Microsoft Office

While Microsoft Office started with a few programs, it has a larger selection today with a cloud offering. Besides sharing news on the latest packages and prices, we’ll also review different apps, provide some tips, and compare them with others.

libreoffice 7.4

LibreOffice 7.4 launches with webp support and dark mode support for Windows

LibreOffice Community Edition is available now. The new version of the open source Office suite adds support for the formats webp, emz and wmz, extends the number of columns in spreadsheets, […]

microsoft office 2021 advertisement

Microsoft displays ads to some Office 2021 users

Buying Microsoft Office 2021 and not the subscription-based Microsoft 365, is a deliberate choice for many users. Some prefer to pay once for a product instead of having to pay each month […]

microsoft office microsoft 365 connectivity

Office may or may not work with Microsoft 365 after end of mainstream support

Microsoft has the habit of being very cautious when it comes to communication with the public and its customers. The company's communication is often unclear and open for interpretation. Whether intentional or […]

office macro security

Microsoft delays policy that blocks macros in Office documents from the Internet

Office macros are used by malicious actors to attack computer systems. The main use of macros is automation, to run a set of commands and actions without user interaction. The extensive capabilities […]

foxit pdf reader 12.0

Foxit PDF Reader 12.0 released

Foxit Software released Foxit PDF Reader 12.0 and Foxit PDF Editor 12.0, new major versions of two of the company's PDF flagship products. Foxit PDF Reader 12.0 is a free program to […]

office 2021 autosave save

Microsoft Office 2013 support ends on April 11, 2023

Microsoft Office 2013 will reach its end of servicing on April 11, 2023. The standalone Office suite won't receive security updates anymore after the end of support date. Customers who run Office […]

office 2021 autosave save

AutoSave, AutoRecover and manual saving in Office 2019 and 2021 explained

Microsoft Office applications support several options when it comes to the saving of documents. Users may save files manually, restore them using AutoRecover, or use the AutoSave feature to save them to […]

How to disable the Microsoft Office 2021 Start Screen

When you load a Microsoft Office 2021 application, its Start Screen is displayed by default. The Start Screen displays available templates and the last documents you worked with while using the application. […]

microsoft wants to turn office pirates into legitimate users by offering a steep discount

Users with a pirated version of Office are getting a discount offer for a Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft Office is probably one of the most pirated software, besides Windows, of course. If you have a pirated version of Office, but want to buy a legit license, you maybe interested […]

Office 2021 pricing revealed

Microsoft announced Office 2021, a new perpetual version of the company's Office suite, last month. Office 2021 will launch alongside the company's new Windows 11 operating system on October 5, 2021. A […]

Office 2021 office ltsc 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 will be released on October 5, 2021

Microsoft announced a new version of its Office product, Microsoft Office 2021, and a new Long-Term Servicing Channel version, Office LTSC 2021, earlier this year. The company revealed yesterday that Office LTSC […]

open document format 1.3 in Word

Microsoft is bringing support for the Open Document Format ODF 1.3 to Office

Currently in beta testing in the Microsoft Office Beta channel, Office customers will soon be able to use the Open Document Format ODF 1.3 in Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office saves documents in […]

microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and Office 365: new pricing for business and Enterprise customers

Microsoft announced plans to change the pricing of the company's subscription-based services Microsoft 365 and Office 365 this week. The pricing changes will go into effect on March 1, 2022 for business […]

libreoffice 7.2

Open Source Office Suite LibreOffice 7.2 is out

A new version of the open source Office suite LibreOffice has been released earlier today. LibreOffice 7.2 is available for all supported platforms; core improvements include better interoperability with Microsoft Office document […]

word text predictions

How to turn off Text Predictions in Word and Outlook

Microsoft announced the upcoming release of a text prediction service in Word and Outlook last year. Text predictions, as the name suggests, predict words and phrases users are likely to type, and […]

office 2021 professional

Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows and Mac will be released later this year

Microsoft revealed plans to release a new Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac devices today. Microsoft Office 2021 will be the successor of Office 2019, and […]

libreoffice 7.1 community

LibreOffice 7.1 Community released

The Document Foundation released LibreOffice 7.1 Community to the public on February 3, 2021. LibreOffice 7.1 Community is a free version of the Office suite that is designed for non-business users. The […]

libreoffice calc sum after selection

How to sum numbers in LibreOffice Calc automatically

LibreOffice Calc is a popular Microsoft Excel alternative that is part of LibreOffice. You can download LibreOffice for all major desktop operating systems and Calc will be installed alongside other modules automatically. […]

office search

Find text inside Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, RTF and plain-text files with Office Search

Office Search is a specialized open source search tool for Microsoft Windows devices that is designed to find text that you specify in Office and text documents. The program requires the Microsoft […]

disable telemetry office 365

Limit Office 365 Telemetry with this undocumented setting

Office 365, just like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products collect and submit telemetry data to Microsoft servers by default. Only a few options to limit data collection are provided […]

office 2010 security patches

0Patch promises to provide security updates for out-of-support Office 2010

Support for Microsoft Office 2010 ended in October 2020. Microsoft released a last batch of security updates for Office 2010 on the October 13, 2020 Patch Day before it changed the status […]

office links installed windows 10

Office Web Apps advertisement on Windows 10 PCs

If you run a recent Windows 10 PC, you may have noticed new listings for Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, or Word in the Start Menu or the list of installed programs, even if […]

Microsoft plans to release a standalone version of Microsoft Office next year

Microsoft released Office 2019 two years ago on September 24, 2018. The new version of Office was released exclusively for Windows 10 and Mac OS X and included a number of fundamental […]

office untrusted document application guard

Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office explained

Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office is a new security feature designed to load untrusted Office documents, e.g. an Excel spreadsheet downloaded from the Internet, in an isolated environment to keep the […]

excel spreadsheet jump to last row with data

How to jump to the last row with data in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets

Tools like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or Google Spreadsheets are widely used both in the business world and also at home. If you work with large tables regularly, you may wonder if […]

Microsoft Word supports Sentence-Level writing suggestions now

Microsoft 365 or  Office 365 customers who do use Word may now use a new feature in Microsoft Word that provides sentence-level writing suggestions. Microsoft announced the introduction of Rewrite suggestions at […]

Make the most of your 365 image

Goodbye Office 365! Hello Microsoft 365!

The writing was on the wall for quite some time; Microsoft finally made the announcement that it has launched the new subscription service Microsoft 365 and that it will migrate Office 365 […]

microsoft office android

A Look at Microsoft's new Office app for Android

Microsoft published its new Office application for Android and iOS on February 19, 2020 designed to improve the Office experience on mobile devices. The new Office application was in preview for a couple […]

explorer show file extensions

Extract images and other content from Office documents with this simple trick

Here is a quick tip to extract images and other content from Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice documents among others. While it is possible to save images embedded in Office documents in […]

How long will Microsoft continue to support desktop versions of Office?

The latest version of Microsoft Office for the desktop is Office 2019; the company released Office 2019 in September 2018 and made it a Windows 10 exclusive which means that it supports […]

word save thumbnail file icon

How to use the first page as the icon for Microsoft Office documents

Microsoft Office documents that you save on your computer or device use the same generic icon by default. The only distinguishing factors are the filename and the location of the document because […]

office online name change

Microsoft renames Office Online to Office

Microsoft announced yesterday that it decided to rename Office Online, a suite of Office applications on the Web, to just Office. Applications such as Word Online or Excel Online will be called […]

office kb4462238 2016 issue

Microsoft releases buggy Office 2016 Patch KB4462238

Microsoft released non-security updates for Microsoft installed-based versions of Microsoft's Office suite on May 7, 2019. These updates address and fix issues in supported versions of Office but sometimes, they introduce issues […]

f8 microsoft word copy

Use F8 in Microsoft Word to select text quickly

Most Microsoft Word users use the mouse when it comes to text selection, probably. It is easy enough to make fine-grained text selections or quick selections using the mouse only. A double-click […]

just office 2019

Microsoft: Don't buy Office 2019

It is rare that a company advises its customers to avoid a product that they produce. It sounds like a bad business decision, but that is exactly what Microsoft attempts to do […]

office 2010 updates january 2019

Microsoft releases Office January 2019 non-security updates

Microsoft released the first batch of updates for Microsoft Office in 2019; the January 2019 non-security updates for Microsoft Office are available as direct downloads from the Microsoft Download Center and Microsoft […]

microsoft 365 consumer

Surprise! Microsoft plans to make Microsoft 365 available to consumers

Job postings on Microsoft's Career website suggest that the company is planning to release a consumer version of Microsoft 365 in the future. Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based software and service bundle […]

word merge documents

How to merge multiple Word documents

You have multiple options if you have multiple Microsoft Word documents and want to merge them. While you could use copy and paste multiple times to create a new document using the […]

microsoft office 2010 pulled updates

Office, too? Microsoft pulls Office patches

Microsoft has had a very bad streak in regards to updates for the company's flagship products Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. After the October 2018 Update fiasco -- the company had to […]

office updates november 2018

Microsoft releases Office November 2018 non-security updates

Microsoft released a batch of non-security updates for Microsoft Office yesterday. The company selected the first Tuesday of the month to release non-security patches for Microsoft Office. The updates apply to .msi-based […]



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