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Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News back in 2005. Martin started his career as a tech support representative at a large German financial corporation which he used to finance his college education in English, Information Technology and History.

He quit college and his job when Ghacks began to attract a large enough readership. He made the decision to become a full time blogger and webmaster, and has not looked back since.

Martin is interested in all things tech. His primary focus is on desktop operating systems, web browsers, Internet services, and privacy related topics.

He published the book The Complete Windows 10 Privacy Guide: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version in 2017. Martin writes a weekly column for fellow tech site Betanews as well.

You can reach Martin on Facebook or on Twitter. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact the author directly.

Martin has been quoted or mentioned in many major online and print publications, including Forbes,, ComputerWorld, LinkedIn, Reddit,, Bleeping Computer, TechCrunch, PC World, Tom's Hardware, Slashdot, Hacker News, The Register, and more.

Martin's articles on Ghacks

How to remove "Start back up" in Windows 11's File Explorer

Start back up may be displayed in File Explorer on Windows 11 if you open certain folders. The command is displayed in the path field and its placement may irritate some users […]

YouTube confirms it has launched a global effort to crack down on ad blockers

Is Google deliberately slowing down YouTube video buffering for adblock users?

Reports suggest that Google may have implemented yet another anti-adblocking technique on YouTube. After slowing down the loading of YouTube for people with adblockers and showing ad blockers are not allowed by […]


Adblocker for TV - AdGuard is available for Android TV: here is how it works

AdGuard is a popular commercial content blocking solution. It is available for a wide range of platforms already, including major operating systems and browsers, and now also for Android TV. If you […]

Microsoft Copilot Studio

Copilot-key: not mandatory and no fixed placement

When it comes to recent announcements regarding AI by Microsoft, none discussed as controversially here on Ghacks as the announcement of the dedicated Copilot key. The Copilot key is a new key […]

Microsoft configures Windows Copilot to launch automatically on certain setups

Soon, Windows users who start their PCs may be greeted by Windows Copilot's interface when the system loads the desktop. Microsoft released a new build to the Dev channel that tests the […]


X (former Twitter) to launch peer-to-peer payments in 2024

Elon Musk's plan to turn X, formerly known as Twitter, into an "everything" app is going to pick up speed in 2024. In a new post on the official X Business blog […]

Mega launches VPN for Android

Mega announced the launch of a dedicated VPN solution and application for Android. Available exclusively for Pro account customers, the company promises to launch dedicated versions of the VPN for Windows, Linux, […]

Linux Mint 21.3

Linux Mint 21.3 is now available with experimental Wayland support

Linux Mint 21.3 is the third and final point update for the Linux Mint distribution. The developers of Linux Mint have released the new version of the popular Linux distribution today. Announced […]


Bitwarden: how to create and use Passkeys to sign in

Bitwarden users have a number of options already when it comes to signing-in to their vaults. They can use a master password and improve security by adding a two-factor authentication option to […]

Microsoft is adding Cowriter AI to Notepad

Microsoft is working on adding AI to the plain text editor Notepad on Windows. Called Cowriter, it is adding AI-based text manipulation features to the text editor. Windows enthusiast PhantomOcean3 posted a […]

Fix 0x80070643 - Error Install Failure when trying to install Windows Update

Microsoft released new security updates for its Windows operating system yesterday. Some administrators see the error message 0x80070643 - ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE when they try to install the update. The update won't install and […]

The first Windows security updates of 2024 are here

Welcome to the Microsoft Windows January 2024 security updates overview. It is the first Patch Day of the year for Microsoft. The company has addressed a total of 48 unique vulnerabilities in […]

Firefox 121.0.1 fixes a hang and a USB security key issue

Firefox 121.0.1 will be released later today, if you are reading this on January 9th, 2024. The new stable update for Mozilla's Firefox web browser is a non-security update. It addresses four […]

MSI Claw A1M

MSI unveils Intel-powered Windows gaming handheld Claw

MSI unveiled its first gaming handheld at CES 2024 today. The Intel Core Ultra-powered Claw A1M is the world's first gaming handheld with Intel's processor according to MSI. Up until last year, […]

Samsung Gaming Hub controller

Samsung Gaming Hub's first third-party accessory is an Xbox-like controller

Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub is a new partner program that Samsung announced at CES 2024. To better understand the new program, it is essential to understand what Samsung Gaming Hub is. […]

Microsoft is removing a tool from Windows 11 that you may have never used

Microsoft plans to remove several long-standing apps from its Windows 11 operating system. Besides Wordpad, a dedicated RTF editor, it has picked the Steps Recorder for removal. Steps Recorder started out as […]

Will Firefox rise like phoenix from the ashes in 2024?

2024 will be an interesting year for web browsers. Google will make changes to its dominating Chrome web browser that may affect part of the browser's userbase negatively. There is the move […]

Dell's Windows 11 version 24H1 announcement causes confusion

Microsoft is already making it difficult to keep up with the different Windows builds and versions that the company releases. There are feature updates, Moment updates, cumulative updates, optional updates and even […]

Incase Designed by Microsoft accessories

Incase Designed by Microsoft: Microsoft accessories live on under new partnership

Microsoft announced in April 2023 that it would discontinue all Microsoft-labeled accessories in favor of its Surface brand. While Microsoft offers some accessories under the Surface brand, it is offering a limited […]


Microsoft confirms Microsoft 365 service degradation for 1% of Chrome users

Google enabled Tracking Protection for 1% of all Chrome Stable users as part of the company's greater plan to drop third-party cookies support. Microsoft has now confirmed that the 1% may run […]


How to enable Chrome's Tracking Protection feature right now

Google picked 1% of all Chrome installations today and enabled a feature called Tracking protection in them. Unveiled in September 2023 and then announced officially in mid-December 2023, it is the first […]

Your next PC may have a Windows Copilot key on the keyboard

Microsoft announced today that (many) future Windows 11 PCs will ship with a new key on the keyboard. The Copilot key is the first major change to the keyboard since the introduction […]


Important files will be gone in February 2024 when Google removes them from Files for Android

Files is the default file manager on many Android devices. Last year, the company launched a new feature that added an Important tab to the application. Limited to India, it scanned the […]

iode Phone

iodé turns your Android phone into a sustainable privacy fortress

France-based iodé has established itself as a viable option in the smartphone privacy and sustainability niche. The company develops iodéOS, an operating system compatible with many Android devices, and sells devices from […]


Lan Mouse: open source cross-platform mouse and keyboard sharing software

Lan Mouse is an open source program for Windows, Linux and macOs that allows users to control multiple devices using one mouse and keyboard. Development focus is on Linux and the versions […]

Microsoft Edge: AI Browser is the browser's new name on Android and iOS

Microsoft has renamed its Microsoft Edge web browser for Android and iOS to Microsoft Edge: AI Browser. A visit to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store page of the browser […]


Streaming Enhanced skips ads on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and co

Most online streaming services started to offer plans with ads recently. These plans are separate on Neflix, Disney+ and many other services. Amazon will soon start to display ads for all Prime […]

Windows 11 Development: overview of the December 2023 changes

Development of Windows slowed down in the second half of December due to the Holiday season. Still, the first half saw the release of several new Insider builds. The overview begins with […]


Cookie Pledge: EU admits that cookie banners are annoying, suggests remedy

The European Union plans to make changes to the "cookie law" that it introduced several years ago to give its citizen more control over tracking and advertising on the Internet. While it […]


NewPipe update brings access to Live, Shorts and other content on YouTube

NewPipe is a streaming frontend for Android that supports services such as YouTube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud among others. It is a privacy-friendly ad-free player for media published on these sites. Up until […]

Marginalia is a search engine that you should check out

Marginalia is not your typical search engine. Major search engines like Google Search or Bing Search are becoming vessels to push advertisement and sites that push advertisement. Yes, that is a generalization, […]

Microsoft 2024 Surface Windows 12

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 6 and Pro 10 devices could be its first AI PCs

Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to release the next version of Windows in 2024. Named Windows 12 right now, as Microsoft has yet to announce the final name of the […]

Memory Cache: local AI for Firefox that you feed

Current integrations of AI in web browsers rely on remote connections to servers. This is where the processing happens. Tools like Microsoft Bing, Brave's Leo or Google Bard require that connection to […]

Its Groundhog Day at Microsoft! Vulnerability patched again

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Bull Murray plays a rather self-centered weatherman who finds himself in a time loop on Groundhog Day. Windows administrators may have similar feelings to Murray's in regards […]

Google settles its $5 billion privacy lawsuit over Incognito Mode tracking

A class-action lawsuit against Google Chrome's Incognito mode tracking was filed in June 2020. The plaintiffs claimed that Google was using cookies, analytics and tools on Google and non-Google websites to track […]

Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia 2660 Flip review: retro phone that is surprisingly versatile

Nokia 2660 Flip is a new Nokia phone that has made digital detox its mission. While that is one reason for a purchase, there is a surprising amount of other uses for […]

windows copilot commands

Dell's Windows Copilot concept shows what Microsoft failed to deliver

When Microsoft released Windows Copilot to the masses, it promised that the new AI feature would help users control Windows 11. When users got their hands on Windows Copilot, they noticed quickly […]

Windows update

The next Windows 11 feature drop is expected in February 2024

Microsoft plans to release a preview of the fifth feature drop for Windows 11 in February 2024 according to a report by Windows Central. The site claims that the new update will […]

Prime Video Ad Free

Amazon Prime Video ads launch on January 29 for all subscribers

In September 2023, Amazon revealed that it would soon make its service more pleasant by introducing video ads to the platform. Unlike Netflix or Disney+, which added a new cheaper ad-powered plan, […]


Dangerous Android banking trojan Chameleon reemerges

Security researchers at Threat Fabric have discovered a new variant of the Android banking trojan Chameleon. This new variant supports new device takeover capabilities that include the ability to bypass biometric prompts. […]