Windows 11 Help

We provide the help you need with the new Windows 11 operating system. In this category, you will find tips, how-tos, and guides about the latest OS by Microsoft.

configure windows terminal

Windows Terminal becomes new default command line tool in Windows 11

Windows users have quite a few options when it comes to using the command line. There is the classic Command Prompt for one, and PowerShell. Now, with the release of Windows 11 […]

windows 11 touchpad

How to customize the touchpad on Windows 11

Most laptops come with a touchpad that many computer users see as a simple mouse replacement. Most touchpads support more than just left-clicking, right-clicking and scrolling. While it depends to a degree […]

window 11 core isolation

Microsoft: Turn off security features to improve Windows 11 gaming performance

If you have upgraded a PC to Windows 11 and noticed a deterioration in gaming performance, your system may have suffered from the Nvidia performance issue. Or, and that is another potential […]

windows 11 startup app notifications

How to enable startup app notifications on Windows 11

Windows 11 may notify users of the operating system whenever a new app registers itself to run at startup. The feature, which is turned off by default, is hidden deep in the […]

windows 11 installation assistant

Here is the fix for Windows 11 2022 Update error 0x800f0806

Some Windows administrators who tried to update their Windows 11 devices to the newly released Windows 11 2022 Update reported  that they have received the error code 0x800f0806 during the process. The […]

windows 11 version settings

Find out for how long your Windows 11 version is supported

Microsoft released the first feature update for its Windows 11 operating system on September 20, 2022. It includes improvements and new features, and while it may be tempting for some to upgrade […]

windows 11 2022 update task manager

Should you install the Windows 11 2022 Update right away?

Microsoft has not announced the official release date for the first Windows 11 feature update yet, but hints suggests that it may drop on September 20, 2022. With the release of a […]

windows pin password security

The differences between Windows account PINs and passwords

Microsoft's Windows 10 and 11 operating systems support several different account authentication options. There is the classic local user account and password option, the Microsoft account and password option, and options provided […]

windows 10 add remove system desktop icons

Quick Tip: restore system desktop icons on Windows 10 and 11 PCs

Vanilla Windows 10 and 11 PCs display desktop icons by default on the first run after installation. Manufacturers may place custom icons on the desktop, but if you install one of the […]

windows 11 disable search highlights

Rejoice! Microsoft brings Search Highlights to Windows 11

If you always wanted to know when the next National Prime Rib Day or Earth Day is, then you may be looking forward to the introduction of Search Highlights on Windows 11. […]

windows 11 version 22h2 compatibility

A Registry key reveals if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 version 22H2

Want to know if your Windows 10 or 11 devices are ready for the upcoming Windows 11 feature update? You may look in the Registry to find out, instead of using Microsoft's PC […]

automatically save restartable apps windows 11

How to stop Windows 11 from reopening program windows on restart or sign-in

Windows 11 may remember which application windows and File Explorer windows you had open the last time to reopen them again. The browser or Microsoft Excel document, which was open the last […]

How to remove the Windows Spotlight icon from your desktop in Windows 11

How to remove Windows Spotlight's "Learn about this picture icon" from your desktop in Windows 11

The KB5014019 update for Windows 11 was released last week with a bunch of fixes for known issues. The Cumulative Preview patch also brought something else, it introduces the Spotlight Desktop feature […]

Do you want some Stickers on your Windows desktop?

Microsoft is working on integrating support for placing stickers on the Windows 11 desktop. Users who run a recent Windows 11 version 22H2 Insider build can enable the functionality to test it […]

search widget in Windows 11 build 25120

How to enable the search widget in Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds for testing

Microsoft introduced a search bar on the desktop in Build 25120 that was released yesterday to the Dev Channel in the Insider Preview Program. The feature is being tested on a limited […]

compact output

How to use compact.exe to free up disk space on Windows

Microsoft introduced new options for the command line tool compact.exe in the Windows 10 operating system. It allows users to compress folders on the system using new algorithms to free up disk […]


How to display all cached DNS entries on Windows

The Windows operating system uses a cache for DNS entries. DNS (Domain Name System) is a core technology of the Internet that is being used for communication. In particular, it is used […]


How to use local accounts on Windows 11 version 22H2 devices

Microsoft announced that it would extend the Windows 11 Home requirement of a Microsoft Account and Internet connection during setup to Windows 11 Pro in early 2022. The upcoming Windows 11 version […]

windows 11 actual app storage space

Default Windows apps have a much larger size than reported

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system includes dozens of default applications that are available by default right after installation on first run. Some of these applications provide core functionality, like photo viewing, media […]

windows 11 turn off notifications

How to block all notifications or notifications from specific apps in Windows 11

Windows 11's notification system may be used by applications to send notifications to the user's desktop. Apps may use it to send reminders to the user. A common scenario that is supported […]

uninstall not available phone link

How to uninstall Phone Link on Windows devices

Microsoft renamed the Your Phone Companion app to Phone Link recently and introduced an interface overhaul in the process. The original application has been around for quite some time. In May 2019, […]

How to set the default browser in Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to set the default browser in a single click, here's how to do it

Windows and its default browser, I don't think you could name a more controversial duo in recent history. Microsoft has toyed with the settings for changing the default browser too many times, […]

Windows Defender is causing videos to open slowly in Windows 11 Beta

Windows Defender is causing videos to open slowly in Windows 11 Beta; here's how to fix it

Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 Build 22581 a few days ago for users in the Developer and Beta Channel of the Insider Preview Program. While it brought some bug fixes, it has […]

Windows 11 Smart App Control SAC

Smart App Control in Windows 11 explained

Microsoft unveiled a new security feature in a recent Insider build for its Windows 11 operating system that it calls Smart App Control. Microsoft describes it as a security feature for Windows […]

quick access windows

How to block Quick Access from displaying folders and files dynamically in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft introduced Quick Access in Windows 10 and has kept the feature in the recently released Windows 11 operating system. Quick Access replaced the Favorites system in File Explorer. One of the […]

windows 11 requirements not met

How to remove the System Requirements Not Met reminder on Windows 11

Soon, Windows 11 devices that don't meet the minimum system requirements of the operating system, will display System Requirements Not Met reminders to users. Microsoft picked two locations in Insider builds of […]

windows 11 skip tpm check updates

Windows 11: how to bypass TPM checks during dynamic updates

Windows 11 users who have installed Microsoft's operating system on devices that don't meet the minimum system requirements may have run into troubles installing recent updates. Updates may fail to install on […]

How to Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 11

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is the default antivirus solution of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. It is turned on by default, unless another security solution is installed that is recognized by the operating […]

Find out if System Restore is enabled on Windows 11 Devices

System Restore is a built-in backup and restore feature of the Windows operating system. It is part of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system and can be used to restore the system to […]

windows 11 taskbar transparency effect

Change the Windows 11 taskbar into a transparent taskbar

The Windows 11 taskbar spans from the left side of the screen to the right side by default. Microsoft changed the default alignment to center on Windows 11, but removed several options […]

How to display CPU, GPU and RAM usage natively on Windows 11

If you like to keep a close eye on the CPU, GPU and RAM usage of devices running Windows 11, you may find the following native option useful. Keeping an eye on […]

How to enable the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home

How to enable the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home

Microsoft ships a useful tool called the Group Policy Editor, commonly known as Gpedit.msc or just GPEDIT, with the Pro version of its Windows operating system. It is handy for enabling or […]

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22499 clipboard history

Performance of Windows 11 is a focus for Microsoft in 2022

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system has been out for some time. Reception has not been too bad but it is clear that there are areas that need improvement. Apart from bugs, some […]

How to manage system tray icons in Windows 11

How to manage and display all system tray icons in Windows 11

A quick way to access some programs in Window, is by using their shortcut's icon displayed in the system tray. When Windows 10 came out, Microsoft made some changes to the way […]

windows 11 web search example

How to turn off "Search the Web" results in Windows 11

When you run searches on Windows 11 from the operating system's Start Menu, you will get local results as well as web-based results powered by Bing by default. Microsoft introduced web search […]

download windows 11 iso

How to download any Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system is available as an update for Windows 10 systems, provided that the system requirements are met. An alternative to updating systems directly is to download an ISO […]

delete confirmation

How to enable file delete confirmations on Windows 11

Files that you delete on Windows 11 PCs are deleted without a delete confirmation prompt. The default configuration sends the selection of files to the Recycle Bin. Users may restore accidentally deleted […]

How to install Xbox PC games in any folder

Xbox PC app now lets users in the Insider Program to install games in any folder, here's how to do it

About a week ago, Microsoft announced that it would start allowing users to install games in any folder of their choice. The feature was teased to arrive soon, and now it has. […]

paint 3d fullscreen mode

How to enable fullscreen mode for Windows 11 apps

Some applications and games launch in fullscreen mode when they are started on Windows 11 devices, while others don't. Some of the latter may support fullscreen mode, e.g. by flipping a switch […]

powershell network adapter priorities

How to change network adapter priorities on Windows 11

Network adapter priorities are used by the Windows 11 device to determine the network adapter that is used to establish network and Internet connections. If a device has multiple network adapters, say […]



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