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firefox lite 2.0

Mozilla Taiwan releases Firefox Lite 2.0 for Android

Mozilla has created several Android web browsers in the recent past: from classic Firefox and Firefox Preview to Firefox Focus and Firefox Lite. Firefox Lite 1.0 was released last year by Mozilla […]

firefox adaptive scrollbar color

Firefox 72: dynamic scrollbars based on page color

Mozilla plans to adapt the color of the scrollbar in the Firefox web browser to the background color of the visited webpage in Firefox 72. Dark themes are en vogue currently; operating […]

firefox 71 about config new

Firefox 71: new about:config interface lands

Mozilla plans to launch the redesigned about:config interface in Firefox 71, the next stable version of the web browser. The internal page about:config provides Firefox users with access to an advanced set […]

mozilla block addons

Mozilla bans all extensions that execute remote code

Mozilla added a number of extensions for the Firefox web browser that execute code remotely to the organization's blocklist in the beginning of November. The bugzilla listing shows only IDs of the […]

firefox block notifications by default

Firefox will hide push notification requests by default

From next year on, Firefox will hide push notification requests from websites by default. Websites may use the Notifications API to displays notifications to users of the web browser, even if the […]

firefox install local extensions

Firefox 74: sideloading extension support ends

Mozilla announced this week that the organization's Firefox web browser will stop supporting extension sideloading in Firefox 74. Current versions of the Firefox web browser support three different methods when it comes […]

Mozilla Firefox 70.0.1 release information

Mozilla released Firefox 70.0.1 on October 31, 2019 to the web browser's stable channel. The new Firefox version addresses several issues including a major issue that caused some pages or page elements […]

firefox 70 load issue

Firefox 70 not loading some pages or elements? Here is a fix

Firefox 70 has an issue currently that prevents some pages or page elements from being loaded under certain circumstances. Mozilla added the known issue to the Firefox 70.0 release notes stating that […]

firefox picture-in-picture

A look at Firefox's upcoming Picture-in-Picture mode

Mozilla revealed that it was working on a Picture-in-Picture mode for the Firefox web browser back in February. Designed to play videos in a small overlay on the screen, Picture-in-Picture mode allows […]

Search for webpages in your history and bookmarks efficiently with the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome

Search for webpages in your history and bookmarks efficiently with the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome

Memex is an interesting web browser add-on that is designed specifically for powerusers. Before you ask, no it's not a meme generator. It is a Vannevar Bush inspired bookmarking/local search engine of […]

firefox green gray icon

How to restore the green lock icon in Firefox's address bar

Mozilla's Firefox web browser used to display a green padlock icon in the browser's address bar when secure sites were opened in the browser. Additionally, the browser would display extended information for […]

firefox preview android

Good news: new Firefox for Android will support extensions

Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Android. Firefox Preview, that is the current name of the browser to distinguish it from the soon-to-be-replaced Firefox for Android, was released to […]

Find tabs quickly with the Tabhunter extension for Firefox and Chrome

Find tabs quickly with the Tabhunter extension for Firefox and Chrome

Recently we told you about FoxyTab, which is an amazing way to manage tabs in your web browser. Want something to complement it? Try Tabhunter. It is an open source add-on that […]

firefox-social media tracker blocking

Firefox 70.0 release information

Firefox 70.0 is the new stable version of the Firefox web browser as of October 22, 2019. Mozilla releases updates for all channels of the Firefox web browser at the same time; […]

firefox translate

Mozilla working on native Firefox translation feature

Mozilla is working on integrating a native translation feature in the organization's Firefox web browser that does not rely on cloud services. One of the advantages that the Chrome browser has over […]

firefox private account

Mozilla about to launch VPN beta

Mozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, will launch the first beta of its upcoming VPN service in the coming weeks. The organization launched Firefox Private Network in September 2019 which added […]

firefox 69.0.3release

Firefox 69.0.3 fixes download issues

Firefox 69.0.3 will be released to the Stable channel later today. The new version of the web browser addresses two issues, a download issue and a Yahoo Mail issue. Mozilla released Firefox […]

hide private mode

Hide Private Mode for Firefox prevents private browsing mode detection

Hide Private Mode is a brand new extension for the Firefox web browser that closes a private browsing mode detection loophole that sites use to detect if the browser is in private […]