Netflix GTA trilogy

Netflix announces GTA trilogy for mobile devices

In a move that will undoubtedly excite gamers worldwide, Netflix has announced that the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition will be making its mobile debut exclusively […]

Operation Deep Freeze R6 update

Operation Deep Freeze R6 update delayed

Rainbow Six Siege players eagerly awaiting the new Operation Deep Freeze R6 update will have to wait a bit longer, as Ubisoft has announced a delay "for further testing". The Rainbow Six […]

New Reddit logo

Rising from the ashes with the new Reddit logo

Reddit, the popular social media platform known for its vibrant communities and lively discussions, has recently undergone a rebranding amidst the Reddit IPO rumors, introducing a refreshed logo and a suite of […]

Average Spotify listening time

How big a part has music played in your life this year?

Spotify Wrapped 2023 has arrived, offering music enthusiasts a personalized glimpse into their listening patterns. Among the intriguing data points revealed is the average Spotify listening time, a metric that encapsulates the […]

Android 14 QPR beta

What's new in Android 14 QPR beta?

Google's Android operating system has consistently evolved over the years, bringing new features and enhancements to the mobile platform. As part of this continuous improvement process, Google routinely releases Quarterly Platform Releases […]

Okta Hack

When will the cybersecurity company Okta ensure its own security?

On Tuesday, Okta revealed that hackers had stolen data from all of its customer support users in a major breach of its customer support system. The company had previously said that only […]

How to get Spotify Wrapped 2023

A musical flashback with Spotify Wrapped 2023

The wait is finally over and Spotify Wrapped 2023 is here, offering a personalized recap of your listening habits over the past year. This year's Wrapped introduces new features, including a section […]

How to get Apple Music Replay 2023

Apple Music Replay is here!

As the year drew to a close, music lowers were eagerly awaiting the unveiling of their personalized listening habits through Apple Music Replay 2023 which is an interactive feature that provides a […]

How to turn off Opera startup sound

Please tune it down Opera!

Opera stands out as a popular choice for users seeking a fast, secure, and feature-rich browsing experience. However, one aspect of Opera that can sometimes be bothersome is the startup sound that […]

Reddit IPO goals for 2024

Reddit reawakens IPO hopes for 2024

Amidst signs of a reawakening market for initial public offerings (IPOs), Reddit, the popular social media platform, is reportedly reviving its IPO plans, signaling a potential listing in the first quarter of […]

Huawei satellite internet

Huawei enters the satellite internet arena

The race to provide global internet access has taken a significant leap forward with Huawei's recent testing of its Starlink-like satellite internet service. The concept of satellite internet has been around for […]

Monopoly Go Bows and Bandits

Monopoly Go Bows and Bandits event is here!

The Monopoly GO craze is growing like an avalanche with a brand-new event. The timeless board game is now in everyone's pocket and more exciting than ever. The Monopoly GO Bows and […]

Tesla sues Sweden

Tesla sues Sweden over discriminatory attack allegations

Tesla sues Sweden transport agency due to "discriminatory attack" on the US electric carmaker after strike action prevented its new vehicles from getting license plates in Sweden. Swedish Tesla workers are calling […]

Monopoly GO free dice links Discord

Discord is the place for Monopoly GO free dice links

Monopoly GO has taken the world by storm, bringing the classic board game to life on your mobile device. But what happens when you've rolled all your dice and can't seem to […]

When is Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event

The next Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event is just around the corner

Players are no longer confined to tabletops and cleanup duties, Monopoly GO invites you to hit GO, roll the dice, and amass Monopoly money as you engage with friends, family, and fellow […]

Meta lawsuit children

Meta was accused of irresponsibility towards underage children

A newly unsealed document in a lawsuit filed against Meta by 33 states sheds further light on the company's alleged practices regarding underage users. The complaint, which was first obtained by The […]

Adult Swim app not working

Rick and Morty's next adventure falters

Adult Swim is a popular American adult animation programming block owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. It airs on Cartoon Network late at night and also has its own streaming app that allows […]

iPhone NameDrop warning

MDP warns parents about this iOS feature

In a recent social media post, the Middletown Division of Police in Ohio has put an iPhone NameDrop warning for parents. Introduced in the iOS 17 update, this feature allows users to […]

How to fix Mi TV remote not working

Is your Xiaomi TV remote not working? Here's the solution

The convenience of a smart TV is only as good as its remote control, and when that remote decides to go on strike, it can be a frustrating experience. Xiaomi's Mi TV […]

Flipboard leaves Twitter for Mastodon

Flipboard leaves X for Mastodon

Social media platforms and their applications rise and fall, adapt and transform, mirroring the dynamic nature of human communication. In recent weeks, a significant shift has taken place, as Flipboard, a popular […]

Nvidia Valeo lawsuit

Nvidia employee's blunder led to a lawsuit

French automotive company Valeo has sued NVIDIA, alleging that the company stole its trade secrets. The lawsuit stems from a screensharing incident in 2022, in which an NVIDIA employee inadvertently shared Valeo's […]

Monopoly Go links November 2023

Never run out of dice with these Monopoly GO links

Monopoly GO is an exciting mobile game that allows you to explore the classic Monopoly universe in a new way. Players are no longer confined to tabletops and cleanup duties, Monopoly GO […]

Arc Max features for Windows and macOS

Arc Max provides AI experience without overwhelming users with AI

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a common theme for web browsers, often manifested as intrusive sidebars or gimmicky features. However, Arc Max Browser, a relatively new entrant in the […]

Ticketek Marketplace not working

Fans are still waiting for Ticketek's systems to open

About 3 months before the Australian leg of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, Swifties are not smiling again because Ticketek Marketplace not working at the moment. Ticketek, a well-established Australian ticket provider, was […]

How to download Reels on Instagram

No more need for 3rd party sites to download Reels

Instagram has expanded its Reels download feature to all users worldwide, after initially testing it with U.S. users in June. This change allows users to download publicly posted Reels clips, providing greater […]

OpenAI Q-star

Should we fear what's unknown about the AI?

According to Reuters, OpenAI researchers warned the company's board of directors about a groundbreaking AI discovery just days before CEO Sam Altman's sudden firing. The researchers expressed concerns about the potential risks […]

How did Welltok data breach happen

Data of 8.5 million patients compromised in the United States

Healthcare SaaS provider Welltok has disclosed a data breach that has compromised the personal information of nearly 8.5 million patients in the United States. Welltok works with healthcare providers across the US, […]

Spotify Fanalytics how to use

Don't wait for Spotify Wrapped with

As 2023 draws to a close, Spotify users can turn to Spotify Fanalytics to uncover the artists who dominated their playlists this year. Spotify Wrapped 2023 will be with us very soon […]

Why did Jane Boutique shut down

The Black Friday for fashion sellers has come early

Jane Boutique shut down suddenly and its customers and sellers are seeking answers about why the popular online fashion retailer's site and social media accounts are gone. Jane Boutique was known for […]

Sony lawsuit

PlayStation Store is a thorn in Sony's side

The digital gaming landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with online storefronts becoming the primary means of acquiring and playing games. While this shift has brought convenience and accessibility […]

How to use ChatGPT with voice

Ready for hours of conversations with ChatGPT?

OpenAI has introduced a major update to its ChatGPT platform, making the voice feature available to all users for free. This significant enhancement allows users to interact with ChatGPT using their voice, […]

Sam Altman returns to OpenAI

OpenAI's CEO Deja vu

OpenAI has announced the return of Sam Altman as its Chief Executive Officer. This revelation comes on the heels of Altman's abrupt dismissal from the AI startup just a week ago, a […]

Who is new Binance CEO Richard Teng

Who is new Binance CEO? Meet Richard Teng

After the Binance CEO announced his resignation, one of the most asked questions in the crypto world was "who is new Binance CEO". The replacement for the iconic face of crypto has […]

Binance CEO CZ steps down

Breaking: Binance CEO announces his resignation

The cryptocurrency industry has been marked by rapid growth, innovation, and a fair share of controversy. One of the most prominent players in this dynamic realm, Binance, has been under scrutiny from […]

What is RCS chat and how to use it

Our universal messaging path may soon change

Text messaging has long been the staple for exchanging quick messages and updates. However, as technology has evolved, the limitations of traditional SMS have become increasingly apparent. Traditional SMS messages are restricted […]

Meridianlink breach

MeridianLink breach delivers the funniest moment cyberspace has ever seen

A notorious ransomware group known as ALPHV/BlackCat has taken extortion to a new level by filing a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against one of their alleged victims, […]

Binance settlement

Major blow to Binance from the United States

The cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance faces a possible $4 billion settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to settle a criminal investigation into the […]

WhatsApp 23.24.70

Want to login to WhatsApp but can't find your phone? No problem!

WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform, has rolled out a new update for iOS devices, bringing a notable feature that enhances user experience and security. The latest version, WhatsApp 23.24.70, introduces the ability […]

How to install Minecraft Optifine 1.20.2

New version of Minecraft's beloved mod is almost here

Today marks the release of Minecraft Optifine 1.20.2, a comprehensive update featuring numerous enhancements and adjustments to the gameplay experience. Commencing development in August and concluding soon, this update underwent rigorous testing […]

LoL Season 2024 Map changes, new objectives and more

Are League players ready for the new season?

League of Legends is on the brink of a transformative shift as LoL Season 2024 prepares to unleash a wave of unprecedented changes. Riot Games has unveiled a captivating gameplay teaser showcasing […]