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project insight

Check all Firefox extension permissions with Project Insight

Project Insight is a new extension for the Firefox web browser to check permissions of all extensions installed in the browser. Mozilla Firefox displays permissions that an extension requests when you hit […]

windows 10 dark mode

Firefox will support Windows 10's dark mode

The Firefox web browser will soon respect the dark and light mode setting of the Windows 10 operating system. Mozilla launched a new version of Firefox Nightly yesterday that introduces support for […]

firefox lockbox ios

Mozilla launches Lockbox and Notes for iOS and Android

Test Pilot projects have been available for desktop versions of the Firefox web browser until now; this changes with the release of Notes by Firefox for Android and Firefox Lockbox for iOS. […]

firefox extensions permissions

Look up all domain access requests of Firefox extensions before installation

The Firefox web browser displays extra permissions that an extension requests during installation and won't proceed with the installation until you activate the add button. Extra permissions may request access to specific […]

firefox manage extensions

Right-click on extension icons to manage them in Firefox

Mozilla plans to add a new handy feature to future versions of the Firefox web browser that allows you to right-click on extension icons in the browser's toolbar to open the extension's […]

firefox 61.0.1

Firefox 61.0.1 release information

Mozilla released Firefox 61.0.1 to the Stable release channel of the Firefox web browser today. The new version of Firefox fixes a number of bugs and comes with some improvements as well. […]

firefox other bookmarks

How to change the default bookmarks folder in Firefox

Firefox, just like any other modern web browser, supports bookmarks. You can save bookmarks, URLs that point to your favorite websites and services, or scripts and dynamic bookmarks, and manage them using […]

firefox for android

Mozilla has big plans for Firefox for Android

Mozilla has put Firefox for Android into maintenance mode while it is working on something big for Android that it plans to release in 2019. A message by Emily Kager on Twitter […]

firefox secure connection failed

Firefox 61: Fix Secure Connection Failed

If you have upgraded to yesterday's new Firefox 61 version you may have received a secure connection failed error when trying to connect to this very site and others. The error message […]

firefox new bookmark dialog

Firefox gets a new add bookmark prompt

If you run Firefox Nightly right now, you may have noticed that the particular version of Firefox comes with a modified add bookmark prompt. While the prompt itself has not changed, the […]

Firefox Monitor

Mozilla to run Firefox Monitor study in the US

Mozilla revealed today that it plans to run a Shield Study in the United States to get data on a new feature that it calls Firefox Monitor. Firefox Monitor is a security […]

firefox page action search

Firefox 61.0 release overview

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 61.0 to the Stable channel today. Since all Firefox releases are in sync, today is also the release data for Firefox 60.1 ESR, Firefox 52.9 ESR, and […]

firefox webextensions apis

Firefox upcoming WebExtension APIs revealed

When Mozilla released Firefox 57 back in November 2017, support for the new WebExtensions system for browser extensions was limited. Lack of support for certain APIs was a big problem as it […]

chameleon firefox

Chameleon for Firefox: user agent and data spoofer

Chameleon is a new open source extension for Mozilla Firefox that is a port of the Firefox add-on Random Agent Spoofer for the browser. Random Agent Spoofer added options to Firefox to […]

tracking protection smart blocking

Mozilla plans to push Tracking Protection in Firefox

Mozilla plans to push the built-in Tracking Protection feature of the organization's Firefox web browser in the coming releases. Firefox will display Tracking Protection options in the browser's user interface more prominently, […]

firefox third-party-cookies session only

Configure Firefox to accept third-party cookies for the session only

Third-party cookies are still widely used on today's Internet to track users across browsing sessions and sites they visit. While the reach of the tracking depends on the popularity of a service […]

iridium youtube

Iridium gives you more control on YouTube

Iridium is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that gives you more control on YouTube. YouTube gives users only a handful of customization options and many of […]

burner emails

Burner Emails for Firefox and Chrome

Burner Emails is a free browser extension and web service that adds options to Firefox and Chrome to create throwaway email addresses. Spam is still a big issue on the Internet and […]