Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging protocol with end-to-end encryption, voice calls, video calls and file transfers

Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging protocol with end-to-end encryption, voice calls, video calls and file transfers

Instant Messaging is one of the most popular forms of electronic communication. You don't have to pay extra fees (not counting data charges) for chatting with family members, friends or colleagues regardless […]

veracrypt 1.22

Speed up the migration of encrypted drives to another software

DiskCryptor has been my go-to program on Windows when it comes to encrypting entire hard drives and the system partition since 2012. Development stopped, however, several years ago. While the program works […]

veracrypt 1.22

VeraCrypt 1.22 encryption software update released

VeraCrypt 1.22 is a new version of the popular cross-platform encryption software that parent company Idrassi established as the primary unofficial successor of the encryption software TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt development ended under mysterious […]


A second look at VeraCrypt, an unofficial TrueCrypt successor

When the TrueCrypt developers announced that they would quit developing the encryption software because of it not being secure, many users of the software did not know what to make of the […]


TrueCrypt may live on after all as CipherShed

The developers of TrueCrypt made the decision to retire the encryption software a couple of months ago. The reason given by them was that TrueCrypt was no longer secure and that users […]

quick crypt

Quick Crypt creates self-expiring encrypted files

Quick Crypt looks on first glance just like many of the other file encryption tools for Windows. You can use it to encrypt files using 256-bit AES encryption, and also decrypt those […]


Secryptor file encryption software with Dropbox support

While it is often best to keep files on the local computer only and avoid cloud storage, especially for important files, it is sometimes not possible to do so. Maybe you need […]

No backdoors found in first part of TrueCrypt Audit

The revelations of Edward Snowden's leaks confirmed that security agencies spend time and money trying to undermine cryptographic software. Potential backdoors in cryptographic software or protocols would be disastrous, and that is […]

boxcryptor account

Cloud encryption solution Boxcryptor launches local key feature

We have covered the cloud encryption solution Boxcryptor before here on Ghacks. First in our initial review of the service back in 2011, and then again when the company released its Chrome […]


Why you should encrypt your PC fully

What is the worst thing that would happen if someone steals your PC? I'm not talking about the financial loss here but about the data that you have on your computer system. […]

bond disc free

Put important data in a RAM-mounting encrypted data archive with Bond Disc

Encryption is a great start to protect important data against prying eyes. Computer users have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to do just that, from built-in solutions like BitLocker to […]

redphone encrypted phone calls

Encrypt Android phone conversations with RedPhone

The Prism surveillance scandal has shown that the NSA and other agencies can tap into most communication channels. One of the proposed solutions is encryption and here especially open solutions that anyone […]

generate pgp key

Mailvelope: use OpenPGP encryption on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other webmail services

If you prefer to use a webmail interface such as those provided by Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, you probably know that you cannot really secure your data directly when you are […]


Mailpile: private, secure, open source, locally-run email service

PRISM was a wake-up call for many even though it is still not really clear how extensive the spying, logging and wiretapping really is. One reasonable approach to the issue is to […]

encrypted disk detector

Encrypted Disk Detector finds encrypted partitions on PCs

Encryption is one of the most effective ways of protecting data against third party access. One popular option for home users and businesses alike is to encrypt part of or all of […]

flash proxy

Flash proxies: circumventing Internet censorship with Tor

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to access select websites or services available on the Internet. This is not limited to countries where you would expect Internet censorship […]

crypt sync

CryptSync: upload only encrypted files to online storage services

Several cloud storage services use encryption to protect data of user accounts from being accessed by third parties. While this may be reassuring for many users, some prefer to add encryption of […]

forensic disk decryptor screenshot

Forensic tool to decrypt TrueCrypt, Bitlocker and PGP containers and disks released

One of the things that you can do to protect your data is to use encryption. You can either encrypt individual files, create a container to move files in to or encrypt […]