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Avira Free Security for Mac is an excellent security software for Apple Macintosh devices

Avira Free Security for Mac is a free antivirus, security and privacy solution for Apple Macintosh devices that protects Macs reliably from attacks. Macs do need security software as devices running Mac […]

outlook parameter gui

Outlook Parameter Gui, Start Outlook With Parameters

It is sometimes necessary to start the desktop email client Outlook with startup parameters, usually to resolve issues or troubleshoot the program. It is for instance possible to use startup commands to […]

outlook autoconfig

CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig, Add Outlook Accounts Comfortably

Setting up new email accounts can be a tedious and complicated task. Many users do not like this initial configuration, as it requires quite some work to add the incoming and outgoing […]

outlook 2010 training

Free Microsoft Outlook 2010 Training Courses

Microsoft has created several free online training courses for their latest Outlook version Outlook 2010. The free training courses are designed for new Outlook users, and users who recently switched from a […]

outlook blocked attachment

Outlook Blocked Attachment Unlocker

Microsoft's popular desktop email client Outlook blocks specific attachments by default, in order to increase the security of the system. File attachments with extensions such as exe or reg will be blocked […]

outlook password recovery

Outlook Password Recovery

Microsoft Outlook uses Personal Storage Table (.pst) files to save emails, calendar events and to-do lists. The pst files can be password protected but even Microsoft admits that this specific type of […]

outlook 2010 attachment exceeds limit

Increase Outlook 2010 Attachment Size

Most email providers limit the maximum size of attachments to a specific number, usually between five and 25 Megabytes. Companies like Microsoft have even started to offer workarounds by combining their email […]

Outlook / Facebook Social Connector out today

Microsoft is going to release the Facebook social connector for Outlook later today according to Neowin.  The connector allows you to integrate your Facebook contacts into Outlook to view things like their status […]

outlook tools

Microsoft Outlook Tools

Outlook Tools is a third party software for Microsoft Outlook that provides support and advanced settings for users working with the email client on a regular basis. The free software program will […]

outlook hotmail connector

Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector 14 Download

Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector 14.0 final has just been released by Microsoft. Outlook Connector allows Outlook users to manage Windows Live Hotmail email, calendar and contacts from within Outlook. The new version […]


Edit Microsoft Outlook Autocomplete List

NK2Edit is a free program for devices running Microsoft Windows that allows you to edit Outlook's autocomplete list. Microsoft Outlook automatically displays a list of contacts and email addresses based on the […]

Outlook Calendar And Tasks On The Desktop

Daniel reviewed a program called Outlook on the desktop two years ago which enables Windows users to display the Outlook calendar on the system's desktop where it can be conveniently accessed without […]

Personalize E-Mail Messages With BCC This

BCC This is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that enables you to add custom messages to some BCC recipients to email messages. E-Mails can be sent to one or multiple recipients. Problem […]

Remove Duplicate PST Files From Microsoft Outlook

PST Ghostbuster is a free program for Microsoft Windows that enables you to remove duplicate PST files from Microsoft Outlook 2010 or earlier. It can happen that duplicate pst files appear in […]

Sync Facebook Photos With Outlook Contacts

Microsoft's Outlook email client comes with an option to add photos to contacts that have been added automatically or manually by the user. This does make sense as it becomes easier to […]

Microsoft Outlook Data Export Add-In

Outlook Data Export is a free add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that enables you to export data from Outlook to various formats. Microsoft Outlook is a desktop email client that is part […]

Outlook Duplicate Items Remover

There are several possibilities why duplicate items can appear in Microsoft Outlook including mail retrieval errors or importing data from another source like Gmail or another email program. Duplicate items take up […]

Microsoft Outlook Temp Cleaner

All versions of Microsoft Outlook use a temp folder for email attachments. This temp folder can grow in size and pose a security risk if others have access to the computer system. […]

Microsoft Research ESL Assistant

People who learned English as their second language usually make different mistakes than English natives. This can be attributed to a number of factors with the differences between their native language and […]