Google Earth's Timelapse feature shows videos of how the planet has changed over 30 years

Google Earth's Timelapse feature shows videos of how the planet has changed over 30 years

Google has announced a new feature called Timelapse, for its popular satellite imagery service, Google Earth. These stunning visuals show us how our planet has changed over 37 years, due to natural […]

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Local Search Ads on Google Maps

Google Maps users may soon see a new form of advertising when they use the popular mapping service that displays local search ads when the product is being used. The ads will […]

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Improve Google Maps Performance by enabling Lite Mode

If you use Google Maps regularly to look up places, get directions, or just browse the next holiday destination to plan what you want to visit, then you may have noticed performance […]


Your Google Location history, and how to disable it

If you grant Google access to your location, it may be recorded by the company depending on the Location history preference. What this means is that Google may track past locations that […]

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How to save offline maps in the new Google Maps application

Google Maps for Android and iOS had a useful offline maps feature up until recently which you could use to save parts of the map for offline use. All you had to […]

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Google Earth now does time travel

Google not only sets a goal of collating the world's information, but also is on a quest to map the world. The search giant does this, not only though the basic GPS Google […]

Google Street View Goes Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

I have become convinced that there really isn't anywhere that the Google Street View team won't take their cameras.  They have not only covered the actual streets around the world, but have […]

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Save Google Maps locations in Firefox

You need to be signed in to a Google account to save Google Maps location in your web browser of choice. What you can do then is to save locations to a […]


Foursquare Ditches Google Maps, Goes Open With OpenStreetMap

You may remember that Google some time ago announced that they would start to charge for Google Map api calls above a certain level (see Google Introduces Google Maps Api Limits). Usage […]

SSL Traffic Analysis Reveals What You Are Looking At On Google Maps

The general consensus is that https connections to web sites protect your data from being spied at by users in the same network. That's why all major web services such as Facebook, […]

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Minimap Sidebar, Address Lookup, Directions The Easy Way

Many Internet users use the Internet to lookup addresses or get driving directions. They usually open a maps service, such as Google Maps or Bing Maps for that. It often means juggling […]

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Look-Up Addresses With Quick Maps For Firefox

If you need to look-up addresses quite often while your on the Internet, for instance if you are an estate agent, doing research or just planning your next holiday trip, then you […]

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Google Introduces Google Maps Api Limits

Google, the company that conquered the Internet by storm by offering mostly free services is slowly being turned around to make even more money than it is currently. One of the latest […]


MapsGL Adds Turbo Speed To Google Maps

Update: It appears that the experiment is no longer working as intended. When you click on launch experiment you are taken to Google Maps. There you should see a "want to try […]

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Google Local Business, Fix We currently do not support the location

Imagine that you have your business setup in Google on Google Places. Users from your town can search using location based queries to get your listing in the results or on Google […]

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Web Maps To Garmin, Custom Map Converter

Garmin is probably best known for their GPS-powered devices and applications. Up until now it was not that easy to integrate maps of web map services, like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo […]

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Mini Google Maps For Chrome Offers Quick Google Maps Access

Sometimes you just want to look up an address, or want directions immediately without opening new websites. If you like Google Maps you could visit the Google Maps website, enter the address […]

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How To Remove A Face, House Or Car From Google Street View

Google Street View is a service that is integrated in to Google Maps and Google Earth. It basically allows users to view panoramic views along many streets, roads and other paths in […]