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Microsoft special event

Windows in 2024: Microsoft working on AI-focused Windows release

Rumors about a new version of Windows that Microsoft plans to release in 2024 have been around for some time. A report by Windows Central suggests that Microsoft plans to launch an […]

Microsoft special event

Windows 11 24H2 and Windows 12 expected in 2024

Will Microsoft release Windows 12 in 2024 and what would the release mean for Windows 11? Microsoft hasn't announced Windows 12 publicly at this point, but several sources inside and outside Microsoft […]

Microsoft releases the Windows App. Here is a quick explainer

Microsoft released the Windows App as a preview this week. The application is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and web browsers at the time of writing. No word yet on an Android […]

Windows 12 in 2024? Intel CFO claims refresh is coming

Is Microsoft going to release a new version of Windows, maybe called Windows 12, in 2024? The company is as usual tight lipped when it comes to new product releases, which means […]

Microsoft may be working on a modern version of Windows (again)

Remember Windows 8 RT? No? What about Windows 10X? No? It appears, filed under rumor for now, that Microsoft is working on the next modern version of Windows. The report comes from […]

windows 12

Could these be some of Windows 12's system requirements?

Microsoft has not announced Windows 12 officially, but the company is expected to release a new version off Windows in the second half of 2024. First rumors about Windows 12 came to […]

windows 12

Is Microsoft releasing Windows 12 next year?

More and more leaks suggest that Microsoft is working on a Windows 11 successor, that it will be named Windows 12, and that it will be released in the second half of […]

Microsoft to update Windows 11 21H2 to Windows 11 22H2 automatically

Windows 11 customers who still run the original release version of the operating system, Windows 11 version 21H2,  may have their systems updated automatically to Windows 11 version 22H2 in the coming […]

microsoft windows 12 desktop

Did Microsoft just give us a glimpse of the next Windows desktop?

Windows 10 is not the last Windows operating system. Microsoft released Windows 11 despite stating years earlier that nothing would be coming after Windows 10. Now, the company appears focused on its […]

Microsoft releases two new builds to the Windows 11 Insider Preview Beta channel

Rumor: Microsoft plans to release new major Windows versions every three years

The following information needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as it has not been confirmed by Microsoft at this point. According to Windows Central,  Microsoft plans to move from […]

Windows 11 new volume indicator slider dark theme

The next "final" version of Windows 12 may already be in development

When Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 operating system, it stated that Windows 10 would be the last and final version of Windows. Last year, Microsoft released Windows 11 to the public, and […]



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