microsoft 365 f1

Microsoft unveiled the three Microsoft 365 solutions Microsoft 365 F1, Microsoft 365 Education and Microsoft 365 for Nonprofits today at the Ingite 2017 conference. The company launched Microsoft 365 back in July in two editions: Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Business. All three editions have in common that they are subscription-based services that provide […]

microsoft account sign in issue windows 8.1

Some Windows 8.1 users who have installed the September 2017 update KB4038792 report that  the installation broke Microsoft Account sign-ins on their devices. This issue is not the first that KB4038792 caused on machines running Windows 8.1. The connection during the update process was terminated for some users who tried to update the Windows 8.1 […]

cato chrome commands

Cato is a new browser extension for Google Chrome that adds a command interface to the browser to control Chrome with supported commands. The extension reminds me of Mozilla's Ubiquity project (which the organization dropped after a promising start). Cato's functionality is a lot lighter than the functionality that Ubiquity provided though; don't expect it […]

firefox import bookmarks passwords

When you run the Firefox web browser on a desktop system for the first time, you are prompted to import browsing data from other browsers. You may import bookmarks, passwords, and other data from browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it makes sense to do so if you used one of these […]

Manjaro logo

In a not very surprising move by the Manjaro Linux developers, a blog post was made by Philip, the Lead Developer of the popular distribution based off Arch Linux, On Sept. 23 that reveals that 32-bit support will be phased out. In his announcement, Philip says, “Due to the decreasing popularity of i686 among the […]

ccenhancer 4.5

CCEnhancer 4.5 is a new version of the popular Windows software that you may use to add hundreds of new definitions to CCleaner and other programs that support the format (the developer's own program System Ninja and Bleachbit support it as well). The program downloads the latest definition file and adds it to CCleaner automatically […]

color warlock

Color Warlock is a free portable program for Windows devices that you may use to create, share and use custom color charts. Color charts are quite useful when it comes to development; if you develop a new website for instance, you may use color charts for that purpose. Similarly, it may also be useful when […]

networkcounterswatch nirsoft

NetworkCountersWatch is a free program for Microsoft Windows by popular developer Nirsoft that displays system counters and information for each network interface of the device. The program comes with the usual Nirsoft software traits. It is tiny in size, and portable so that you may run it from any location on the system without installation. […]


DiskMax is a free program for Microsoft Windows that you may run on devices running Windows to clean the computer system. Computer users have two main reasons for wanting to clean old or temporary files from their devices. First, because it frees up disk space that they may use for other data, and second, because […]


Hashing is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows that you may use to generate hashes of files, and to compare these hashes. Hashes are used for a variety of operations, for instance by security software to identify malicious files, for encryption, and also to identify files in general. You may use hashes to […]

siteverify link verification

SiteVerify is a free program for Windows to scan links and images to find out whether they are broken or work correctly. The application is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows starting with Windows XP. It supports both client and server versions, and requires the Microsoft .Net Framework. You can run the program right […]

hosts file block bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining can be profitable, and that is likely the reason why we have seen desktop miners and now also browser miners being pushed on to user devices. The Piratebay experimented with running a Bitcoin miner instead of ads recently, and created quite the uproar as users started to notice that the new monetization method […]

legal illegal eu piracy

A piracy study that the EU commissioned in 2013 has been kept hidden for years, likely because it did not find statistical proven evidence that piracy impacts legitimate purchases. Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU resurfaced only recently, and has been published online so that it is accessible by anyone. You can […]

java 9

Oracle has just released Java 9, the new version and latest update to the Java platform, featuring improvements across the board. The new release includes a long list of improvements and changes like modularization support, better performance, support for new standards and more. Oracle classifies Java 9 as a major release. The release notes highlight […]

bundesfighter ii turbo

Bundesfighter II Turbo is a free Street Fighter II Turbo clone for Windows and Mac in which you play one of six major candidates of the upcoming German election. The game features a classic 16-bit soundtrack and design, and runs without installation on Windows. You need to insert a coin with a tap on the […]

thunderbird install enigmail

Emails are by default just like postcards. That's good on the one hand, as it ensures that sender and recipient can read the email messages without issues. It means however as well that anyone or anything that is in the delivery chain may read those emails as well. This is done by some email providers […]

The Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle preps you for seven Microsoft SQL Server courses (from Microsoft 70-461 to Microsoft 70-46). While the main goal of each course is to prep you to ace the exam, it is by no means a requirement to take the exams. If you work with Microsoft SQL server already, are […]

greasemonkey 4

The developers of the popular userscript extension Greasemonkey for Firefox have announced Greasemonkey 4, a new version of the browser extension. Greasemonkey 4 will be compatible with Firefox 57 as it will be released as a WebExtension. Mozilla plans to drop support for the legacy add-on system of Firefox when Firefox 57 Stable is released. […]