Explained: How to get a meteorite in Pokémon Go?

Eray Eliaçik
Aug 27, 2023

Calling all Pokémon trainers, here is the answer to a popular question, "How to get a meteorite in Pokémon Go?" Are you ready to embark on an interstellar quest to harness the power of the stars? We're here to guide you through the cosmic journey of obtaining a Meteorite in Pokémon Go and transforming your Rayquaza into an awe-inspiring force of nature.

Get ready to soar through the skies and unleash the might of Dragon Ascent with our easy-to-follow steps!

How to get a meteorite in Pokémon Go?

Here are the ways to get a meteorite in Pokémon Go:

  • Sky High Quest Adventure
  • Raiding Rayquaza, if you are lucky enough
  • In-Person Go Fest Advantage

Ready to capture a cosmic treasure in Pokémon Go? Brace yourself for an interstellar adventure as we unveil the ultimate guide on snagging a Meteorite!

Sky High Quest Adventure

To snag a Meteorite, you must first complete the inaugural stage of the Sky High special research quest. Keep your eyes peeled for this exhilarating mission, introduced during the monumental Go Fest 2023 on August 27th. If you were part of this extraordinary event, you're in luck! Access to this quest is your golden ticket to Meteorite glory.

But wait, there's more! For those who secured a ticket to Go Fest 2023, a deluxe version of the quest awaits, gifting you an extra Meteorite along with exclusive rewards like Mega Rayquaza Energy and Rayquaza Candy. So, mark your calendars and get ready to bask in the meteoric splendor!

Raiding Rayquaza

Another cosmic opportunity to seize a Meteorite is by participating in Rayquaza raids, as confirmed by the Kightsbridge on TheSilphRoad subreddit. Channel your inner explorer and brave these challenging battles.


When luck smiles upon you, the rewards reaped from catching Rayquaza might just include a shimmering Meteorite. Keep your hopes high and your Poké Balls ready!

The In-Person Go Fest Advantage

If you were fortunate enough to attend the in-person Go Fest 2023 events in London, Osaka, or New York, you might already be holding a Meteorite or two in your digital treasure chest. The City Sights special research quest from Go Fest 2023 could have netted you these sought-after celestial treasures. Your globetrotting adventures have truly paid off!

Mastering the power of Meteorites

With a Meteorite securely in your possession, you're now ready to wield its cosmic might. But what's its purpose, you ask? Prepare to be amazed—Meteorites are the key to unlocking Dragon Ascent, a potent Dragon-type Charged Attack for your Rayquaza.

Empower your Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent

Equipping your Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent opens the door to Mega Evolution. Every Rayquaza graced with the knowledge of Dragon Ascent can achieve this awe-inspiring transformation. However, remember that the path to Mega Evolution requires 400 Mega Rayquaza Energy.

Unleash Mega Rayquaza's potential

Mega Evolution brings an array of bonuses to the table, and Mega Rayquaza is no exception. Engage in raids and Gym battles with boosted damage from Dragon, Flying, and Psychic-type Pokémon. Brace yourself for an influx of XP, Candy, and Candy XL when catching these mighty types.


As you evolve your Rayquaza more and more, its Mega Level will elevate, enhancing the bonuses it provides. Experience reduced rest periods and decreased Mega Energy costs as you ascend the Mega Evolution ladder.

One meteorite, one destiny

It's crucial to note that Meteorites are one-shot wonders. Once you've harnessed their energy to teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent, they vanish into the cosmos, never to return. Planning to evolve multiple Rayquaza? Brace yourself for a meteor shower of Meteorite needs!

Harness the power of the stars, trainers! With these tips, you're equipped to embark on your celestial journey to acquire a Meteorite in Pokémon Go. Awaken the might of Dragon Ascent and achieve the awe-inspiring Mega Evolution of Rayquaza. The skies are calling, and adventure awaits—let your Pokémon soar to new heights!

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