Pale Moon 31 is out now

Martin Brinkmann
May 10, 2022
Updated • May 16, 2022
Pale Moon

Pale Moon 31 is the latest version of the desktop web browser. The new version of the browser comes after Pale Moon 29.4.6; this is done to avoid confusion regarding the Pale Moon 30.0 release that was later recalled by the development team.

pale moon 31

The new version is available already. Users may download it from the official project website or through automatic updates, which the browser supports. Selecting Pale Moon > Help > Check for updates run the check for the new version.

We reviewed Pale Moon 30.0 back in March 2022.  It was recalled by the development team days after the official release. In Outage post-mortem, and apologies, Pale Moon lead developer Moonchild provides an explanation for the recalling of the release version and background information on issues related to the decision.

According to the post, one of the developers, Tobin, left the project and caused havoc doing so. The exit resulted in several issues for the browser and its services, including that the add-ons server for the current version was pulled.

Moonchild summarizes what transpired in the following way in the release notes:

After our unacceptable and recalled release of v30.0.0 and 30.0.1 with the departure of one of the core devs from our team requiring us to rewind and re-do several months of work to exclude undesired code changes and what likely lay at the root of the plethora of stability and run-time issues of the recalled versions, we're back on track with a new milestone building on UXP and Goanna (v5.1) with many improvements and additional user-requested features.

Version 30.0 of Pale Moon is skipped to avoid user confusion. The new version of the browser is Pale Moon 31.0.0, which users should install. It includes security updates and also functional updates. One of the improvements is the ability to install legacy Firefox extensions again in Pale Moon (next to Pale Moon exclusive add-ons).

Other improvements include improved performance of parallel web workers in JavaScript, support for extended VPx codec strings, and several crash and stability issue fixes.

The full changelog is available here.

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Pale Moon 31 is out now
Article Name
Pale Moon 31 is out now
Pale Moon 31 is the latest version of the desktop web browser. The new version of the browser comes after Pale Moon 29.4.6.
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