The Facebook company is one of the top social networking companies worldwide with a massive following. This area highlights headlines causing a stir in the media, revealing any news or upcoming features that may affect or improve your experience.

Meta rolls out end-to-end encryption in Messenger

This week, Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta announced the rollout of end-to-end encryption for personal conversations in Messenger. Meta's two main goals were to ensure that private conversations in Messenger are […]

How to try Meta's AI image generator Imagine right now

Facebook and Instagram parent Meta just launched Imagine, an AI image generator. While Meta is a bit late to the party, as there are plenty of free and paid services available already, […]

Facebook is now showing subscribe or continue with ads prompts to EU users

If you are accessing Facebook from the European Union, Switzerland or the European Economic Area, you may see a prompt that asks you to make a choice. Want to subscribe or continue […]

@highlight Facebook

Facebook releases a Twitter-like feature

Facebook's constant efforts to enhance user engagement have led to the introduction of various new features. One such feature is @highlight Facebook, which enables users to draw attention to a particular post […]

Meta's ad-free Facebook and Instagram subscription launches in November

Facebook and Instagram users from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland may subscribe to an ad-free experience from November 2023 on. Read on to find out why it is […]

whatsapp passkeys

WhatsApp rolls out Passkeys support on Android

WhatsApp announced the rollout of passkeys support in WhatsApp for Android on the official Twitter account earlier today. Passkeys is an upcoming security standard that promises improved authentication security. Traditionally, users sign […]

Meta Connect 2023 recap

Meta Connect 2023 is over and Quest 3 is finally available for pre-order

Meta's annual hardware event, Meta Connect 2023, left tech lovers buzzing with excitement as the company revealed a host of innovative products. The star of this year's show was undoubtedly the high-end […]

Meta Voicebox

Ask Meta to delete or block your personal data from third-party sources for AI training

All major and many smaller companies are betting big on AI. This generative AI needs large data sets, which gives companies with large user bases an Edge over those that don't. Many […]

Meta Blocks News in Canada

Meta is removing Facebook's dedicated News section in several European countries

Facebook parent company Meta announced today that it is removing the dedicated news section on Facebook for users in several European countries. In An Update on Facebook News in Europe, the company […]

Meta may launch ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram in the EU

A New York Times report suggests that Meta is considering a fundamental business model shift. The company may launch special versions of Facebook and Instagram in countries of the European Unition that […]

Facebook China misinformation

Facebook takes down over 7,700 accounts

In a significant move towards curbing misinformation campaigns, Facebook, the social media giant under Meta Platforms, has taken down a staggering number of over 7,700 accounts associated with a Chinese misinformation campaign. […]

facebook Messenger Lite for Android

Time to bid farewell to Facebook Messenger Lite for Android

Meta has confirmed that it's shutting down Messenger Lite, a simplified version of its Messenger app. Users of the Lite version are receiving messages encouraging them to switch to the regular Messenger […]

Meta retires Messenger Lite for Android

Meta announced plans to retire Messenger Lite, formerly known as Facebook Messenger Lite starting August 21, 2023. The company that was once known as Facebook introduced Messenger Lite as a resource-friendly alternative […]

Meta SeamlessM4T

Meet Meta SeamlessM4T: Multilangual translator

Meta has just dropped an impressive new tool called SeamlessM4T. This snazzy AI model can transcribe and translate nearly 100 languages, and it's a big step forward in making language barriers a […]

Does Facebook notify screenshots?

Are you a Facebook enthusiast who loves sharing, scrolling, and connecting with friends and family? You've probably wondered at least once: Does Facebook notify screenshots? Get ready to uncover the truth behind the […]

what is my Facebook username

What is my Facebook username and where to find it

Are you wondering, "What is my Facebook username?" You're not alone! Many users find themselves asking this question at some point. Your Facebook username is an essential part of your profile, and […]

Why am I seeing random stories on Facebook

Why am I seeing random stories on Facebook? This is a question on the minds of many users recently. Facebook Stories, touted as one of the main features of the platform, lose […]

Will Zuckerberg and Musk ever fight?

As you may remember, Mark Zuckerberg recently said it is "time to move on" as Musk was clearly not serious about the fight. Yesterday, Musk said that the fight was on, and […]

Meta's WhatsApp is working on getting its hands on user email addresses

When users create a WhatsApp account, they can only do so by linking a phone number to the account. While that makes sense logistically to a degree, it has also been criticized […]

Meta Blocks News in Canada

Meta blocks news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, has taken a decisive step by blocking news content on its platforms for Canadian users. The move comes as a response to Canada's newly […]

Facebook settlement claim

Facebook settlement claim lets you ''compensate'' for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

In recent years, Facebook, now known as Meta, faced numerous legal challenges stemming from its involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a controversy that had far-reaching consequences on the U.S. electoral process […]

Facebook research echo chambers

Recent Facebook research points to a black hole in the platform

A recent Facebook research has found that the platform's Pages and Groups are major drivers of ideological segregation. This means that users are more likely to be exposed to content that confirms […]

whatsapp wear os

You may deactivate anyone's WhatsApp account with a simple email

WhatsApp users who lose access to their phones may request a deactivation of their account. The entire process requires just an email and the phone number and it appears that WhatsApp is […]

How to install Threads on Android devices if you live in Europe

Meta launched Threads today and claims that millions have downloaded the Twitter competitor already hours after launch. Threads launched in over 100 countries, but not in states of the European Union and […]

Canada Facebook Instagram ban

Canada suspends advertising on Facebook and Instagram

In a move to stand by the law and not be intimidated by Meta, the Canadian government has suspended advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The suspension comes after Meta blocked news from […]

EU court verdict goes against Meta about antitrust crackdown on data

Meta lost its legal battle in the European Union against a German antitrust ruling targeting its ability to profit from a massive user data cache. When Germany's Federal Cartel Office ordered Facebook […]

Facebook deleted photos 2023

How to recover Facebook deleted photos 2023

Facebook plays a vital role in our lives, enabling us to capture and share our most treasured moments through the magic of photographs. However, an annoying issue has emerged, leaving countless users […]

Look who just died scam

Look who just died scam: Facebook users beware!

There have been countless scam attempts before, and the scammers are bringing a new measure to it every day. Recently, a popular scam tactic has seen a rise, especially among Facebook users. […]

Number of new country code phishing domains dropped significantly thanks to Meta

The number of newly registered country code phishing domains has dropped significantly in the past couple of months thanks to Meta, Facebook's parent company. Most phishing attacks require a website and many […]

Facebook account shutdown

Some Facebook users' accounts are being unfairly shut down

A concerning trend has emerged among Facebook users, with an increasing number reporting that their Facebook accounts are being disabled due to violations committed by linked Instagram accounts that they do not […]

Year of Inefficiency: Meta is laying off employees, again...

Meta is set to initiate a fresh round of workforce downsizing this Wednesday, impacting a staggering number of more than 6,000 individuals. These layoffs mark a significant milestone in Meta's ongoing corporate […]

Meta sells Giphy

Meta forced to sell Giphy to Shutterstock at 87 percent loss

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has been compelled to sell its acquisition, Giphy, to Shutterstock for a significant loss of $262 million. This move comes as a result of pressure from UK […]

Regulatory penalty and data transfer suspension looms over Facebook

In a significant blow to Facebook, the social media giant is set to be fined a staggering €746m (£648m) by the Irish Data Protection Commission for its mishandling of user information. This […]

Meta extends paid verification to the UK

Meta, the parent company of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has recently introduced its paid verification program called Meta Verified in the United Kingdom. Priced at £9.99 per month for each […]

reels facebook

Get personal with Reels: Facebook's new tools for personalization

Meta announced that users will be able to personalize the Reels shown on their pages with the latest update. The company has introduced new personalization settings for Reels that will let users […]

Meta q1 2023

Meta earnings crush expectations in Q1 2023

Meta has released its 2023 Q1 results and crushed expectations as the total revenue came in at $28.6 billion, up %3 year-on-year. Zuckerberg's Meta has officialized its impressive performance in the January-March […]

Meta's ad system glitch leads to overspending fury

On Sunday morning, numerous Facebook advertisers were taken aback by a glitch in Meta's ad delivery system, resulting in substantial overspending on various accounts. Ad buyers shared that CPMs surged by 200% […]

Facebook AI-generated Stories: A new approach to social media

Facebook is testing a new AI-generated Stories feature that automatically creates new Stories using image recognition AI based on your previously shared images. The social media giant is calling it 'Advanced Stories' […]

Meta's mass layoffs mark Zuckerberg's "year of efficiency"

It has been reported that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is preparing to implement another significant round of layoffs this week. As per a report by Vox, the cuts have the potential […]

How to find saved and liked Reels on Facebook

How to find saved and liked Reels on Facebook: 2 easy ways

Facebook lets you save and like Reels so that you can both show your interest in the content and have a chance to find it easily in the future, as long as […]



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