YouTube is a platform home to thousands of content creators and streamers producing videos for entertainment and education. As one of the companies owned by Google, there’s many tips, news, scandals, features, and tools we’ll share for you to read.

youtube autoplay

Google tests autoplaying videos on YouTube for Android

If you use the official YouTube application on an Android device, you may have noticed that videos start to play automatically when you open the application or browse the video selection on […]

youtube new design 2017

YouTube launches new design to a worldwide audience

A new design is being rolled out to YouTube's worldwide desktop audience right now that brings Google's Material Design style to the video portal. This new design has been available to select […]

blur faces

YouTube's improved Blur Faces tool launches

Ryan Stevens, Software Engineer at YouTube, announced today that YouTube has updated the service's Blur Faces tool to improve its accuracy and ease of use. YouTube introduced a face blurring tool back […]

youtube video editor

YouTube Video Editor and Photo slideshows being retired

Google plans to remove the two YouTube features Video Editor and Photo slideshows from the popular video hosting and streaming service. The company revealed the decision on two YouTube support pages. According […]

youtube android old layout

YouTube App update launches with major UI changes

Google launched a new version of the YouTube application today on iOS and Android which comes with major changes to the apps' interface. Changing the interface of an app that has been […]

youtube heroes

YouTube Heroes: new volunteer program for YouTube

YouTube Heroes is a new volunteer program that Google just launched to make YouTube a friendlier place by reporting videos, sharing knowledge or adding subtitles to videos. YouTube is without the shadow […]

youtube community

YouTube's Community feature launches

YouTube Community is a new feature of the world's most popular video streaming site that allows content producers to interact directly with their community. One of the shortcomings of YouTube up until […]

youtube social network

Google does not give up: YouTube next social network?

Google tried to establish a social networking site several times in the past to complete with the almighty Facebook. But even the company's latest endeavor in the social space, Google Plus, did […]

youtube unplugged tv

YouTube Unplugged Online TV service may be coming

YouTube is without doubt the most popular video hosting and streaming website on the Internet, and even though that is the case, Google did not make any money from the service last […]

youtube modern design

Preview YouTube's Modern Design refresh

Google tests a Modern Design refresh of its video streaming service YouTube currently that is going to be launched later this year if the test shows promising results. These tests, regardless of […]

YouTube Red mobile app

Would you pay $9.99 per month for an ad-free YouTube?

Google revealed the much-anticipated subscription service YouTube Red official at an event in Los Angeles today. YouTube Red, which will launch officially on October 28, will be a subscription-based service that provides […]

youtube transparent player

How to activate YouTube's transparent player design

Changes on YouTube are not rolled out to all users at once. Google tests them on the live site after testing them internally by enabling them for a fraction of the site's […]

youtube cards

That i icon on YouTube? That's the new Cards feature

If you have watched a YouTube video lately you may have noticed an i icon appear in the top right corner on the site like on this video here. This is YouTube's […]

youtube autoplay

Google tests new video autoplay feature on YouTube

If you have been to YouTube recently and played a couple of videos on the site you may have noticed that new videos were loaded automatically at the end of the one […]

youtube html5 video

YouTube switches to HTML5 video in most browsers by default

The video hosting site YouTube supports Adobe Flash and HTML5 Video and delivers videos based on the web browser and system used to access the site. Chrome users were defaulted to the […]

youtube gifs

Option to create video gifs on YouTube tested currently

Big news today for anyone who loves animated gifs and YouTube videos. Google is testing the creation of gif files on YouTube currently on select channels. Instead of having to rely on […]

youtube 60fps

YouTube supports 60 fps videos now

Frames per seconds and resolution are a big deal in the gaming world and it is usually the case that the more you get the better for the gaming experience. While screen […]

video resumer

How to resume YouTube videos automatically or manually

Whenever you open a video page on the video hosting site YouTube, it starts to play from the beginning. While that is not an issue if you never opened the video before, […]

youtube enforce html5

Google enforces HTML5 use on YouTube for Firefox

Google Chrome users who are regulars on Google's video hosting platform YouTube have been forced to use the HTML5 player on the website for some time now. Google provided Chrome users as […]


Audentifi identifies artist and song of YouTube videos

If you are a regular on the video hosting website YouTube, you may have had issues identifying music used in some of the videos. This is generally not a problem for single […]

youtube messages

YouTube switches its inbox system to Google+

Brace yourself. If you thought that switching the commenting system from its own to one powered by Google+ was bad enough on YouTube, you may not like what Google has been cooking […]

youtube an error occurred please try again later

Fix An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later on YouTube error

Whenever I tried to play a YouTube video in the most recent version of Firefox lately, it would only display the advertisement before the video for a couple of seconds before a […]

youtube chrome html5 player

Chrome users don't get Flash option on YouTube anymore

Google has removed the option to switch between Adobe Flash and the HMTL5 Video Player on YouTube for Chrome users. You have two core options when it comes to playing videos on […]

google youtube rss feeds

Google's war on RSS continues, shuts down YouTube user subscriptions feeds

One of the great features of YouTube is that you can subscribe to users and channels you are interested in. If you do so on site, you receive update notifications on your […]

youtube what to watch homepage

How to remove channel recommendations permanently on YouTube

YouTube's new What to Watch page is a mess. It offers a mixture of updates from channels that you are subscribed to and popular channels on YouTube that the site's algorithm thinks […]

youtube resize dynamic

How to enable a dynamic player size on YouTube

One of the things that have bothered me on YouTube for a while is the static player that the site uses. While you can select a small, large or full screen player, […]

change youtube player size

How to increase YouTube's video player size beyond the default values

When you play a video on the video hosting site YouTube, you have three options when it comes to the size of the player video. You can switch between a small and […]

new youtube layout

YouTube launches new centered layout: does away with sidebar menu

If you have visited YouTube today, or have been part of the beta test of the new site layout, then you have probably noticed that quite a few things have changed on […]

youtube full length movies

Get the most out of YouTube with advanced search filters

With thousands of minutes of videos uploaded to YouTube each minute, it becomes an organizational challenge to make available those contents to a worldwide audience. While YouTube displays a selection of videos […]

youtube subscriptions sort

How to sort YouTube subscriptions

I have started to use YouTube actively as a user only recently. Before that, I was using the site anonymously. This changed when I started to follow certain video creators actively on […]


How to subscribe to RSS feeds on YouTube

You can subscribe to video authors and channels on YouTube to be informed whenever new videos are uploaded to them. This is a very handy feature, as you do not have to […]

youtube guide menu

Fix YouTube Guide button displaying menu every time

For the past couple of days I have faced something very annoying on YouTube. Whenever I opened a page on the website, and it does not matter if it is the homepage, […]

customize youtube with adblock

Adblock Plus lets you block YouTube annoyances now

The makers of the ad-blocking browser extension Adblock Plus have created several new custom blocking options. While those options were more or less available before as well, the new way of presenting […]


How to get rid of YouTube's new Google+ comment system

If you have been on YouTube recently you may have noticed the new commenting system that Google implemented on the site recently. Basically, if you want to comment, you need to have […]

changes to youtube comments

Google makes changes to YouTube comments: enforces Google+ account

If you have been to YouTube in the past 24 hour period you may have noticed a notification in the comment section on the website that provided you with information about changes […]


Fan Canvas visualizes a YouTube user's video history

If you follow a couple of video producers or people who upload videos on YouTube you may have encountered situation where you want to browse the latest videos released by them, or […]

web browser media source extensions

Why you can't play 1080p or 480p YouTube HTML5 videos in Firefox anymore

The popular video hosting and streaming website YouTube uses two technologies to stream videos to its users. Either by making use of Adobe Flash, or HTML5 Video, with the latter option marked […]

youtube set volume

How to set a fixed video volume on YouTube

I recently noticed a strange behavior on YouTube while playing videos in the Google Chrome web browser. While I was able to change the volume using the slider of the video player […]

youtube no audio

No Audio on YouTube? That's a bug! Fix inside

If you have been to the popular video hosting website YouTube recently you may have noticed that audio is not working on the site while videos are just playing fine on it. […]

youtube video responses

Make video response links more visible on YouTube

When I'm watching videos on YouTube, I'm usually ignoring the comment section as it is filled with spam, immature contents and other comments that do not really add anything to the video […]



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