File Sharing

File sharing programs assist with sending documents and media to others while retaining security. There are various offline and online options, and we’ll review which ones you should take a look at while providing some guidelines on using them.

qbittorrent 4.5

Bittorrent Client qBittorrent v4.5.0 released

A new major version of the BitTorrent client qBittorrent has been released. The new release, qBittorrent v4.5.0, comes with a huge number of improvements and fixes. Windows users need to be aware […]

The Top 10 requested OneDrive features

Microsoft's OneDrive file syncing and hosting service is built-into the Windows operating system. It is available on many platforms and anyone may sign-up for it to use it. The service and its […]

onedrive fetch files

Microsoft retires OneDrive's Fetch Files feature

Microsoft plans to remove the Fetch Files feature from its OneDrive desktop client at the end of July 2020. The feature allows OneDrive users to transfer files directly from another computer linked […]

transmission 3.00

Torrent client Transmission 3.00 is out

Developers of the open source cross-platform BitTorrent client Transmission have released Transmission 3.00 this week. The new major version of the program introduces several new features and improvements, as well as fixes […]

qbittorrent 4.1.7

Bittorrent Client qBittorrent 4.1.7 is out

The developers of the open source Bittorrent client qBittorrent have released version 4.1.7 to the public on August 4, 2019. The new release is mostly a bugfix release but it introduces new […]

utorrent web

uTorrent Web First Look

uTorrent Web is a web-based client of the still-popular uTorrent BitTorrent application. The developers of uTorrent announced plans to release a web-based version of uTorrent in early 2017. Note: uTorrent Web is […]

onedrive update webui

Ignite 2017: big list of OneDrive changes announced

Microsoft announced a big list of changes that it plans to launch to the company's file synchronization and storage service OneDrive. The upcoming improvements were revealed during the 2017 Microsoft Ignite conference. […]

utorrent game store

Latest uTorrent comes with a Game Store

Users of the popular BitTorrent software uTorrent who have updated the client to the latest release version may have spotted the new Game Store entry on start already. Game Store is an […]

utorrent resume session

What you can do when uTorrent loses all torrent information

I started some torrent downloads late last night and knew that they would not complete before bed time. That's usually not a problem as uTorrent, my torrent client of choice, restores the […]


BitTorrent adds Bundle to uTorrent, launches Android app updates

BitTorrent just announced a massive update to several of the company's core products. On the application side of things, both the uTorrent and BitTorrent application have received updates. Both apps feature a […]

academic torrents

Academic Torrents makes datasets and papers available via BitTorrent

Sharing data is often not as easy as it sounds. While it is usually not a problem to make available smaller data sets to a group of people or the public, it […]


Droplr drops free accounts: some alternatives

Droplr is a cloud-based service that allows you to share files and screenshots with other users for free or with additional features and less restrictions as a premium user As a free […]

piratebay new domain

Pirate Bay plans to move to software-based solution to make domains irrelevant

I stopped counting the domain changes of the Pirate Bay website after the first two or three. It seems that the website and its contents are on the move every half year […]


New PeerBlock Beta released after more than two years without updates

PeerBlock is a free software for Windows that aims to block connections to select servers on the Internet by default to improve a user's privacy and security. It is a list-based software […]

utorrent codec information

Use uTorrent to look up which codecs you need while downloading media torrents

When you download video or audio files using a BitTorrent application, you get to see some information while you are downloading. This includes all files included in the download for example, which […]

utorrent auto shutdown

How to shutdown uTorrent or your PC automatically when downloads complete

Depending on how you use uTorrent, especially how much you download with it, you may have encountered situations where you had to leave the PC while downloads were not completed yet. Maybe […]

bot revolt free

Bot Revolt is a Peer Guardian and Block alternative for Windows

The idea behind Peer Guardian was to block known bad or insecure IP connections automatically on computer systems. It shipped with various lists, a P2P list for example, that you could use […]

utorrent installation directory

How to install uTorrent into a custom directory

The uTorrent Bittorrent client is without doubt one of the most popular torrent download programs available on the Internet in these days. It is regularly updated and still relatively lightweight, even though […]

utorrent setup version

How to get rid of all ads and toolbars in µTorrent

The µTorrent BitTorrent client is without doubt one of the most popular of its kind. Much of it comes from the fact that it works more or less out of the box, […]

torrentrover desktop torrentsearch

TorrentRover: Desktop Torrent search engine

You have quite a few options when it comes to finding torrent files. You can use a public or private torrent indexing site, use a meta search engine instead, a plain search […]

you are using firefox which doesnt support direct torrent downloads screenshot

Pirate Bay advertising Torch browser. Should you download it?

Whenever I need to download a couple of - legit - torrents for a review, I head over to the Pirate Bay website to find movie trailers that I can download to […]

soshare bittorrent file sharing screenshot

Bittorrent SoShare: web powered file sharing

When it comes to sharing files with other users over the Internet, you have a couple of options at your disposal. One of the most popular ones, using file hosting services uploads […]

bittorent extension chrome

Download torrents with Bittorrent Surf for Chrome

Are you downloading torrent files to your computer? If you do, what program or service are you using to do so? Are you using a desktop client like uTorrent or qBittorrent or […]

utorrent move torrent

Move half-finished Bittorrent Downloads to another drive

When you are running low on disk space while downloading files using the Bittorrent protocol and applications like uTorrent or qBittorrent, you may sometimes need to make room for downloads or other […]

torrent import

How to import partial torrent downloads into another application

Recent uTorrent developments have caused some concern in part of the Bittorrent client's userbase. An increase in advertisement, in form of toolbar and other third party offers during installation and updates of […]

utorrent in-client ads

uTorrent 3.2.2 update brings in-content ads

Bittorrent Inc., the company behind the popular torrent client uTorrent, announced in August 2012 that it would add in-content advertisement to the software program. Today's uTorrent 3.2.2 update brings those in-content advertisements […]

the pirate bay

Piratebay decentralizes its infrastructure further

The Pirate Bay has been under attack ever since its rise to become one of the largest torrent indexing services this world has to offer. The site was raided once and it […]

utorrent 3.3 alpha

uTorrent 3.3 alpha randomizes Peer-ID during sessions

It is almost certain that public - and likely private - Bittorrent traffic is monitored to a great extent by companies that specialize in these kind of operations. Information such as IP […]


Jumpshare: file sharing with online viewing launched

The file sharing service Jumpshare is the new pet project of Addictive Tips founder Ghaus Iftikhar. Some of you might say that it is probably not the best time to create a […]


TorrentGuard research: 20 publishers responsible for 90% of fake torrents

One of the issues that Bittorrent users have to cope with regularly are fake torrents that are uploaded to popular Bittorrent websites like the Pirate Bay by malicious users to distribute malware […]

download torrents online downloads torrents for you, lets you stream or download afterwards

If you can't run a Bittorrent application on your local computer system, either because you are not allowed to install any software on it, or maybe because your Internet Service Provider is […]

tixati bittorrent client

Tixati Bittorrent client review

Tixati is a Bittorrent client - a program to download torrents - for the Windows operating system and Linux. Its no spyware and adware, and no nonsense guarantee makes it interesting for […]

Bittorrent paddles back, makes uTorrent in-content ads optional

Good news for users of the popular Bittorrent client uTorrent who did not like the decision to add in-content advertisement to the program. The initial plan of the company was to add […]

uTorrent to get in-client advertisement

I have been using uTorrent ever since I discovered that tiny lightweight client years ago. I stuck with the program even after it had been bought by Bittorrent Inc, or when the […]

onehash bittorrent

Bittorrent launches OneHash: torrent web streaming

Remember Bittorrent Torque? The technology moves Bittorrent technology into the browser so that web developers can use the benefits of Bittorrent in their web applications.  Back then a handful of demo apps […] torrent download

The Internet Archive adds over 1 million torrents to the site

The Internet Archive over at is a non-profit that is building a digital library of Internet sites, accessible via the Wayback Machine, and other forms of culture in digital form. It […]

what is a torrent file

So what is a torrent exactly?

After having received numerous emails in the past that asked me to explain what a torrent is, I finally decided to write this little guide to help everyone who wants to know […]

utorrent search

How to add search providers to uTorrent's torrent search

Despite the route that uTorrent has been taken in the last year or so, it is still one of the most popular Bittorrent clients on today's Internet. When you look at the […]

dropbox allow members to invite other people

Dropbox Sharing: Now with turn off option

Dropbox is one of the most popular file synchronization and cloud hosting services on today's Internet. It is probably the most popular of  the services that is not backed by a multi-billion […]

bittorrent torque

BitTorrent Torque, JavaScript Interface to a torrent client

BitTorrent is without doubt the most popular file sharing solution on today's Internet. While other file sharing solutions like Napster, Kazaa, Gnutella or eDonkey were either sued into oblivion, discontinued or turned […]



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