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Microsoft's next try at introducing Android Apps support in Windows 10

Microsoft is working on introducing support for Android apps on its Windows 10 operating system according to reports. While this needs to be filed under rumor for now, as Microsoft has not […]

meet now windows 10

What is Meet Now in Windows 10 and how to remove it

If you are running a recent version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system, you may have noticed the new Meet Now taskbar icon that the company added in October 2020. Microsoft plans […]

gog black friday sale 2020

Gog Black Friday Sale for games is on: here are 8 suggestions

All major game stores are running sales currently as part of Black Friday. Valve's Steam Autumn Sale is already underway, and so are sales on the Epic Games Store and Gog. The […]

QuickWayToFolders provides a unique way to access your desktop shortcuts and folders

QuickWayToFolders provides a unique way to access your desktop shortcuts and folders

Launchers and file managers are very useful programs that allow you to multi-task with ease. What if you could combine the features of both into one package? That is one way of […]

JPEG Lossless Rotator

JPEG Lossless Rotator is a simple tool that you can use to rotate images without losing the original quality

Do you take a lot of photos on your phone or camera? If so, you will know that some photos may not look perfect on every screen. Maybe you want to use […]

chrome extensions

How to hide the extension icon (jigsaw) in Google Chrome

An extension icon that looks like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle is displayed when you have at least one extension installed in Google Chrome. Google added the icon to the Chrome […]

adguard interface

Ghacks Black Friday Deal: AdGuard Lifetime Subscription

AdGuard is a content blocker that is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and as a browser extension for many popular browsers. The program runs in the background instead of just in […]

wizfile 3.00

WizFile 3.00: massive update for fast file search tool

The developer of the file search tool WizFile has released WizFile 3.00 to the public. The program was released in 2018 and you can check out our initial review of WizFile here and […]

firefox color changer midnight lizard

Change the color scheme of websites permanently with Midnight Lizard for Firefox

Midnight Lizard is a powerful extension for the Firefox web browser that you may use to change the color scheme of sites individually that you open in the Firefox browser. While it […]

Ghacks Black Week Deals: The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle

The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle includes six eLearning courses that take you from Excel beginner to professional, and improve already existing Excel skills. It includes a beginner to advanced course […]

steam autumn sale

Steam Autumn Sale 2020: here are 8 game suggestions

There are plenty of sales on Steam throughout the year, some smaller, some bigger. The Autumn Sale is a bigger sale as it runs from November 25 to December 1. As is […]

To Google Translate update removes the extension's toolbar button and pop-up panel from Firefox

To Google Translate update removes the extension's toolbar button and pop-up panel from Firefox

A couple of years ago, I began using a Google Translate extension called S3 Translator. It was removed from the add-ons repository multiple times though it was restored after further reviews. I […]


EmuOS: run retro games and apps right in your browser

If you experienced the late DOS days or early Windows days first hand and want to relive that, or experience it for the first time, then you may want to hop over […]

screenbright brightness windows 10

How to change the display brightness if Windows 10 does not let you

There are plenty of ways to change the display brightness of a Windows 10 PC. What if some of these are not available? I ran into the issue the other day on […]

Perpetual Notes table

Perpetual Notes is a rich text editor that supports images, hyperlinks, tables and more

Many text editors that we have reviewed focus on plain text support; others such as OSD Note or ZIM support Markdown or HTML. Perpetual Notes is a text editor that supports rich […]

enable vivaldi mail

Vivaldi Mail, Feed Reader and Calendar can now be tested

What a surprise. Vivaldi Technologies, maker of the highly customizable Vivaldi web browser, have released a first technical preview of the long awaited mail component. When we interviewed Vivaldi CEO Jon von […]

microsoft edge smart copy

You can now test Smart Copy in Microsoft Edge Canary

Smart Copy is a new feature of Microsoft's Edge web browser that is designed as an alternative to the regular copy functionality of the web browser. Smart Copy, in a nutshell, aims […]

Ghacks Black Week Deals: Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages)

Babble is a popular service when it comes to the learning of languages. The lifetime deal gives you access to all 14 languages that Babbel supports. These are: Spanish (Spain) German Italian […]