Facebook Login Page Help And Troubleshooting

Martin Brinkmann
Oct 17, 2009
Updated • May 21, 2018

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website on the Internet. The social networking service had more than 2 billion monthly active users in the third-quarter of 2017.

Facebook login problems are as common as those on other websites. This does not only fall into the forgotten username or password category but also phishing problems which every major web service has to cope with.

The standard Facebook login page is located on the homepage of the service. Facebook account owners can log into their Facebook profile by clicking on the login button, and new users can register an account at the social networking site. A mobile page is available as well as a Facebook lite website. The former for mobile users, the latter for users with slow Internet connections.

Facebook Login Help

facebook homepage

The following paragraphs act as a guide for people who face issues connecting to Facebook.com, who have lost or cannot remember their username, password, and email, who have their accounts hacked or who experience other error messages while trying to log in to Facebook.

Facebook asks users to sign in with a registered email address or phone number, and the account password.

A forgot your password link is available on all three pages in case the password cannot be remembered correctly. The Facebook username is usually the email address that was used in the signup. Facebook users who want to get rid of all the problems related to logging into the social networking site including forgotten passwords or phishing threats should use a password manager like Last Pass, which is available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, for their login.

This password manager remembers the username and password, automatically fills out the forms at the homepage and even logs you in automatically if you configure it that way.

Facebook members who experience other problems that are related to the login page or screen might want to try clearing their web browser cache. Another option is to use a different web browser if one is available to see if the login problem exists on that web browser as well which would suggest that it is not a browser setting that is responsible for the Facebook login problems the user experiences.

If you run into display issues, say, the Facebook homepage is just not opening for you, or only displaying a white page and nothing else, you may want to try one of the following solutions:

  • Try signing in using the browser's private browsing mode. Depending on which you use, it is either Ctrl-Shift-N if you are using Chrome or Opera, or Ctrl-Shift-J if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Try clearing your browser cache, it sometimes happens that the issue is caused by a locally saved copy of the page.
  • Try Ctrl-F5 to force reload the page.

Video Instructions to log into Facebook, Facebook homepage

Facebook Login Tips

  • Never follow links that allegedly lead to the Facebook website, always enter the URL directly in your web browser to go there. Tip: bookmark it for fast access, or keep the browser tab open all the time.
  • Always check the website before you start entering your login information
  • Use a password manager like Last Pass to assist in the login process
  • Select a secure password with at least eight digits and a number. If you use a password manager of have a good memory, select an ultra secure unique password (e.g. 32 characters)
  • Do not hand out your username or password to anyone
  • Change your password the second you suspect the account could be compromised

Facebook Login Help

If you have lost or cannot remember your Facebook password, go to Reset Password page and follow the guide there to restore it.

facebook password reset

If you do not have access to the email address you signed up with, go to My login email address is invalid or expired on Facebook to recover it.

login email address

If your Facebook account has been hacked, go to Security, my Facebook account has been hacked.

facebook account hacked

If you have forgotten your login email address, you can try login in with your Facebook account username if you have defined one or your phone number if you linked it to your account. If you used a Facebook app chance is high that your mobile phone number is linked to your account.

You might also ask your friends to look at your profile and retrieve the email address for yours. If all else fails to go here.

Facebook account holders can face different issues when connecting to the social networking site. Some problems are related to technical problems, a blank page or errors on the page for instance, while others are Facebook account related, usually that information such as the email address, username or password is not accepted.

Users who have resolved their login problems at the site are encouraged to leave a comment to help other users who are experiencing the same login issues.

Quick Links

  • Facebook main website: https://www.facebook.com
  • The Reset password page: https://www.facebook.com/recover.php
  • If you suspect your account got hacked -- https://facebook.com/hacked
  • Facebook Support -- http://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=login
  • Configure login approvals -- https://www.facebook.com/about/basics/stay-safe-and-secure/login-approvals
  • Configure login alerts -- https://www.facebook.com/about/basics/stay-safe-and-secure/login-alerts


January 26, 2011 - Facebook recently announced a new security-related option in the user's account settings that can be used to enable HTTPS on the whole site. HTTPS, a secure encrypted connection between the local computer and the Facebook website, ensures that no one in the same computer network can listen to that traffic. The change has been announced here

HTTPS is enabled by default on Facebook.

Facebook users need to open their Account Settings page where they can check the Secure Browsing checkbox to enable HTTPS for the account.

facebook https

October 12, 2010 - Facebook has launched two new security features. First, the social networking site has launched one time passwords that can be used to log into Facebook with passwords that are only valid for one time. It works by configuring a mobile phone number in the Facebook account settings and then sending otp to 32665 on your mobile phone if you are in the US. Facebook will reply with a one-time password for the login.

The second addition is the ability to log out remotely. If you have forgotten to log out of Facebook, you can do that now even if you are not near the device you logged in with. This is handled under Account Security section of your Account Settings page.

facebook remote logout

Stay tuned for additional Facebook login and security updates.

February 14, 2012 - You can harden your Facebook account under Security Settings. Here is a quick rundown of what's available there:

  • Security Question - This helps Facebook identify you when you try to contact the support for instance.
  • Secure Browsing - Here you can enable https for all connections where the feature is available.
  • Login notifications - Receive emails whenever someone logs into your Facebook account.
  • Login Approvals - This enables two-factor authentication on Facebook. You get a code send to your mobile phone whenever someone tries to log in from an unrecognized device.
  • App Passwords - This is helpful if you have enabled Facebook login approvals. Some apps do not support the feature, and you create special passwords for them here to use them.
  • Recognized devices - Displays a list of devices that have connected to Facebook recently.
  • Active Sessions - All Facebook sessions that are active.

May 2, 2013 - Facebook introduced the Trusted Contacts feature which you can use to add between 3 to 5 trusted friends to it that can help you recover your Facebook account when you cannot log in anymore.

July 30, 2015 -- Security Checkup is available globally now.

May 31, 2017 -- Facebook redesigned the security settings page.  It features a recommended section at the top that lists features such as Two-Factor Authentication or Trusted Contacts. The redesign comes with usability improvements as well.

December 20, 2017 --Facebook displays security mails that it sent out to users under http://facebook.com/settings starting with the update. This gives you an option to verify that a security message came from Facebook and is not fake.

Facebook Login Page Help And Troubleshooting
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Facebook Login Page Help And Troubleshooting
The guide assists you in troubleshooting Facebook login issues, for instance if the site won't load, if your password is not accepted or if your account got hacked.
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