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GOM Mix Max: Is the new video editing software any good? (Read till the end for a special giveaway!)

As I anticipated a few days ago, GOM Mix Max's brand new video editing software has been launched on November 30th, 2021. Developed by GOM & Company, GOM Mix Max aims to […]

Microsoft is reintroducing options to set a default web browser on Windows 11

A recently released build to the Windows 11 Dev channel includes a much requested feature that Microsoft removed from the launch version of Windows 11: the ability to set a default web […]

Progressive Web Apps for Firefox Extension

Progressive Web Apps for Firefox is a browser extension for Mozilla's Firefox web browser and a command line utility to install, manage and use Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Firefox. Mozilla's Firefox […]

Get better control over Windows Updates with Get WSUS Content .NET

Get WSUS Content .NET is a free program for Windows that helps administrators gain more control over the updating process. It enables you to search for Windows updates, driver updates and other […]

Latest Ventoy includes VentoyPlugson, a GUI configuration tool

Ventoy 1.0.62, the latest version of the popular open source tool to create bootable USB devices using disk images such as ISO, includes a new tool called VentoyPlugson. VentoyPlugson gives Ventoy users […]

Xbox Insiders app displays a rating to indicate how games will perform on your computer

Can you run it? Gamers may recognize the phrase, it is the tag line of a popular benchmarking service that determines whether your computer can run a game or not. It's actually […]

0Patch has a patch for Windows "InstallerFileTakeOver" 0-day vulnerability, Microsoft has none

There is a 0-day vulnerability for Windows, called InstallerFileTakeOver, which Microsoft has yet to address. The vulnerability was discovered by Abdelhamid Naceri, a security researcher, who discovered two other 0-day vulnerabilities in […]

Users with a pirated version of Office are getting a discount offer for a Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft Office is probably one of the most pirated software, besides Windows, of course. If you have a pirated version of Office, but want to buy a legit license, you maybe interested […]




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