The Facebook company is one of the top social networking companies worldwide with a massive following. This area highlights headlines causing a stir in the media, revealing any news or upcoming features that may affect or improve your experience.

Facebook Lite Login Blank Page

Update: Facebook Lite is no longer available. Facebook Lite is currently offered as a public preview. It allows registered Facebook users to log into a lighter version of Facebook instead of the […]

facebook login issues

Analysing Facebook Login Problems

There are two major issues that users experience when they have troubles login in on Facebook. Some users run into issues that are related to Facebook not loading correctly. It can be […]

Facebook Adds Privacy Settings For Applications

If you are a Facebook regular, chance is you have played around with some of the applications offered on the social networking sites. This ranges from the overly popular Farmville game over […]

Improve Facebook With Facebook Fixer For Google Chrome

Popular web services like Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo Mail can usually be improved through the use of browser add-ons and userscripts that add or change functionality directly on those websites. Facebook Fixer […]

Facebook Launches Controversial Privacy Settings

About a week ago Facebook's own Mark Zuckerberg posted an open letter to the community announcing some long awaited privacy changes to the popular social networking website. What most users would not […]

Sync Facebook Photos With Outlook Contacts

Microsoft's Outlook email client comes with an option to add photos to contacts that have been added automatically or manually by the user. This does make sense as it becomes easier to […]

Facebook What Do Quizzes Know About You?

Quizzes are quite popular on Facebook. Have you ever asked yourself which information are accessible to quizzes and applications if you allow them to access your account, before taking the quiz to […]

Facebook Privacy Changes Announced

Mark Zuckerberg announced upcoming changes to Facebook's privacy settings in an open letter to the Facebook community. The main reason for the privacy change is connected to the incredible growth of the […]


Facebook Login Phishing And Account Hacking Warnings

According to several reports on websites such as Computerworld, a new phishing scam is currently in the wild that attempts to steal Facebook login information from users of the social networking site. […]

Facebook Phishing Scam In The Wild

If you have created a popular Internet service you know that it is not always a blessing and that a lot of hard work is usually involved in the maintenance of said […]

9 Facebook Userscripts and Extensions

Chance is you have a Facebook account. Hundreds of millions of users have one and at least some of them are looking for ways to change the standard appearance and functionality of […]

Facebook Status Update Notifier

Update: The program has not been updated for quite some time and it appears that it is not working properly anymore because of this. We have removed the link as a consequence. […]

Facebook Login Page Help And Troubleshooting

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website on the Internet. The social networking service had more than 2 billion monthly active users in the third-quarter of 2017. Facebook login problems […]

Backup Facebook Accounts

Many online services do not offer the means to backup data locally. Users who want to backup data are usually left with a tedious manual process (like downloading pictures or videos one […]

Facebook Lite

Facebook has activated a lite version of their popular website for users in selected countries. Facebook Lite was initially designed to offer users with slow Internet connections a faster way of accessing […]

FriendFeed Acquired By Facebook

The owners of the popular social networking website Facebook have acquired FriendFeed, a web service that allowed users to share information with friends and groups easily. Details on the acquisition are sparse […]

Microsoft Outlook Facebook Add-On

The very same developer that created the Microsoft Outlook Twitter Add-on has created another add-on for Microsoft Outlook that integrates Facebook in the email client. FBLook is available for Microsoft Outlook 2003 […]

Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Update: Please note that the original extension is not available anymore. We suggest that you use Facepaste instead. It is also available for Firefox. After you have installed Facepaste in Firefox and […]

Facebook Beacon Blocker

Facebook Beacon is part of Facebook's advertising efforts. It is basically a cooperation with 44 partner sites who execute JavaScript code on their website sending specific user information to Facebook. Examples would […]

facebook chat google talk

Facebook Chat and Google Talk on the Desktop

Gabtastic provides desktop access to the chat applications Facebook Chat and Google Talk. Those two are normally only accessible on the Facebook and Google Mail websites which require a permanently opened browser […]

Finally! Block Applications on Facebook

I have a lot of friends gushing over popular social networking site Facebook but I can't for the life of me figure out what's so great about it. It's cluttered, difficult to […]

Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]

I'm on Facebook. Now What ?

I did receive another email today asking me about my Facebook user name. I never put much thought into joining Facebook or any other hyped web community. The main reason for this was the question about the why. Why should I join Facebook ? Only to show everyone a list of my friends, to show them what I'm doing ? Will it turn out to be a "I've got more friends than you thing" in the end ?


Send Music to your Facebook Friends

I must be one of the few users on earth that does not have a Facebook account yet and who does not have any plans of creating one in the near future. Still, Facebook is extremely popular and this following Facebook application could be useful - I think it definitely will find lots of users who like it - for some users of Facebook.

sync facebook and outlook

Sync Facebook and Outlook

If you have been a heavy contact book user you know the dread of mass entering people. You need to copy paste their numbers, email addresses, and worst of all, pictures! Personally […]

facebook delete account

Deleting an account on Facebook

I was just reading a long post by Steven Mansour on his website where he described how he tried to close down his account at Facebook. He still received numerous emails from Facebook after using the so called "Account deactivation" which made him wonder if his account was really gone from their system.



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