YouTube is a platform home to thousands of content creators and streamers producing videos for entertainment and education. As one of the companies owned by Google, there’s many tips, news, scandals, features, and tools we’ll share for you to read.

Firefox Take Screenshot YouTube

How to capture a screenshot from a YouTube Video

Have you ever tried to take a screenshot from a YouTube video? You may have run into a few roadblocks, including YouTube controls visible in the screenshot or a rather bad resolution […]

Seeing Ads on YouTube? Google is testing server-side ads that break adblockers

If you run an adblocker in your browser of choice and still see ads on YouTube, then you have been selected for an experiment on the popular streaming website. Yesterday, the official […]

Users say YouTube is automatically skipping videos if they use an ad blocker

YouTube is automatically skipping videos if you use Adblock Plus

Google's tug of war with ad blockers continues. This time, Adblock Plus users are reporting that videos are automatically skipping to the end. This is not the first time YouTube has annoyed […]

YouTube decided to shift its concentration to better performing ad formats and get rid of one of the existing formats.

Google intensifies fight against YouTube adblockers

Google just announced that it is intensifying its fight against adblockers on YouTube. The message was posted to the official YouTube support website. The writing was on the wall. Reports about changes […]

How to watch age-restricted content on YouTube without signing in to your Google account

How to watch age-restricted content on YouTube without signing in to your Google account

Do you use YouTube without signing in to your account? Have you ever come across an age-restricted video that prompts you to log in to watch the content? We have some workarounds […]

YouTube confirms it has launched a global effort to crack down on ad blockers

Is Google deliberately slowing down YouTube video buffering for adblock users?

Reports suggest that Google may have implemented yet another anti-adblocking technique on YouTube. After slowing down the loading of YouTube for people with adblockers and showing ad blockers are not allowed by […]


NewPipe update brings access to Live, Shorts and other content on YouTube

NewPipe is a streaming frontend for Android that supports services such as YouTube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud among others. It is a privacy-friendly ad-free player for media published on these sites. Up until […]

Press Space on YouTube to save lots of time

If you watch videos on YouTube, you may know about some of the options that you have. One of the options lets you change the playback speed. You may increase the speed […]


NewPipe 0.25.2 adds YouTube Video multi-audio track support

NewPipe is a popular third-party Android app for watching videos on YouTube and media on a selection of other sites, including Soundcloud. The latest release, NewPipe 0.25.2 adds support for accessing multiple […]

FastStream video player extension

FastStream's custom video player replaces YouTube's player with a better one

FastStream is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that replaces native video players with its own advanced video player. The extension promises the end of buffering issues, support […]

Ad Speedup YouTube ads skipper

Ad Speedup: mute, skip and fast forward ads on YouTube

Over the past couple of months, a new breed of extensions has emerged to deal with YouTube's ever increasing arsenal of ads. These extensions don't block advertisement on YouTube like traditional content […]

ChatGPT vs Bing vs Google Bard

You may now ask Google Bard questions about YouTube Videos

Google expanded the functionality of its AI Google Bard this week. The new feature improves the AI's understanding of YouTube videos. Basically, what it allows you to do know is to ask […]

YouTube video loading delayed? Fix inside

Some visitors of YouTube noticed that the loading of videos would take a whole lot longer than usually. Affected users seem to use browsers that are not Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. […]

YouTube Dream Track

YouTube embraces generative AI

YouTube is launching a new AI-powered music generator tool called Dream Track. The tool allows users to type in an idea and select a participating artist, then it produces an original song […]

YouTube confirms it has launched a global effort to crack down on ad blockers

YouTube confirms it has launched a global effort to crack down on ad blockers

YouTube has confirmed that it has taken efforts to crack down on ad blockers. The news comes via an official statement sent by a company spokesperson to The Verge. Last month, I […]

This special YouTube Adblocker skips ads instead of blocking them

Google is cracking down on the use of content blockers on YouTube. More and more users see prompts that "ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube". Currently, Google appears to test various […]

How to bypass Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube message

YouTube has a crack in Adblock measures

YouTube users are unhappy about the new ''Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube'' message they are met with while streaming, as the site cracks down on unauthorized ad-free service. If you're […]

New YouTube update

No longer the YouTube we're used to

The new YouTube update has recently been released and it brings a fresh look and enhanced user experience to the platform. With over thirty new features being introduced, this update aims to […]

Redirect YouTube Videos in Firefox to play them without Ads

Google is cracking down on the use of content blockers on YouTube. More and more users see the Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube message when they try to play videos. […]

YouTube Adblock policy affects Edge users

YouTube adblock measures gets Edge very wrong

Microsoft's goal of enhancing user privacy is clashing with Google's quest for ad revenue, and the battleground is none other than YouTube. Recent reports suggest that some Microsoft Edge users are encountering […]

YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers more aggressively

YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers more aggressively, here's how to bypass it

Google is taking a more aggressive stance in detecting ad blockers on YouTube. The issue seems to have become more widespread than before, here's how you can block the anti-adblock measures. In […]

Google is putting an end to its YouTube Premium Lite plans

YouTube users have three official options when it comes to dealing with advertisement on the platform: endure it, subscribe to YouTube Premium, or, in some select countries, subscribe to YouTube Premium Lite. […]

How to use Multiview on YouTube TV

YouTube TV now supports 4 simultaneous streams

As of 2023, the way we consume content has evolved dramatically. No longer are we limited to watching just one TV channel at a time; instead, we have the power to choose […]

Youtube Games Playables

Youtube Games, ''Playables'' launched for limited number of users

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that allows users to watch, share, and upload videos. In recent years, YouTube has been expanding its offerings to include more interactive experiences, such as live […]

YouTube wants to show you less but longer ads

Google is changing how it serves advertisement to YouTube viewers who watch the streaming service on TV. Many smart TVs come with YouTube's app installed by default or an option to install […]


YouTube showing ads with uBlock Origin enabled? Here is a fix!

The only sane way for watching videos on YouTube who don't pay the exorbitant price for YouTube Premium is to use a content blocker. One of the main reasons for that is […]

YouTube is working on a "search by song" feature

According to YouTube's recent announcement, users will be able to use a new "search by song" feature, which will help them find a song by humming. YouTube has unveiled a new Android […]

YouTube tightens thumbscrew to crack down on ad-blockers

Google has been testing several ways to combat users who use ad-blockers on its YouTube video streaming site. One of the first tests informed users that ad blockers are not allowed on […]

YouTube showing "Your watch history is off" instead of videos

YouTube users who sign-in to a Google or YouTube account while using the video streaming site may have their watch history recorded automatically. The feature is turned on by default and YouTube […]

YouTube TV is not working

YouTube TV is not working: How to fix it

People are searching for answers on the internet because YouTube TV doesn't work for them. Luckily, there are a couple of fixes that you can try to get rid of the issue. […]

How to change YouTube handle

"How to change YouTube handle" might be the question that's popped into your mind now as YouTube has revamped its platform with a more social touch, introducing 'handles'. This is a fresh […]

Youtube Premium price increase 2023

Youtube Premium price increase 2023: Users calls for lawsuit

YouTube Premium has been a popular subscription service for years, offering ad-free viewing, background playback, and access to YouTube Originals. However, in July 2023, Google announced that it would be increasing the […]

Youtube Stable Volume

Who needs an equalizer when you have Youtube Stable Volume?

YouTube, the beloved platform for sharing and watching videos, is constantly striving to improve user satisfaction. One of their latest endeavors is the introduction of a game-changing feature called Youtube Stable Volume. […]

YouTube takes cues from Netflix, trials premium-user feature

Users can lock their displays on YouTube to prevent unintentionally pressing a button and interfering with the video. This new function is presently being tested. The purpose of the function is to […]


YouTube intensifies crackdown on adblockers with this new restriction

After having tested blocking users with content blockers outright on YouTube, Google is now, reportedly, running a new experiment that allows users to watch three videos before they are locked out of […]

youtube playable

Playables: You may soon be playing games on YouTube

A Wall Street Journal report claims that Google is considering adding playable games to YouTube. Gaming content has a strong presence on YouTube already. Users can watch game trailers, let's plays, tips […]

How to upload Shorts on YouTube

How to upload Shorts on YouTube: Guide

With the help of the new YouTube Shorts tool, you can now produce and distribute short movies to your audience. The Shorts camera in the YouTube app makes it simple to create […]


You may soon listen to YouTube videos in any language thanks to AI

Videos uploaded to Google's video hosting site YouTube are usually available in a single language. To make these available to YouTube users who do not understand that language, Google introduced subtitle options […]

Your shot at YouTube fame just got better

In a move hailed as a boon for content creators, YouTube is substantially lowering the entry conditions for its Partner Program (YPP), introducing the new YouTube monetization requirements. These freshly minted prerequisites […]

Google is threatening privacy-friendly YouTube frontend Invidious

The open source project Invidious has received a cease and desist notice from Google owned YouTube. In the letter, which the project team published here on the project website, Google claims that […]



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