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Martin Brinkmann

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Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News back in 2005. Martin started his career as a tech support representative at a large German financial corporation which he used to finance his college education in English, Information Technology and History.

He quit college and his job when Ghacks began to attract a large enough readership. He made the decision to become a full time blogger and webmaster, and has not looked back since.

Martin is interested in all things tech. His primary focus is on desktop operating systems, web browsers, Internet services, and privacy related topics.

He published the book The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version in 2017. Martin writes a weekly column for fellow tech site Betanews as well.

You can reach Martin on Facebook or on Twitter. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the author directly.

Martin has been quoted or mentioned in many major online and print publications, including Forbes,, ComputerWorld, LinkedIn, Reddit,, Bleeping Computer, TechCrunch, PC World, Tom's Hardware, Slashdot, Hacker News, The Register, and more.

Martin's articles on Ghacks

firefox preview android migration

Here is what you need to know about the 2020 Firefox for Android upgrade

Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Android that is called Firefox Preview currently. Firefox Preview is in development at the time of writing and available as Stable, Beta and […]

mozilla firefox 72.0

Firefox 72.0 release information

Firefox 72.0 is the latest stable version of the web browser; it was first released on January 7, 2020 which makes it the first stable release of the web browser in 2020. […]

nvidia driver limit fps

GeForce Driver 441.87 introduces Framerate Limiter

Nvidia has released a new version of its GeForce Driver to the public. GeForce Driver 441.87 is available for all supported operating systems. Interested users may download it from the company's official […]

firefox about config cannot complete request

About:config is blocked in Firefox Preview Stable and Beta

Mozilla is working on a new mobile browser for Google's Android operating system. Called Firefox Preview currently, it is available as a preview version right now. As is the case with desktop […]

user.js file firefox

Please Mozilla, don't touch the user.js functionality in Firefox

A bug report opened about nine months ago on Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracking site for Firefox suggests that the organization could disable reading the user.js file of the Firefox browser by default […]

chrome crash error codes

Google Chrome will display error codes on crash pages

Google is working on integrating error codes on error pages that the Chrome web browser displays when something goes wrong. Google Chrome, like any other desktop browser, displays error pages when things […]

missing executable shortcuts

DonationCoder NANY 2020 Software releases

DonationCoder have released the list of programs and applications that members of the site submitted for the NANY 2020 event. DonationCoder, which is one of my favorite sites, holds an event each […]

firefox data-collection telemetry deletion

Mozilla will soon delete Telemetry data when users opt-out in Firefox

The next stable version of the Firefox web browser, Firefox 72, includes a new option to have collected Telemetry data deleted. Firefox, like the majority of web browsers out there, collects Telemetry […]

skip sponsor messages youtube

Skip sponsor messages in YouTube videos with SponsorBlock

SponsorBlock is an open source browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (and compatible browsers) that skips sponsored messages on YouTube automatically. YouTube publishers have several monetization options at their disposal. […]

Ghacks Deals: StackSkills Unlimited: Lifetime Access (price drop)

StackSkills is an online learning platform and StackSkills Unlimited gets you access to over 1000 courses on the platform with new courses added on a monthly basis. Since the deal gives you […]

idm download this video

Internet Download Manager is probably the best video downloader right now

When it comes to downloading videos, there is a constant battle between video streaming providers on the one side, and extensions, applications and services that provide video downloading functionality on the other. […]

quiterss 4k monitor

The perils of running Windows 10 on a 4K monitor

As you may know already, I bought a brand new 4K monitor from LG last month to improve my productivity further and check out how good, or not, 4K has become on […]

microsoft edge experiments

Block Microsoft from running experiments in the Microsoft Edge browser

Browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge come with built-in functionality to run experiments. Browser makers like Mozilla or Google may enable or disable features or changes in select browsers; this is […]

telegram update

Telegram update brings improved Theme Editor and Send when Online option

The developers of the popular messaging application Telegram have released a big update for the mobile application to the Apple App Store Google Play. The update introduces numerous new features and improvements […]

12 Picks from 2019 to kick off the new year

Happy New Year everyone! The year 2019 has ended and I thought it would be nice to provide you with my top picks of articles and reviews that we published here on […]

Ghacks Deals: KeepSolid SmartDNS: Lifetime Subscription (83% off)

You have some options when it comes to lifting geo-restrictions of streaming services. Some services, Netflix for instance, block most VPN services and servers but VPNs may work. DNS offers another option, […]

chrome firefox-custom keyboard shortcuts

Add custom shortcuts to your web browser with Shortkeys

Shortkeys is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows users to create and use custom keyboard shortcuts in the browsers. Among the many features are options to run […]

firefox advanced bookmarks

Scrapyard is an advanced bookmarks manager for Firefox

Scrapyard is an open source extension for the Firefox web browser designed to improve bookmarking in Firefox in multiple ways.  Firefox users may use it to bookmark pages but also content on […]