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firefox 58.0

Firefox 58.0 release overview

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 58.0 to the stable channel on January 23, 2018. It is the first major update for Firefox's stable channel of 2018.¬† Firefox 58.0 follows Firefox 57.0 which […]

firefox security information

Firefox 59: security info and address bar suggestion changes

While Mozilla focuses much of its development resources on releasing Firefox 58 next week, work on the next Firefox version Firefox 59 continues as well. Firefox users who run Nightly, the cutting […]

chrome malicious extension

Firefox and Chrome extensions that block add-on management

A new breed of malicious browser extensions uses techniques to make the removal of these extensions more difficult to users and administrators. Malwarebytes revealed in a blog post how these extensions block […]

webassembly benchmark

Impressive WebAssembly Performance gains in Firefox

Mozilla has been on the forefront of WebAssembly development, a relatively new technology that offers better performance on the Web than JavaScript in many cases. WebAssembly offers several advantages over JavaScript. It […]


Tusk KeePass password web browser extension

Tusk is a relatively new web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox -- and also compatible web browsers -- that adds support for KeePass password manager databases in supported browsers. KeePass is […]

firefox hardware report

The Firefox Hardware Report

The Firefox Hardware Report is a weekly updated report of the hardware used by a representative sample of Firefox's release channel user base. It is a tool for developers primarily but published […]

mozillas addons website

How to stay safe when downloading Firefox extensions

The following guide offers tips and instructions for staying safe when you download extensions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The past year has been eventful for users of the Firefox web […]

malwarebytes for firefox

Malwarebytes for Firefox extension

Malwarebytes for Firefox is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser by security company Malwarebytes. The release of the browser extension came out of the blue; the Malwarebytes website makes […]

firefox tabs warming

Firefox Tab Warming explained

Tab Warming is a relatively new feature of the Firefox web browser that can best be described as preloading when switching tabs. Mozilla's intention with the feature is to speed up the […]

save to pocket

Mozilla starts to publish Pocket code

Mozilla Corp. acquired the Read-It-Later service Pocket in 2017 and promised to turn Pocket into an Open Source service to address criticism and reservation that some users had towards the service. Mozilla […]

firefox 59 block notifications

Firefox 59: UI options to block notifications, microphone, camera and location

Mozilla plans to roll out a change in Firefox 59, out 13.3.2018,¬†that gives users better options to block notification, microphone, camera and location requests. More and more websites and services display prompts […]

firefox 57.0.4

Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 released

Mozilla released Firefox 57.0.4 to the Stable browser channel on January 4, 2018. The new version of Firefox comes with two timing-based mitigations designed to protect Firefox users against Meltdown and Spectre […]

noscript webextension interface improvements

NoScript WebExtension update improves user interface

A new version of the Firefox security extension NoScript was released today. NoScript is the most recent WebExtensions version of NoScript. The developer of NoScript maintains two different versions of the […]

prefs cleaner

Automation comes to the Ghacks user.js configuration for Firefox

The Ghacks user.js configuration file for Firefox contains a list of mostly privacy and security-related preferences for the web browser. Firefox updates may change preferences. Updates may remove preferences, modify them, or […]

firefox 57.0.3

Firefox 57.0.3 bug fix release

Mozilla released Firefox 57.0.3 on December 28, 2017. The update is for the Release channel of the Firefox web browser for all supported operating systems. The release notes list a single issue […]

firefox lockbox password manager

Firefox Lockbox alpha by Mozilla replace built-in password manager

Mozilla revealed a new version of Lockbox today, a password manager extension for desktop versions of the Firefox web browser that replaces the built-in password manager when installed. Mozilla calls Lockbox an […]

firefox 57 tailing

Firefox 57 delays tracking domains

Mozilla implemented a new feature in Firefox 57 that its lead developer calls tailing. Tailing delays the loading of scripts from a list of known tracking domains to improve the page load […]

Mozilla makes Firefox 60 next ESR target

Mozilla plans to make Firefox 60 the next ESR (Extended Support Release) version of the Firefox web browser, and not Firefox 59. New major Firefox versions are released every six to eight […]