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firefox picture in picture mode

Firefox 68: Picture in Picture mode for Video

Mozilla plans to introduce support for a picture in picture mode (PiP) in the organization's Firefox web browser in Firefox 68. Picture in Picture mode takes video content on a side and […]

chrome hyperlink auditing

Mozilla plans to enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking by Default in Firefox

A new Bleeping Computer report by Lawrence Abrams suggests that Mozilla plans to enable Hyperlink Ping Tracking by default in the Firefox browser. Firefox is one of the few browsers that has […]

firefox new account controls

Firefox 67 will display a profile icon in the main toolbar by default

The next stable Firefox version, Firefox 67, will display a profile icon in the main toolbar to make Firefox Account features more accessible and discoverable in the web browser. Firefox can be […]

mozilla recommended extensions program firefox

Which Firefox extensions would you like to see promoted by Mozilla?

Mozilla announced the Recommended Extensions program for Firefox on April 9, 2019 designed to promote excellent extensions for Firefox in various ways. Extensions need to meet the "highest standards of security, utility, […]

firefox 66.0.3

Mozilla releases Firefox 66.0.3

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 66.0.3, a minor upgrade to the web browser's stable channel, later today on April 10, 2019. Firefox 66.0.3 is the third minor release after the release of […]

firefox network trr dns over https

Mozilla still on track to enable DNS-over-HTTPS by default in Firefox

Mozilla published a list of requirements that companies need to meet if they want to be included as Trusted Recursive Resolvers for Firefox's upcoming DNS-over-HTTPS feature. DNS-over-HTTPS aims to improve user privacy, […]

mozilla recommended extensions program firefox

Firefox Recommended Extensions program announced

Mozilla, maker of Firefox, plans to establish a Recommended Extensions program for the Firefox web browser this summer. Extensions are a cornerstone of modern browsers such as Firefox. A lot has changed […]

firefox languages

How to change the Firefox interface language

Mozilla revealed in mid-2018 that it had plans to improve the handling of different interface languages in the Firefox web browser. Firefox supported two options back then to change the language of […]

feed preview firefox

Feed Preview for Firefox

Feed Preview is a Firefox add-on that indicates available RSS and Atom feeds to the user and may also render previews of feeds directly in the browser. Mozilla removed RSS preview options […]

amazon container

Prevent Amazon tracking with Amazon Container for Firefox

Amazon Container is a browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser to isolates Amazon activity from the rest of your browsing activity. The add-on is a fork of the Google Container […]

css exfil vulnerability tester

Protect yourself against a pure CSS data stealing attack called Exfil

CSS Exfil Protection is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that protects data against CSS Exfil attacks. Internet users who have a good understanding of online security know that […]

firefox 59 block notifications

Mozilla wants to combat Notification Spam in Firefox

Most modern web browsers support push notifications; websites may request to send notifications to the browser, e.g. when a new blog post is published or updates are available. Users need to accept […]

firefox sleep mode

Hibernate tabs in Firefox with Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that hibernates all but the active tab on activation. Doing so frees up memory, saves battery, and may speed up […]

firefox 66.0.2

Here is what is new in Firefox 66.0.2

Mozilla is preparing the Firefox 66.0.2 release currently for the Firefox Stable release channel. The new Firefox version fixes crashes and a web compatibility issue with certain online services such as Office […]

ublock origin permissions

Why uBlock Origin requests to store unlimited data in Firefox

Firefox users who have the content blocker uBlock Origin installed receive a permission prompt currently when uBlock Origin is updating. The prompt requests permission to store unlimited amounts of data. Firefox displays […]

firefox user scripts api

Firefox gets a User Scripts API

Mozilla is working on implementing a UserScripts WebExtensions API in the organization's Firefox web browser. Firefox, just like Google Chrome and many other web browsers, supports so-called user scripts. These scripts are […]

connection not secure firefox

Firefox Shield study to import Windows root certificates

Mozilla wants to evaluate the impact that the importing of Windows root certificates has on Firefox. Firefox uses its own certificate store when it validates certificates of site connections by default. While […]

google search dmca results

Display hidden results on Google Search with Google Unlocked

Google Unlocked is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that displays hidden results on Google Search automatically. Google hides results from Google Search when it receives DMCA complaints. The […]