Outlook Express Email Recovery with Mail Cure

Mail Cure is a portable software application for the Windows operating system that has been designed to recover accidentally deleted email messages. Unlike other email recovery tools Mail Cure does not only look for existing mail databases and emails but does scan the free space of the hard drive for traces of mailboxes or deleted emails.

The email recovery software will post a list of all available hard drives at the beginning of which the user can select one that should be crawled for deleted emails. The scan of the hard drive depends largely on its size and the available resources. The email recovery application will display the progress at the top of the window including the emails that have been found so far.

The emails can be accessed right away even if the scan of the hard drive is still underway which is excellent if time is of essence. It can happen that the preview of some of the recovered emails is not shown at all or only partially which means that this email is not recoverable completely.

outlook express email recovery

Emails that have been discovered during the scan can not only be previewed but also exported as a txt or eml document. The txt documents are more easily accessible while the eml format can be used to import the emails into email programs like Microsoft Outlook but also Mozilla Thunderbird and others.

It has to be noted that Mail Cure will not only find Outlook Express email messages but also other email messages. A test on a computer that never made use of Outlook Express but Mozilla Thunderbird resulted in thousands of mail messages that have been found after the scan.

The emails can be sorted in various ways including by sender, date or subject. It is furthermore possible to search for text in all emails that have been found so far. Mail Cure is an excellent email recovery software. Its portable nature makes it an ideal companion for a portable tool collection.

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  1. Stephen Lembert July 14, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    Deleted e-mails can not be recovered after long time. As long as the time passes it vanishes the chances of recovering the deleted emails. this is because of the fact that no utility can recover overwritten data. So it is suggested to go for the recovery process as early you come to know that you have lost or deleted some important mailbox data or emails. One such deleted email recovery tool I am familiar with is provided by Stellar Phoenix. They also provide demo version of the tool that previews all the recoverable items which could be recovered.

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