File Sharing

File sharing programs assist with sending documents and media to others while retaining security. There are various offline and online options, and we’ll review which ones you should take a look at while providing some guidelines on using them.

uTorrent Error: Access is Denied Windows 7

I switched to Windows 7 earlier today and have started to install most of the computer programs that I work regularly with. One of the programs is the Bittorrent client uTorrent which […]

The Piratebay Might Disappear But Their Torrents Stay

If you are one of the Piratebay users who fear that the popular torrent website is going downhill after their acquirement a while ago you might appreciate what one Piratebay user did. […]

How To Make uTorrent Portable

Using a portable version of uTorrent can be beneficial or even required in several situations. It is for example easier to put a portable version of the Bittorrent client on a removable […]

The Piratebay To Introduce Paid Subscriptions

The recent sale of the popular torrent hosting website The Piratebay to Swedish company Global Gaming Factory was a surprise to the userbase of the website. Many feared that this change of […]

The Piratebay Sold To Swedish Software Company

We had to check the date on the story that was posted on Techcrunch this morning which stated that the Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X bought The Piratebay for 60 […]

American Prince Movie Released On Bittorrent

Not a lot of movies are released exclusive to Bittorrent. The American Prince is the latest movie, or shall we call it documentary, that is exclusively distributed this way. What probably makes […]

uTorrent 1.8.2 Final

A new version of the popular Bittorrent client uTorrent has been released yesterday evening; the release has been classified as final which means that it should be safe to upgrade uTorrent to […]

Pirate Bay Trial Judge Biased?

News portals and sites on the Internet have reported in length about the trial against the founders of the online Torrent portal and tracker The Pirate Bay. Several of the charges brought […]


uTorrent Port Checker Online

uTorrent Port Checker is a free online service that allows you to check whether ports are open on your computer for use by the BitTorrent software. Port forwarding is not something that […]

P2P: The Owner Free File System

OFF-System, which stands for Owner Free File System, is a distributed system which uses peer to peer technology for distributing files. Peer to peer networks are often associated with the dark side […]

Downloading Torrents with Transmission

Torrents are a regular part of a geeks life. Whether it is downloading ISO images, your favorite non-licensed anime, or large-scale backups, torrents are a simple way to manage massive downloads. But […]

Is Your Favorite Game the Most Pirated Game of the Year?

Piracy in gaming is huge. The earliest form of illegal practices in computer gaming I can remember is a person buying a game and giving it to a friend to copy in […]

Joe Biden: Piracy's New Enemy

Now that the US elections are over and the results are out, it’s worthwhile looking at how the winners fare with technology. Everyone knows that Barack Obama actively used the Internet while […]

Torrentvalley is No More

Ever so often, the people in charge try to get tough with those who break the law. Sometimes, the ‘bad guys’ get away but more often than not, they get caught. And […]


FrostWire, free and fast Gnutella

LimeWire is a popular P2P client which uses the Gnutella network. Unfortunately, it limits the amount of ultrapeers to whom connections can be made, in effect reducing the amount of search results […]

The Big Guys get it Wrong Once Again, Prosecute Innocent People

Ever since the RIAA and other big guns decided to pull up people for illegal file-sharing of copyrighted material, the news has been full of cases involving these crimes. From individuals to […]

Faroo P2P Web Search

The idea of Faroo is simple. Faroo uses P2P technology to crawl the World Wide Web instead of using an infrastructure with thousands of servers and worldwide datacenters. If you think about […]

PeerGuardian Error Contacting URL

PeerGuardian is an IP (Internet Protocol) blocker for Windows which is highly popular in the file sharing community but also with security and privacy interested users. The software works by providing access […]

A New Vulnerability Discovered in μTorrent

As far as file-sharing protocols go, BitTorrent has emerged as one of the leading P2P technologies being used. μTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent apps around, largely because of its […]

Simple Torrent Searching with Speckly

With all the new fangled torrent search engines available out there, it's easy for new users to BitTorrent to get confused. After all, learning how the software works can be hard enough […]

you are sharing files

You Are Sharing Files

I just send a letter to your ISP telling them that you are sharing files. I did not have to prove my claims because I'm in high standing. Your Internet Service Provider […]

EZTV Allows BitTorrent Streaming

Ever since BitTorrent first appeared on the scene, it has become one of the most popular file-sharing methods around. BitTorrent is fast because each file is split into very small chunks and […]


Azureus is no more

Back in 2007 the team that developed the popular Java Bittorrent client Azureus created the content distribution plattform Vuze and integrated it into Azureus. Today, after more than a year, to consolidate […]

Why some ISPs turn against their own customers

With the recent announcement that Britain's largest cable Internet Service Provider Virgin Media will start warning its customers, or better the part they suspect to download files without having the proper rights […]

Fight Piracy by silencing part of a movie ?

Paramount apparently decided that it would be a great idea to deter and track piracy by silencing random parts of the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This […]

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Can you please hand over all electronic devices that you carry with you, Sir? I need to check them thoroughly for copyright infringing material, terrorist activity and pornography. Is that a video […]

p2p transfer

Send Torrents and hashes from multiple computers to one Server

A friend of mine has created his own huge home network with several computers throughout the house. Some act as servers, for example file servers and one of them is being used […]

isp blocking bittorrent

Test if your ISP is throttling Bittorrent Traffic

Do you suspect your ISP to be throttling Bittorrent traffic ? That the ISP is shaping traffic which reduces your upload and download bandwidth when using the Bittorrent network ? Want proof […]

bitcomet lite

Bitcomet Lite

Explaining Bittorrent to users with little technical understanding can be a time consuming task. You might be up for it if friends or family members are concerned, but what if you distribute […]

imageshack torrent downloads

Imageshack introduces Torrent Downloads

Imageshack is widely known as a media hosting website offering free and subscription based accounts to upload and share images, videos and other files. In a somewhat surprising move they announced that […]

private bittorrent registration checker

Privat Bittorrent Sites Open Registration Reminder

Private Bittorrent Sites are the Holy Grail of the Bittorrent scene. While some are invite only others close their doors for new registrations when they reach a certain member count and open […]

Bad ISPs sorted by Country

Your P2P experience can change drastically depending on the Internet Service Provider that you use to connect to the Internet. Some providers use technical measures to throttle the Bittorrent traffic of their […]

Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrent websites are much like Linux distributions, there are so many out there that it is easy to lose the track. Torrent search engines can be divided into two categories: Site search engines and meta search engines. Site search engines obviously only search the torrents that are hosted on one selected website while meta search engines crawl the databases of several torrent websites which often leads to better results.

transporter p2p

Private Encrypted File Sharing

I have been testing an application called Transporter P2P for the last few days which can be described as a elegant way to share files and chat with contacts using P2P connections. A main difference between Transporter P2P and Skype for instance is that the former is server independent which means more privacy and security. The setup on the other hand is a little bit complicated because of the serverless design.

Limit Upload and Download Bandwidth

Several applications that connect to the Internet have options to limit the upload and download bandwidth. This is excellent if you need bandwidth for other tasks as well, for instance if you want to watch Internet TV while downloading from P2P networks. But what can you do if an application that connects to the Internet does not have such an option, if it regularly uses all of your bandwidth and slows down other applications because of it ?

Stop Piracy by Kicking P2P Users off the Internet

The glorious idea to kick file sharers off the Internet, effectively banning them from accessing the Internet, seems to be in consideration in Australia in an effort to fight Internet piracy. It does not happen very often that I'm left totally speechless but this proposal succeeded. I really don't know how to reply to such an idiotic proposal.

How users are being tracked on P2P networks

Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible that users are tracked over months in P2P networks although their IP address is changing regularly ? We only hear reports about session based user identifications. Session based means that shared files of this session are analyzed and recorded opposed to tracking a user over months.

RIAA is becoming desperate

In a move that can only be described as desperate the RIAA, or better Cary Sherman, its President, suggested at the State of the Net Conference to bundle filters that check for copyrighted data with programs that would benefit the user such as antivirus applications to counter the problem with encryption that they are currently facing. He did not stop there though and suggested that the ISP would monitor, ehm, filter, the user as well through the likes of the modem for instance.

ISPs don't have to give up names in civil cases

The news that European Internet Service Providers did not have to give up names of customers to members of the Music Industry and other organizations in civil cases hit the Internet by storm. Everyone seemed to think that this was a major victory for consumer rights. It probably is in some countries but let me explain how this is easily circumvented, at least in Germany.

Pirate Coelho - a story about pirates and success

The business, RIAA, MAFIA, MPAA wants you to believe that putting content on the Internet is affecting sales of that content in a bad way, that companies sell less books, videos, movies, audio CDs because of pirates who download the media from the Internet. The funny thing is that more and more stories emerge that contradict this statement, one of these is the story about Pirate Coelho.



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