Twitter is one of the companies made famous by using short text to convey a message. Now, it’s one of the most popular social network platforms where you can post any content you’d like, and we’ll cover any of the top news, updates, and guides here.


Old TweetDeck is back without an announcement

Users all around Twitter have been claiming that TweetDeck's older, superior version has reappeared, along with the free API access that allowed the development of third party Twitter applications. When Twitter abruptly […]

linda yaccarino twitter reading cap

Twitter allows guests to read tweets again, but "something went wrong" spoils the fun

Last week, Twitter implemented changes on the social messaging site that prevented anonymous users, those without an account, from reading tweets, searching the site or browsing profiles. The restriction has been lifted […]

linda yaccarino twitter reading cap

Linda Yaccarino speaks out about Twitter's reading cap

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has defended the company's recent decision to impose temporary reading limits on its users. In a tweet, Yaccarino said that the move was necessary to "keep strengthening the […]

TweetDeck not working

Are you a Blue subscriber but TweetDeck not working for you? Here is how to fix it!

After Elon Musk's announcement that Twitter accounts can now see limited tweets, users who thought they had found an alternative solution started to encounter TweetDeck not working error. TweetDeck is a powerful […]

Twitter 2.0

Twitter gives a reason for rate limiting users on the site

Social messaging service Twitter implemented two drastic changes on the site that limited access to it for a large number of users. First, Twitter limited access to anonymous users, so that these […]


Twitter makes TweetDeck more ''exclusive''

Twitter has announced that it will require users to be verified in order to continue using TweetDeck, a popular social media management tool. The change will take effect on August 2, 2023. […]

Twitter 2.0

Twitter is limiting the number of posts users can read

After shutting off anonymous access to the site, Twitter owner Elon Musk announced the introduction of rate limits for registered users. According to Musk's initial announcement on Twitter, fired off as a […]

Twitter 2.0

How to bypass Twitter's login prompt and access content without account

Internet users who want to access content on Twitter without account may have noticed that Twitter is now redirecting some attempts to do so to its login page. Twitter content is often […]

Twitter 2.0

Twitter 2.0 explained by the new CEO

The new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, sent out the first email to employees to share her vision for Twitter 2.0 and what is ahead of the company going into new adventures. Yaccarino stated […]

Twitter notes on media

Twitter "Notes on Media" to fight bad actors

Twitter has launched its newest feature named "Notes on Media" to fight against misleading information. AI-generated images are all over the internet and they might be pretty dangerous under certain circumstances. Twitter […]

Twitter API Pro

Twitter API Pro is on the agenda with its price rather than its features

Twitter unveiled its latest offering, the Twitter API Pro, targeting startups seeking to scale their business operations. Priced at $5,000 per month, this new API tier aims to bridge the gap between […]

instagram twitter

Instagram to challenge Twitter this summer

Instagram is reportedly working on a text-based application, and recent rumors say that it might come to life this summer to challenge Twitter. Meta's Instagram is planning to compete with Twitter with […]

twitter new CEO

Next chapter for Twitter: Elon Musk finds new CEO

Elon Musk announced that Twitter will be run by a new CEO starting next week. Musk made the announcement on the platform but didn't specify who will be the new CEO. Musk […]

Twitter: Pay us to encrypt your direct messages

Elon Musk confirmed the availability of encrypted direct messages on Twitter earlier today after he teased it last week. The milestone is marred by restrictions, as the feature is only available for […]

Elon Musk can't read your Twitter direct messages anymore starting tomorrow

Twitter news have not been all that positive since Elon Musk's acquisition of the service. There have been layoffs, subscription changes, API limitations, removal of a security feature, or the rumor that […]

The great Twitter purge of 2023 has been announced

The social messaging service Twitter plans to purge inactive accounts in the near future to free up handles on the site. Elon Musk confirmed the plan on Twitter yesterday, stating "We’re purging […]

Twitter circle

Your Twitter Circle is finally "safe"

Users have been reporting several complaints about their Twitter Circle not being "private." Twitter finally acknowledged the situation and sent out an email saying the issue is now fixed. Last month, a […]

Twitter applauded for new emergency feature

Twitter has recently made a significant announcement on its API usage policy. The social media giant has revealed that it will be offering its API for free to accounts that post public […]

Twitter labels

New Twitter labels now available for use

Twitter recently announced its new labels to limit the visibility of "hateful" tweets, and today, the company announced that the new labels are now live. Twitter continues to make changes after Elon […]

Blue tick fiasco: Top accounts regain verification

Twitter has announced that it is restoring the coveted Blue tick marks to some large accounts, even if they did not pay for a subscription. This follows the removal of thousands of […]

Guns out: Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft

In a shocking turn of events, Elon Musk, Twitter's CEO, has threatened to take legal action against Microsoft, accusing the tech titan of unlawfully using data from his social media platform. Musk […]

Twitter's new labels limit visibility of "hateful" tweets

Several media organizations have recently criticized Twitter for their labeling policies, which has prompted the social media platform, led by Elon Musk, to introduce new labels. The goal is to better identify […]

Twitter DM government Musk

Government reading our Twitter DMs? Musk says yes!

In a recent interview, Elon Musk claimed that the U.S. government had complete access to everything on Twitter. Tucker Carlson from Fox News interviewed Musk, and a shocking truth came out. Carlson […]

Twitter Super Follows Subscriptions

Twitter Super Follows become Subscriptions: What is new?

According to Elon Musk, Twitter is adding a new monetization method by rebranding "Super Followers" to "Subscriptions." This will make creators profit from the platform by offering exclusive content like tweets, spaces, […]

Twitter Blue 10,000 characters

Break the barrier: Up to 10,000 characters with Twitter Blue

Twitter is bringing more features for its Blue subscribers as recently the company announced that the paid users will be able to tweet up to 10,000 characters in length, with bold and […]

Twitter circle data breach

Twitter Circle data breach: Think twice before tweeting

Twitter users are reporting that their Circle tweets are appearing on others' timelines. Circle tweets are addressed to a smaller list of people, similar to Instagram's Close Friends, but these tweets haven't […]

Substack launches Notes, a Twitter-like posting platform

Substack announced the roll out of a new short-form content posting feature that it calls Notes earlier this week. Notes enables writers to post shorter content and ideas, very similarly to how […]

High-Profile Celebrities are Refusing to Pay for Twitter Blue

High-Profile Celebrities are Refusing to Pay for Twitter Blue

What is the potential impact of influential celebrities like William Shatner and LeBron James refusing to subscribe to Twitter Blue? Click here to learn more

Twitter’s New Label Makes It Hard To Differentiate Between Legacy and Paid Verified Accounts

Twitter’s New Label Makes It Hard To Differentiate Between Legacy and Paid Verified Accounts

Elon Musk gets dragged back into the news with his comments on the blue tick on Twitter. The CEO has made some controversial claims about the tick.

Twitter algorithm goes public: Here is how it works

Twitter is a powerful tool for sharing ideas and connecting with people around the world. However, standing out on this platform can be challenging, particularly if you're looking to grow your following. […]

Small Developers will Face a New Challenge: New API Pricing

Small Developers will Face a New Challenge: New API Pricing

While Twitter has announced its new API tier prices, many small developers say they can’t afford the ones they need.

Elon Musk unsurprisingly Becomes Twitter’s Most-Followed Account

Elon Musk is now officially the number one followed account on Twitter, but how did he get there? We take a few guesses.

Elon Musk and others call for a six-month AI pause, citing ‘risks to society.’

Elon Musk and others call for a six-month AI pause, citing ‘risks to society.’

Elon Musk and other tech leaders have called for a six-month "AI pause," citing potential societal risks. Learn more about their concerns and why they feel taking a step back is necessary.

Elon Musk states that only Twitter Verified Accounts will Appear on For You page

Elon says that you will need to have a verified account if you want your content to appear on the For You Twitter page, and blames it on bots.

A user got into the Twitter system and leaked its source code; now the company wants to find out who did it!

Twitter meltdown: Musk's top-secret code goes public

Twitter says that a part of its source code has been leaked online and posted on GitHub. It was immediately taken down after Twitter's request. A user named "FreeSpeechEnthusiast" shared Twitter's source […]

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Paying for Blue

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Paying for Blue

Twitter has gotten wild over the last few months. Ever since Elon Musk took over, Twitter has not been able to stay out of the news. From data leaks to bans on […]

Twitter claims ‘legacy’ blue checkmarks will start to disappear on April Fools’ Day

Twitter's Plan to Phase Out Legacy Verified Checkmarks - Is it Just Another Elon Musk Troll?

Twitter claims ‘legacy’ blue checkmarks will start to disappear on April Fools’ Day. Read more details here!

Twitter's Subscription Service Twitter Blue Promises Made and Broken

Twitter's Subscription Service Twitter Blue: Promises Made and Broken

Twitter Blue: Promises Made by CEO Elon Musk Yet to Materialize . Read more about the missing features.

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication

How To Secure Your Twitter Account Without Sms-Based Two-Factor Authentication

Since Twitter disabled SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) for non-paying users, there are still ways you can protect your twitter account for free. Stay here to read more about the reasons for this […]

How to protect your Twitter login with Bitwarden

Twitter plans to disable SMS-based two-factor authentication for free users of the platform today. The change is automatic and Twitter users who have used it up until now will have their account […]



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