Windows 11 News

Windows 11 provides much better functionality and security over previous Microsoft operating systems. In this category, we’ll provide news articles that highlight all the latest news, rumors, features, and updates of the popular OS.

MSEdgeRedirect's Europe Mode sets your Windows region to Europe

In the coming months, Windows users from many European countries will be allowed to remove Microsoft Edge, Bing Search and other features of the operating system natively. Microsoft announced the change in […]

Augmented Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is History

After having added three features to its deprecation list in December 2023 already, Microsoft has added Windows Mixed Reality as another one that is getting axed. Microsoft introduced Mixed Reality as a […]

The Windows December 2023 security updates fix a 0-day vulnerability

Microsoft released security updates for all supported Windows operating systems and other company products on the December 2023 Patch Day. The company fixed 36 unique Microsoft product vulnerabilities and six non Microsoft […]

Windows Share to suggest Sharing Services in Windows 11

Windows Share will soon suggest sharing services in Windows 11 that are not installed. Microsoft introduced the new feature in beta builds of Windows 11. Windows Share is the native share feature […]

Windows 11's Notepad is getting character count on the status bar

Windows 11's Notepad is getting a character count on the status bar

Windows 11's Notepad is getting a couple of improvements. This includes a character count on the status bar, and a quick way to access it from Explorer. The plain text editor in […]

Microsoft special event

Windows in 2024: Microsoft working on AI-focused Windows release

Rumors about a new version of Windows that Microsoft plans to release in 2024 have been around for some time. A report by Windows Central suggests that Microsoft plans to launch an […]

Microsoft is reportedly auto-installing the HP Smart app on Windows 10 and 11 PCs

There is an explanation for the HP Smart app Windows auto-installation issue

The unwanted installation of Hewlett Packard's printer software HP Smart on Windows 10 and 11 devices caused confusion in the past couple of days. Windows users, even those without HP printers or […]

Microsoft special event

Windows 11 24H2 and Windows 12 expected in 2024

Will Microsoft release Windows 12 in 2024 and what would the release mean for Windows 11? Microsoft hasn't announced Windows 12 publicly at this point, but several sources inside and outside Microsoft […]


Windows 11 Development: overview of the November 2023 changes

Microsoft announced and introduced several important changes in November 2023. The company released several development builds to testers, which included minor and major changes. Highlights include the promise to make Microsoft Edge, […]

Paint's AI Image Creator is now available for everyone

Microsoft Paint's AI image creator is now available for all users according to reports. Microsoft unveiled the new functionality back in September 2023, but did not make it available for all users […]

Microsoft confirms Narrator issue in Windows 11 version 23H2

Windows 11 users who install the latest version of the operating system via ISO or media may not be able to start Narrator during installation. Microsoft confirmed the issue today on a […]

Security researchers bypass Windows Hello fingerprint authentication

Security researchers at Blackwing Intelligence managed to bypass Windows Hello fingerprint authentication on devices with the three most used fingerprint sensors on Windows. The researchers were asked by Microsoft's Offensive Research and […]

Breaking: Windows users in the EEA will soon be able to remove Bing and Edge

Windows users who reside in the European Economic Area will soon be able to uninstall Microsoft Edge and Bing Search on Windows 11. They will furthermore be able to disable (some) ads. […]

Microsoft releases the Windows App. Here is a quick explainer

Microsoft released the Windows App as a preview this week. The application is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and web browsers at the time of writing. No word yet on an Android […]

Windows Copilot is still dumb as a rock

Microsoft launched Windows Copilot with some fanfare alongside the Windows 11 2023 Update. Microsoft promised that the baked-in artificial intelligence would assist Windows users "in work, creation and play". Copilot is "designed […]

Media Creation Tool won't offer Windows 11 2023 Update for a couple of weeks

Microsoft released the 2023 feature update for Windows 11 this week and it is already available via Windows Update and the Update Assistant. Windows users and administrators who prefer installation media can […]

Windows 11 23H2 welcomes in-house Microsoft Copilot

Windows 11 23H2 welcomes in-house Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 11 23H2 update today, integrating features like Microsoft Copilot that aim to persuade Windows 10 users to make the transition. Windows 11 23H2: What’s new? While some of […]

The Windows 11 2023 Update is now available: how to get it

Microsoft announced the general availability of the 2023 feature update for its Windows operating system, the Windows 11 2023 Update, a moment ago. Also called Windows 11 version 23H2, it is the […]


Privacy tool DoNotSpy11 update adds Windows 11 version 23H2 support

DoNotSpy is a long-standing privacy tool for Windows. The latest update adds support for the Windows 11 2023 Update, aka Windows 11 version 23H2. Our first review of DoNotSpy dates back a […]

Microsoft changes list of officially supported Windows 11 Intel CPUs again

Microsoft has updated the list of officially supported processors for its Windows 11 operating system again. This time, the company added processors from Intel, which it had removed earlier this year. Microsoft's […]

Server activity suggests Windows 11 version 23H2 is about to be released

Microsoft has yet to reveal the official release date for the 2023 feature update for its Windows 11 operating system. It is quite possible that the announcement will once again coincide with […]

Report: BitLocker slowing down SSDs on Windows 11 by up to 45%

A report by Tom's Hardware suggests that BitLocker may slow down Solid State Drives on Windows 11 Pro PCs by up to 45%. The encryption technology is available on Windows 11 Pro […]

Microsoft is phasing out VBScript in Windows to improve security

Microsoft announced plans to deprecate Visual Basic Script (VBScript) support in its Windows operating system. The company introduced VBScript, which is modeled on Visual Basic, in 1996. Web developers were the initial […]

A consumer subscription version of Windows may be just around the corner

Rumors about a consumer subscription version of Windows have been floating around for several years. It is the next logical step for Microsoft in its quest to make continuous revenue from its […]

windows copilot ads

Windows Copilot's is showing third-party Ads to Windows users

Microsoft is about to launch Windows Copilot as part of the October 2023 cumulative update for Windows 11 version 22H2. It is already included in the preview update released at the end […]

Windows 11's Notepad is getting an auto save feature

Microsoft tricks users, blocks removal of the Windows Backup app

Windows Backup is a new application for Windows 10 and 11 devices to back up data on Windows PCs. The backup app was introduced recently on Windows 10 and 11 devices. On […]

You can now ask Paint on Windows 11 to create images for you

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of its Paint application for Windows that includes Paint Cocreator, an AI component that helps users of Paint create artwork. Paint Cocreator is based on […]

using Copilot in Windows 11

Windows Copilot is now available, but millions of users can't use it yet

Microsoft announced the fourth Moment update for Windows 11 officially on September 26, 2023. The update comes as part of the monthly preview update for the Windows 11 operating system and will […]

Microsoft pushes Backup App to Windows 10 Enterprise devices and Admins are not happy

The September 2023 security updates for Windows 10 included the Windows Backup app. Read on to find out why Enterprise admins are furious. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is still the most […]

windows copilot

Windows 11's Moment 4 update launches on September 26, 2023

Microsoft plans to launch the fourth Moment update for Windows 11 next week as part of the month's optional updates for the operating system. The Moments update includes a preview version of […]

paint layers

Windows' Paint App is getting layer and transparency support

Microsoft introduced support for removing backgrounds from images loaded in the default Windows image editor Paint. Today, the company has pushed out another feature to testers; this time, it is layer and […]

Microsoft special event

Here is what you can expect from the Windows 11 version 23H2 update

Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 version 23H2, the new feature update for its Windows 11 operating system soon. As usual, Microsoft is not revealing the release date of the update, but […]

Windows 11's Photos app adds support for motion photo, background blur, search

The Photos app in Windows 11 is gaining a handful of new features. The new options include background blur, search and motion photo. Background Blur in Windows 11 Photos app As the […]

Windows 11's Snipping Tool is getting a text recognition feature called Text Actions

Windows 11's Snipping Tool is getting a text recognition feature called Text Actions

Microsoft is testing a text recognition feature in Windows 11's Snipping Tool. The new option is called Text Actions. It is basically an optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Apple's version of the […]

The latest Windows 11 build is all about File Explorer (including performance)

Microsoft published a new Windows 11 Insider build today that is focusing on improving File Explorer, the default file manager on Windows. Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23545 for the Dev Channel […]

Microsoft begins deprecation of classic troubleshooting tools in Windows 11

Microsoft announced the deprecation of classic Windows troubleshooting tools and the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool in February 2023. Back then, the company did not provide details, only that it would deprecate the […]

Microsoft Paint is getting a background removal tool

Microsoft Paint is getting a background removal tool

Microsoft has announced that it is testing another useful feature in Paint. Windows 11's built-in image editor is getting a background removal tool. The update is live for users who are in […]

Microsoft ends printer driver installations and updates via Windows Update

Windows users who connect a printer to a PC may notice one of two things: the printer is detected automatically and usable right away, or it is not. It is then necessary […]

Windows 11 21H2 is reaching end of support and devices will be upgraded automatically

Microsoft's Windows 11 version 21H2 operating system is reaching end of support on October 10, 2023. The Windows 11 version will receive a last batch of security updates on the day before […]

Microsoft is removing WordPad from Windows

When it comes to opening text documents on Windows devices, users have the choice between the plain text editor Notepad and WordPad, a text editor that supports rich text format features. Many […]



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