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Grab the Disney+ New Promotional Price for the Next Three Months!

Have you been standing by the fence wondering if you should subscribe to Disney+? If that subscription price has been bothering you, you’re in for a treat. You can now pay $1.99 […]

iPhone 15 titanium frame discoloration

iPhone 15 Pro has an unexpected flaw

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have made their debut, but an unexpected issue has emerged - reports of discoloration on their titanium frames. Apple's iPhones have always been […]

How to use Multiview on YouTube TV

YouTube TV now supports 4 simultaneous streams

As of 2023, the way we consume content has evolved dramatically. No longer are we limited to watching just one TV channel at a time; instead, we have the power to choose […]

How to fix iOS 17 NameDrop not working

Is your NameDrop not working? Here's what you can do

NameDrop is a new feature in iOS 17 that allows you to share your contact information with another iPhone user by simply touching your phones together. It's a quick and easy way […]

Amazon AI

Alexa is now much smarter thanks to LLM

Amazon announced a new generative Alexa AI, an AI-powered version of its popular voice assistant. This new version of Alexa is powered by a custom-built large language model (LLM) that has been […]

T-mobile data breach 2023

T-mobile app glitch compromised personal information of hundreds of users

T-Mobile, one of the largest mobile carriers in the United States, has experienced a major security breach that has exposed the personal information of millions of customers. The breach was first reported […]

OpenAI introduces DALL-E 3 integrated with ChatGPT

OpenAI introduces ChatGPT integrated DALL-E 3

OpenAI unveiled DALL-E 3, the latest version of its text-to-image generator. DALL-E 3 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, DALL-E 2, in terms of image quality, realism, and versatility. It can […]

introduced many innovations to iPhones, but do you know how to use Personal Voice in iOS 17?

How to use Personal Voice in iOS 17

Apple's latest operating system iOS 17, introduces a revolutionary new feature called Personal Voice. This innovative technology allows users to create their own custom text-to-speech voice, giving them more control over how […]

intel meteo lake features release date and more

Intel's 14th-gen Meteor Lake is coming soon

Intel's next-generation Meteor Lake processors are a major departure from the company's previous CPU designs. With a tile-based chipset design, dedicated AI processing capabilities, and a new kind of cores, Meteor Lake […]

How to fix iOS 17 charging issues and iPhone not charging error

Your iPhone won't charge after iOS 17 update? Here is what you can do

iOS 17 is the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, released in September 2023. iOS brings a number of new features and improvements. However, some users have reported problems with their […]

Destiny 2 DDoS attack 2023

Destiny 2 players are battling DDoS attacks

Destiny 2 players are facing an unexpected challenge as Bungie, the game's developer, sheds light on a series of perplexing error codes and disconnection problems. These issues, previously attributed to an in-game […]

How to configure StandBy iOS 17

iOS 17's new StandBy feature offers plenty of customization options

iOS 17 introduces a standout feature: StandBy, a smart landscape display mode for your iPhone when it's charging. This feature provides access to various clock faces, widgets, photos, and more. Here's a […]

FTC case leaks a discless Xbox Series X design

FTC case leaks a discless Xbox Series X design

In a recent revelation from documents obtained by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Microsoft is gearing up for a significant refresh of its Xbox Series X console in 2024. Codenamed Brooklin, this […]

Elon Musk charging for Twitter

Are Elon Musk charging for Twitter rumors true?

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind X (formerly Twitter), has recently announced a significant development that's set to reshape the platform's subscription model. X's "X Premium" subscription program, formerly known as "Twitter Blue," […]

new WatchOS 10 features

New WatchOS 10 features mesmerize users

On September 18, 2023, Apple unveiled watchOS 10, a groundbreaking update that revolutionizes the Apple Watch experience. Apple, which made an ambitious entry into the market with the release of the Apple […]

iOS 17 Contact Poster not working

Can't use the Contact Poster you've been eagerly waiting for? Here is why

iOS 17 has brought several exciting features to iPhones, making them more personal and intuitive. However, some users have encountered issues with the contact poster feature. If you're facing the problem of […]

New iOS 17 features

A sneak peek at new iOS 17 features

Apple has unveiled new iOS 17 features, and it's poised to revolutionize the way we interact with our iPhones. This latest update brings a host of exciting features designed to simplify and […]

Google Pixel watch repair

Is your Pixel Watch broken? Google recommends buying a new one

Google has recently stated that it cannot repair malfunctioning Pixel Watches. Instead, their recommendation to users facing issues with their smartwatches is straightforward: "Please just buy a new one" as a Google […]

Unity apologizes

Unity apologizes for runtime fee changes

Unity, the widely-used game engine, found itself at the center of controversy with its introduction of a new pricing model featuring a Runtime Fee. This decision sent shockwaves through the game developer […]

Elon Musk giveaway scams

Beware of Elon Musk giveaway scams on TikTok

In recent times, TikTok has been inundated with a deluge of fake cryptocurrency giveaways that have proliferated across the video-sharing platform. These scams predominantly masquerade as themes related to Elon Musk, Tesla, […]

Instagram Gift

Instagram Gifts is now available in many countries

Instagram has recently made a significant move to enhance the Reels experience for content creators worldwide. In order to foster creativity and engagement, Instagram Expands Reels Gifts to Creators in More Regions. […]

What is Spotify Songwriter Promo Cards how to use it

Spotify offers a brand new option for artists to express themselves

As a music lover, surely you've wondered about the creative minds behind your favorite songs. Who wrote the lyrics that speak directly to your soul? Who composed the melody that gets stuck […]

Apple A17 Pro GPU

What will Apple's new GPU change?

Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology, and the latest testament to its innovation is the unveiling of the Apple A17 Pro GPU. This cutting-edge component boasts a completely redesigned GPU, […]

redmi Note 13 specs release date and more

Redmi Note 13 Pro series' official release date announced

Xiaomi is back with exciting news for tech enthusiasts worldwide. The eagerly awaited Redmi Note 13 series is set to make its grand debut, and the launch date has been officially unveiled. […]

new Apple Watch Double Tap feature

New Apple Watch Double Tap feature was hinted previously

The Apple Watch has long been a staple in the world of wearable technology, offering users a seamless blend of fashion and functionality. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 9, […]

X agrees to settle with laid off employees

X to sit down to table with layoff claimants

Elon Musk's X Corp. has agreed to engage in settlement talks with approximately 2,000 employees who were laid off following the acquisition of Twitter in October 2022. This development comes after ten […]

20 new iPhone ringtones

Get ready to meet with 20 new iPhone ringtones

Apple enthusiasts have something to look forward to after the release of iPhone 15 as the iPhone is set to receive a fresh update – new iPhone ringtones. These iconic audio alerts […]

How to create WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp's new feature has been released globally

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature called "WhatsApp Channels". This innovative feature allows users to create and join communities based on shared interests or topics, enabling them to communicate and collaborate […]

iPhone 12 radiation

France halts iPhone 12 sales due to radiation risks

The recent decision by French regulators to halt the sale of the iPhone 12 due to electromagnetic radiation level concerns has sparked a heated debate about the device's safety. The French government […]

Artificial intelligence regulation

Tech leaders meet to discuss regulation of AI

Tech industry leaders recently gathered at a closed Senate forum to advocate for a balanced regulatory framework that promotes both innovation and safety in artificial intelligence (AI). The bipartisan AI Insight Forum, […]

Popular browsers released security patches against Webp vulnerability

Update your browsers ASAP

In a recent report by Stack Diary, it has come to light that Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Brave have all taken immediate action by releasing critical security patches. These patches address a […]

iCloud new storage plans

iCloud's new storage plans offer 6TB and 12TB options

In a significant move to address the ever-increasing storage needs of users, Apple has made headlines with the introduction of two new iCloud storage plans. Apple's "Wonderlust" event introduced the iPhone 15, […]

Apple Watch Series 9 vs 8

Sorry Series 8, Apple Watch Series 9 is as powerful as it is handsome

The Apple Watch has been a beacon of innovation in the smartwatch industry, and with the release of the Apple Watch 9, it's time to delve into the biggest upgrades that set […]

Apple Watch Ultra vs Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2 packs a punch to the older generation

Although the star of Apple's "Wonderlust" event was the iPhone 15, we should not forget the Apple Watch, the assistant at the wrist of technology lovers. Apple Watch Ultra vs Ultra 2 […]

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14

Does it make sense to upgrade to iPhone 15?

Apple announced its long-awaited phone last night and now we can make an iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 writing with peace of mind! Apple convened its annual iPhone launch event at its […]

iPhone 15 USB-C

An iPhone 15 with a USB-C port will mean more than you think

The upcoming release of the iPhone 15 has generated significant excitement, and for good According to rumors and supply chain sources, this latest iteration of the iconic smartphone will feature a USB-C […]

Google trial against USA

Google's ultimate test looms

Google trial against the US government is set to begin, with the tech giant accused of unfairly cementing its position as the world's go-to search engine through deals with phone-makers and web […]

Xbox Mastercard credit card

Microsoft and Barclays US Consumer Bank launches Xbox Mastercard

The gaming industry is evolving, and so are the ways we engage with it. Microsoft has taken a bold step with the introduction of the Xbox Mastercard. This credit card is more […]

Chrome Browser Cloud Management subscription will be canceled

Have you received a ''Your Chrome Browser Cloud Management subscription will be canceled'' message?

A lot of users on Reddit and other social media platforms stated that they had received a message that said: ''Your Chrome Browser Cloud Management subscription will be canceled''. This message of […]

MGM cyberattack

Recent cyberattack hits the hotel chain giant

In a shocking turn of events, MGM Resorts, one of the world's leading hospitality and entertainment companies, recently faced a severe cybersecurity incident. MGM cyberattack forced the company to take drastic measures, […]

How to go incognito on iPhone

You can browse the internet privately on your iPhone too

Do you ever want to browse the web without your browsing history being saved? Or maybe you want to keep your search results private from others who might be using your iPhone? […]