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Kerem Gülen
Jul 25, 2023
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"How to change YouTube handle" might be the question that's popped into your mind now as YouTube has revamped its platform with a more social touch, introducing 'handles'. This is a fresh approach for you to connect more dynamically with your audience. Handles work a bit like social media tags, helping fans effortlessly find their favorite creators and mention them in comments.

The significant game-changer here is the association of your YouTube handle with your channel's URL. The pattern is fairly simple and goes something like this:


Prior to this exciting new feature, there were, of course, channel links. Therefore, as a creator, you might be confused.

Fear not, because in this read, we're set to tackle these questions head-on, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how YouTube handles function. So sit back, relax, and let's delve into the world of YouTube handles.

What is a YouTube handle?

Curious about what a YouTube handle is? Simply put, it's a unique identifier for your channel, beginning with the "@" symbol.

These brief labels have been fashioned to simplify your interaction with other creators. When you're surfing through YouTube, you'll find these handles popping up in comments, within the realm of YouTube Shorts, and in every instance where someone tags you.

It's important to note that YouTube handles and channel names are two separate entities. Making changes to one doesn't impact the other – they are two independent identifiers.

Furthermore, your channel URL is now directly tied to your handle. Inputting this link into a web browser takes you straight to our YouTube channel's homepage.

This handle feature isn't universally accessible just yet, but it's gradually being rolled out. Majority of creators would have received an email prompting them to choose a handle by November 14, 2022. If they didn't make a selection, YouTube conveniently assigned one automatically.

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Where to find your YouTube handle?

Are you wondering about your current YouTube handle, perhaps because YouTube automatically assigned one for you? Let's walk you through the steps on how to find it:

  • Log into YouTube and navigate to the YouTube Studio.
  • Once there, click on Customization from the left-hand side menu.
  • Next, select Basic Info.
  • Look for the Handle section to reveal your handle.
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How to change YouTube handle?

But, what if you fancy a change? The question of how to change your YouTube handle might arise. Here's the easy-peasy way to do it:

  • Visit and click on Change Handle.
  • Key in your chosen handle or pick one from the suggested handles. Hit Confirm to seal the deal.

As you create your YouTube handle, keep in mind these nifty tips. YouTube stipulates a few rules on their support page that are worth considering:

  • Your handle should be between 3-30 characters.
  • Stick to alphanumeric characters (A–Z, a–z, 0–9).
  • You can incorporate underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.) as well.
  • It should not resemble a URL or phone number.
  • Make it distinctive - uniqueness is key.
  • Ensure it aligns with YouTube's Community Guidelines.
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What is the fate of the old URLs on YouTube?

What about the legacy URLs you ask? What's happening to them on YouTube? No need to worry - existing URLs for your channel are here to stay on YouTube. Rather than vanishing, they'll simply redirect viewers to your handle URL, leading them to the same destination - your channel homepage.

Based on the timeframe your channel was set up, there might be a variety of URLs associated with your account. Let’s say your channel’s name is: XXXX

  • Channel ID URL: This is a link that employs your channel ID, a unique set of numbers and letters. For instance:
  • Custom URL: Until recently, you could personalize this URL once you reached the milestone of 100 subscribers. A sample might be:
  • Username URL: This is an older style of link that included YouTube usernames (a requirement no longer necessary). An example would be:

Rest assured, any of these links will continue to function as anticipated.

Is it still possible to establish a custom URL for your channel?

Curious about whether you can still set a custom URL for your channel? Unfortunately, once handles have been introduced, you can't establish a new custom YouTube URL or modify an existing one. Anytime an old URL for your channel is used (inclusive of custom URLs), YouTube will redirect the user to your handle URL.

Despite YouTube handles being the flashy new addition, let's not undermine the significance of a well-crafted channel name. Although handles facilitate interaction with others, your channel name remains a separate entity. Utilize your channel name to succinctly communicate your niche, thereby attracting the right audience to your content.


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