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Explained: What Is Dogecoin?

After Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo with the Dogecoin logo, the DOGE hype started again. Dogecoin was originally created as a joke, and its popularity grew rapidly due to its easy […]

Binance trading suspended: Why is Binance not working?

Binance trading suspended due to an "issue" in the engines. After the firm announced that Binance is not working, both Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped in value by 1% to $27,649 and 2% […]

Robinhood Wallet is finally available on App Store for iOS users with impressive features, but Android users must wait a little longer.

Your money just got a new BFF: Check this iOS app

One of the most awaited crypto apps, Robinhood Wallet, is now available to all iOS users. Robinhood Crypto posted an article on its blog page that includes information on the app's App […]

Genesis bankruptcy

Genesis, DCG's Crypto-Lending Subsidiary, Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Genesis Global Trading, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) court last Thursday night. The filing, which includes Genesis […]

FTX has reported a loss of $415 million worth of digital assets due to recent hacking incidents

FTX has reported a loss of $415 million worth of digital assets due to recent hacking incidents

The extent of the recent collapse of cryptocurrency central exchange FTX has become clearer recently with news coming out that hackers stole $415 million worth of crypto from FTX, which is just […]

Users claim that Norton 360 antivirus installs a crypto miner on PCs by default

Users claim that Norton 360 antivirus installs a crypto miner on PCs

Over the past month or so, we have seen a rise of bloatware added to Microsoft Edge. If you thought that was bad, wait till you hear this. Norton 360 is installing […]

Barbados to Become the First Nation With a Virtual Embassy in the Metaverse

Barbados to Become the First Nation With a Virtual Embassy in the Metaverse

Barbados has announced that they are extending their diplomacy to the virtual world of the metaverse. As the first nation to establish a virtual embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign […]

What are the top NFT coins

What are the top NFT coins? See our list here!

What are NFT coins? With the rapid growth and popularity of NFTs, there are many NFT coins available on the market. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) provide you ownership of any digital artwork, music, […]

What is Big Time NFT game, and why is it so popular

What is Big Time NFT game, and why is it so popular?

Big Time NFT game has become popular amongst NFT sellers and buyers. So, what’s the big deal? Big Time is a multiplayer RPG game where players can join teams, level up their […]

Experimenting the NFT Game – Global brands and the Metaverse Case Study: Crypto Collectibles

What are Crypto Collectibles? Coin collectors say "A coin is not worth anything unless it is rare". Rareness means low production: not a lot of people can collect it. Suppose we could […]

infrastructure bill signed by President Biden

What crypto investors should know about the infrastructure bill signed by President Biden

Global Crypto Market Cap Falls 7% in the Past 24 Hours As you all know, there has been a lot of uncertainty over the past few months about the cryptocurrency industry. The […]

CryptoGamification What It Is, How It Works And Why It Is So Big

CryptoGamification: What it is, how it works, and how it’s disrupting the gaming industry

The terms NFT and Buy NFT: Google Searches have reached new peaks in the mainstream media. The conversation around NFTs and buying NFTs is becoming more mainstream, and Google searches have reached […]

Where to buy NFTs

Where to buy NFTs? Here are the top marketplaces

NFts are digital assets that act as secure proof for ownership of an item or items in a collection stored on specific blockchain ledgers. An NFT is a non-fungible token that cannot […]

Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade

Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade Enhances Privacy and Security

Bitcoin activated the “Taproot” code upgrade yesterday, November 14, enhancing transactions’ security and privacy. This ensures that transactions occur more efficiently, lower fees, and any-amount transactions will be more secure. Many anticipated […]

cryptocurrency mining chrome

Google bans Chrome cryptocurrency mining extensions

James Wagner, Google Chrome Extensions Platform Product Manager, announced yesterday that Google decided to ban cryptocurrency mining extensions in the company's Chrome Web Store. Cryptocurrency mining in the browser context is a […]

cryptojacking test

Test your web browser's cryptojacking protection

Cryptojacking is a relatively new threat on the Internet. It refers to websites abusing computing resources of visitors to mine cryptocurrency. Internet users notice that something is wrong when the computer they […]

hosts file block bitcoin mining

How to block Bitcoin Mining in your browser

Bitcoin mining can be profitable, and that is likely the reason why we have seen desktop miners and now also browser miners being pushed on to user devices. The Piratebay experimented with […]

greenbits bitcoin wallet

GreenBits for Android: get your own Bitcoin address

GreenBits is a Bitcoin Wallet application for the Android operating system that provides you with your own Bitcoin address, and sending and receiving functionality. More and more online shops and services accept […]


Where can you buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto-currency currently, which can not only be attributed to the press coverage it gets, but also to the exchange rate it is currently traded in. A single […]



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