new version and latest update to the Java platform, featuring improvements across the board. The new release includes a long list of improvements and changes like modularization support, better performance, support for new standards and more. Oracle classifies Java 9 as a major release. The release notes highlight […]

bundesfighter ii turbo

Bundesfighter II Turbo is a free Street Fighter II Turbo clone for Windows and Mac in which you play one of six major candidates of the upcoming German election. The game features a classic 16-bit soundtrack and design, and runs without installation on Windows. You need to insert a coin with a tap on the […]

thunderbird install enigmail

Emails are by default just like postcards. That's good on the one hand, as it ensures that sender and recipient can read the email messages without issues. It means however as well that anyone or anything that is in the delivery chain may read those emails as well. This is done by some email providers […]

The Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle preps you for seven Microsoft SQL Server courses (from Microsoft 70-461 to Microsoft 70-46). While the main goal of each course is to prep you to ace the exam, it is by no means a requirement to take the exams. If you work with Microsoft SQL server already, are […]

greasemonkey 4

The developers of the popular userscript extension Greasemonkey for Firefox have announced Greasemonkey 4, a new version of the browser extension. Greasemonkey 4 will be compatible with Firefox 57 as it will be released as a WebExtension. Mozilla plans to drop support for the legacy add-on system of Firefox when Firefox 57 Stable is released. […]

ccleaner 2nd payload

A new report by Cisco's Talos Group suggests that the CCleaner hack was more sophisticated than initially thought. The researchers found evidence of a second payload during their analysis of the malware which targeted very specific groups based on domains. On September 18, 2017 Piriform reported that the company's infrastructure distributed a malicious version of […]

ccleaner 5.35 digital signature

Piriform, the company behind the highly successful Windows cleaning software CCleaner, released version 5.35 of the application on September 20th, 2017. The new version was signed with a brand new digital signature, the only change of the release. The company's infrastructure was attacked successfully recently, and a modified signed version of CCleaner was distributed for […]

firefox offline storage

The Firefox web browser like any other modern web browsers uses IndexedDB to store persistent data that is associated with the browsing profile. A report on German computer magazine Heise suggests that Firefox's handling of the storage may impact user privacy on the Internet. Websites may store IndexedDB data when a user connects to the […]

vivaldi downloads panel

Vivaldi Technologies AS released Vivaldi 1.12, a new version of the company's web browser, to the public on September 20, 2017. Vivaldi 1.12 ships with three new features that improve the usability of the browser, and add functionality to it. The new version is already available via the browser's automatic update functionality, and also on […]


Linux Mint Project Leader Clement Lefebvre, otherwise known as “Clem” released a blog post on Sept. 18, giving some information about the upcoming release of Linux Mint 18.3, dubbed “Sylvia.” In his blog post Lefebvre gave some ideas to some of the pieces of software and changes that will be coming, such as the inclusion […]

Sticky Password is a feature rich password management service and software that is available as a free and premium version. The password manager supports all the things you'd expect it to including auto filling of passwords, password management, form filling, cloud syncing but also features such as local wi-fi syncing or biometrics support that others […]

chrome extension crypto miner

Google's automatic verification system for Chrome extension uploads to the official Chrome Web Store is a wreck; less than a day after the Steam Inventory Helper incident, another Chrome extension was found to abuse user trust by using user systems for crypto currency mining. The most recent version of Steam Inventory Helper transfers any page […]

steam inventory helper

A recent update for the popular Google Chrome extension Steam Inventory Helper added a monitoring component to the extension that monitors the browsing activity. Steam Inventory Helper is a popular Chrome extension for the gaming platform Steam that improves inventory management, trading, buying, and selling. It is particularly popular with CounterStrike Global Offensive players, but […]


You may use the free OneShot for Windows program to annotate images, for instance by adding text or arrow icons to them. If you use a screenshot tool like SnagIt or one of the free screenshot taking alternatives, you may have access to annotation and image editing tools already. The same is true if you […]

locale emulator

Locale Emulator is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to run programs in a locale other than the default locale of the operating system. Designed specifically for playing computer games that require a specific locale, it can be used to run any program -- be it game or application -- as if […]

Piriform, makers of the popular file cleaner CCleaner, confirmed on Monday 18th, 2017 that hackers managed to attack the company's computer network successfully. The hackers compromised two versions of the CCleaner in the attack which have been used by up to 3% of the company's user base. The affected versions are CCleaner 5.33.6162 and CCleaner […]