one outlook

Microsoft is working on unifying Outlook into "One Outlook"

Several different versions and editions of Microsoft Outlook exist today; there are desktop versions of Outlook for Windows and Mac devices, the Microsoft 365 subscription-based version, versions for Android and iOS, and […] new interface

Microsoft launches the new officially

Microsoft launched the new web interface today after eight months of beta testing and tweaking.  Microsoft customers could opt-in to test the new interface early during that period and provide the […]

outlook beta Beta with tabs, improved search, and more

Microsoft runs a beta right now on that users may participate in to gain access to upcoming features early. The company runs betas regularly on to test new features; usually, […]


Detect Outlook Ransomware emails with RansomSaver

RansomSaver is an add-in for Microsoft's Outlook messaging software that detects and protects against ransomware emails. Email is one of the main attack vectors of ransomware attacks. While there are other means […] premium office 365

Office 365 may include Premium

Microsoft may add Premium as an included feature to Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions soon. Microsoft's online email service is available as a free ad-supported version, and as a […]

outlook tools 3

Outlook Tools 3.0 released

Outlook Tools 3.0 is the latest version of the popular Outlook management and troubleshooting tool for Microsoft Windows devices. It is the first release of the program since 2010. We reviewed Outlook […]

In-line reply body

Outlook gets advanced rules, inline replies and more in latest update

As popular as Microsoft's email service already is, it is still playing catch-up in several areas when compared to Google's Gmail service. That does not mean that Outlook does not offer […] email alias

You can now use "+" email aliases on

Google some years ago introduced "+" aliases to Gmail which enabled you to use address variations without changing your email address at all. It allows you to add additional text to the […] imap account email

How to access email accounts using IMAP

Microsoft did enable IMAP support on a couple of days ago improving the connectivity of the company's email service significantly. Previously, users only had the option to enable POP3 connectivity […] changes the way message history works

Microsoft has replaced Hotmail, its popular online email app, by migrating users to its service, an online version of the Office suite desktop email application. Last night the software giant began sending […]

microsoft add alias

Microsoft to switch linked accounts off on

The Microsoft Outlook team announced today that it made the decision to remove linked accounts on in favor of email aliases. Linked accounts are third party email accounts that have been […]

add an email account outlook

Goodbye Hotmail! Microsoft completes Hotmail to Outlook migration.

For some time now Microsoft has been maintaining two email services at the very same time. First the established Hotmail email service and then the recently released email service. Hotmail users […]

microsoft account aliases alias sign-ins now enabled

Microsoft made several big announcements today. Earlier this day we looked at the two-step verification feature that the company is currently rolling out to provide Microsoft account owners with additional security options […]

rename microsoft account

How to rename your Microsoft account

Back when Microsoft launched the email service publicly it shipped with a feature to rename your Microsoft / Windows Live account. I unknowingly did so at that time and switched from […] attachments skydrive screenshot

Configure to always, or never, use SkyDrive for attachments

When it comes to sending files via email, users have quite a few options at their disposal to do so. Most - if not all - email providers limit the maximum attachment […]

ad-free outlook hotmail ad-free for $19.99 per year

Many Internet services displays advertisement on their websites and use it as the main revenue generating source. The revenue that is generated is then used to cover the hosting costs, pay authors […]

Microsoft Outlook 2013 deprecated feature list

Before you switch to Microsoft Outlook 2013, the company's latest version of its popular messaging client that can do a lot more than just sending and retrieving emails, you may be interested […] cookie hijacking issue

Users of or, Microsoft's two email services, should take note now. Information are stored in cookies when you use the site including whether you have successfully authorized your account or […]