Twitter is one of the companies made famous by using short text to convey a message. Now, it’s one of the most popular social network platforms where you can post any content you’d like, and we’ll cover any of the top news, updates, and guides here.

Twitter Replaces Its Free API With a Paid Tier in Quest To Make More Money

Say Goodbye to Twitter's Free API: Developers Brace for New Paid Tier

Starting February 9th, Twitter API will no longer be free to access. The Twitter developer account made the announcement late Wednesday night. While Twitter hasn’t announced more details about the pricing, it […]

Twitter finally introduces bookmarked Tweets on iOS

Twitter finally introduces bookmarked Tweets on iOS

Twitter is now rolling out a feature on iOS that allows users to easily save tweets. The new design displays the bookmark button under the expanded tweet view, making it more convenient […]

twitter email leak

Twitter: check if your email address is among the 200 million leaked

Over 200 million email addresses were copied from Twitter in early 2023. News of the leak broke when the email addressed turned up in a hacking forum. Active Twitter users and those […]

Twitter is preventing users from taking screenshots on iOS

Twitter is preventing users from taking screenshots on iOS, and wants them to share links instead

Twitter is testing a way to prevent users from capturing screenshots via its mobile app. The limitation has been reported by a few users over the weekend. Twitter is preventing iOS users […]

Twitter's edit button is available for Blue subscribers in 3 Countries

Twitter's edit button is available for Blue subscribers in 3 Countries

Twitter finally lets you fix your typos, the Edit Tweet button is here. But there is a catch, you will need to be a Twitter Blue subscriber to use the feature. In […]

How to post Tweets to your Twitter Circle

Twitter Circle is now available for all users; here's how to use it

Twitter has announced that it has rolled out Twitter Circle for all users. The social network began testing the feature in May 2022 for some users, before making it available for everyone. […]

Twitter confirms that a data breach leaked email addresses and phone numbers of users

Twitter confirms that a data breach leaked email addresses and phone numbers of users

Twitter has confirmed that it suffered a data breach which leaked the email addresses and phone numbers of users. The issue came to light after a hacker leaked a sample of the […]

Twitter launches its Tor Project onion address

Twitter may now be accessed via its dedicated Tor Project onion website. Tor users may point their browsers to https://twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion/ to access Twitter directly. Twitter follows a handful of major sites, including […]

twitter see more tweets from

How to bypass Twitter's "See more Tweets from" and "See what's happening" prompts

When you browse Twitter in a web browser without being signed in, you will soon run into roadblocks as Twitter displays "see more tweets from" and "see what's happening" messages after a […]

twitter soft block remove this follower

How useful is Twitter's new "Soft Blocking" feature?

Twitter is rolling out a new feature on the web version of the service that enables users to soft block followers. Basically, what it allows users of the service to do is […]

twitter hide trends

Hide Twitter Trends and other sidebar suggestions

Twitter displays a sidebar with regional trends and other suggestions when you use the service's web version. Some Twitter users may find these useful, others that it is a distraction or not […]

Twitter old design vs new

How to disable Twitter's new interface and get the old design back

When websites that you have grown accustomed to for years suddenly change their design, it often gets confusing. You have to re-learn how to use it which is quite a chore. Twitter, […]

twitter quality filter

How to disable Twitter's Quality Filter

Twitter uses a quality filter for notifications and search results; it is designed to filter out low(er)-quality content so that users of the service can focus their attention on the remaining content. […]

twitter change password

How to change your Twitter password

Twitter revealed on May 3, 2018 that the company stored user passwords in plain text for a considerable amount of time. The company patched the issue and investigated potential breaches but concluded […]

kapwing resize video

Resize videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter online

Kapwing's Resize Video tool is an online video resizer that you may use to create optimized videos for the popular services Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. While you can upload any captured […]

twitter image video downloads

Download Twitter images and videos automatically

Twitter Media Downloader is an  extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser to download images and videos published on Twitter automatically. Twitter is a popular social messaging service; it supports […]

twitter night mode

How to enable Night Mode on Twitter

Twitter's Night Mode feature changes the default color scheme of the social messaging site from light to dark to improve the service at night or early in the morning. The feature has […]

twitter mute new users

Twitter adds option to mute new accounts

Twitter announced on July 10 through the company's Twitter Safety account that new options to mute notifications have been added to the site. The social messaging service supports several security functions to […]

twitter update

Time to check your Twitter settings

If you open Twitter on the desktop right now you may get a notification that the company is updating is privacy policy. The notification reads: We're updating our privacy policy to bring […]

twitter lite

Twitter launches data-friendly Twitter Lite

Twitter announced today the release of Twitter Lite, a data-friendly version of the messaging site designed to be more resource friendly. Unlike other "lite" applications, it is not made available as an […]

twitter video auto-play

How to disable autoplaying videos on Twitter

If you have been to Twitter recently you may have noticed an auto-playing video on the site. Twitter, just like Facebook earlier, introduced auto-playing videos to the site recently. Auto-play has been […]

twitter promoted

Hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends on Twitter

If you are a Twitter regular using the main website of the service as your entry point and not an app or program, you may have noticed promoted content on the site […]


How to remove Twitter favorites quickly

If you have favorited a lot of Twitter messages, either by accident or on purpose, you may at one point in time like to remove favorites again. You may know that I […]

hide tweets

Hide spoilers on Twitter with shush! for Google Chrome

I prefer to watch TV shows after a season ends instead of watching individual episodes once a week. I don't mind waiting for the season to end to watch the show afterwards […]

twitter muted accounts

How to manage muted accounts on Twitter

If you spend time on Twitter regularly, you may know that tweets by users that you don't follow may appear in your timeline. This is the case when a message gets retweeted […]

twitter email notifications

How to disable Twitter email notifications

Twitter just like any other social network out there enables email notifications for its users by default. What this means is that you will get emails in regular intervals about things happening […]

mute twitter user

How to mute Twitter users, and what it means

The social messaging service Twitter is rolling out a new feature currently that adds a mute option to its software clients and Twitter on the web. When you mute someone on Twitter, […]

twitter password reset

Twitter improves account security, improves password reset

It can be difficult to keep up with security changes made by services and websites that you are a member of. If a company adds a new security related feature, it is […]

new twitter

Twitter rolls out new profiles for all users

I'm not a heavy Twitter user but keep an eye on changes that are introduced to the service. Twitter recently announced a redesign of user profiles. The new feature was rolled out […]

twitter photo tagging privacy

How to limit or disable Twitter's new photo tagging feature

Twitter announced its new photo tagging feature the other day. It adds an option to Twitter to tag photos on the site. You can tag photos with the names of up to […]

twitter promoted content

How to opt-out of tailored ads and personalization on Twitter

Twitter, just like many other "free to use" services on the Internet earns most of its revenue from advertisement that is displayed to users of the service. The company announced today that […]

twitter two-factor authentication setup

Twitter starts to roll out two-factor login verification

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to increase the security of online accounts. Companies and services like Google, PayPal or Valve are already making use of the feature to provide […]


twDocs lets you export your Twitter as a document

Twitter has become the go-to social media service for many things. You can get the latest breaking news, often before the big networks like CNN even have it. You can follow weather updates […]

twitter music

So what is Twitter #music and why do I see a black screen on the site?

Twitter launched #music yesterday, a new music discovery service that combines what Twitter users like music-wise with options to listen to that music right on the site. The service looks at general […]

twitter windows 8

The official Twitter app for Windows 8 is now available

With Twitter limiting third party developer API access, users either have to find an application for their system that has not reached that limit yet, or use one of the official clients […]

twitter download message archive screenshot

How to download your Twitter archive to your computer

Twitter users up until now had only one option at their disposal to access past messages that they have posted on the social messaging site: to browse the tweets manually on the […]

twitter two factor authentication screenshot

Report: Twitter to improve security with two-factor authentication

Many websites and services implement two-factor authentication as another line of defense against phishing attacks and hacking attempts.If enabled, users of the service or website need to not only enter their usernames […]


Discover what people post on Vine

Twitter launched the short video publishing service Vine a couple of days ago and while I'm not that fond of the idea, it seems to have struck a nerve with the mobile […]

Twitter Vine: video sharing with a six second limit

Many people were not really sure about Twitter's chance of success when it was released to the public. A 140 character limit for messages did not really make a lot of sense […]

secure passwords

The ultimate guide to securing your Twitter account

Twitter, like any other high profile site on the Internet, is targeted by hackers, scammers, spammers and users who use it to distribute malware or spam. Security of the Twitter account is […]



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