The hidden acronym: TikTok RCTA meaning

Onur Demirkol
Jul 17, 2023

On the massive social media network TikTok, a contentious acronym has recently gained attention. Many people have been using it on the platform, and some users are unaware of what it stands for. But what is RCTA actually stand for? Today, we will explain the TikTok RCTA meaning!

There are specific communities on TikTok that trigger conflicting responses from users in addition to the broad universe where viral food trends and inventive cosmetic methods thrive. The hashtag RCTA enters the picture at this point, getting millions of views but staying obscure to the mass of TikTok users. Let's solve the puzzle and investigate the meanings and history of this acronym.

TikTok RCTA meaning
TikTok RCTA meaning

TikTok RCTA meaning: Explained

According to TikTok user @kyamewa, RCTA stands for "race change to another." The abbreviation ECTA, on the other hand, means "ethnicity change to another."

@kyamewa said, "Basically, this has the same concept as being transracial. However, these RCTA people believe that they're more 'educated' than [transracial-identifying people] because they 'try' to learn more about the inner culture and the languages, which still doesn't make it good."

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She continued by saying that she was born in Korea and moved to Canada in the fourth grade. She was bullied because her peers mistakenly believed she couldn't speak English and perceived her as unusual.

Because RCTA-identifying individuals "don't know the experience of other minorities" and are frequently drawn to the "pop culture" of a certain race or ethnicity, she thinks the RCTA subculture is damaging. For instance, many (but not all) individuals who identify as RCTA are K-pop fans, according to her.

TikTok RCTA meaning
TikTok RCTA meaning

Why do people use acronyms on social media?

On social media, people have been using acronyms for years, and the practice is still growing. Why do they do it, though?

There are several of them. An acronym can firstly save time. Long sentences might be difficult to type, especially on a small phone screen. Teenagers can communicate clearly and swiftly without having to text as much by using acronyms.

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A sense of community may also be fostered through the usage of acronyms. By using the same acronyms, people may interact with one another using a common language. They may feel more a member of a community and connected as a result of this.


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  1. Me said on July 18, 2023 at 8:04 pm

    It is not an acronym, it is an initalism – there is a difference.

  2. Mantrid said on July 18, 2023 at 10:19 am

    I’ll help you with your problem; stop believing in the nonsense spewed out by TikTok denizens. There is only one single race the: human race.

  3. Karl said on July 17, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    What the heck is this stuff? doing on a so called tech site?
    And what the heck is people and their healthy? minds up to these days?

    “race change to another.”
    “ethnicity change to another.”

    If I don’t see this change happen in real time with my own eyes, I will call it for what it is. Skin color change next? Why stop here!

    “frequently drawn to the “pop culture” of a certain race or ethnicity”

    Why? I listen to the music and don’t care what the artist look like or where you are from. Bob Marley, Black and from Jamaica, omg I am so drawn to that!? NO!. It’s the freakin music, and only that! Wow. I am so happy that this kind of social media with these “trends” was not around when I grew up. My Nokia 3310 with the game Snake was very nice to use compared to all this crap that people seem to buy without thinking twice. Critical thinking needs to become modern at younger ages again.
    “The current wave of RCTA-identifying people is mainly focused on “transitioning” into East Asian ethnicities due to their love of anime, K-pop or K-dramas.

    Critics believe that the RCTA group cannot fully understand the experience of belonging to an ethnic minority group, noting that they cannot go through the same prejudice or racism that minorities experience.

    One of the most recognizable transracial people is Oli London, a British influencer who underwent multiple plastic surgeries to look like BTS singer Jimin and previously identified as a Korean woman using “they/them” pronouns before transitioning back to a British man.”

    I can handle one of these so called articles per day, I have now read two, so I am just going to say good for you to the British man that found his sanity again. After that unnecessary body adventure, I hope he feels better now.

    >”@kyamewa concluded that wanting to change races due to pop culture or shame of one’s race at birth is harmful as it devalues the discrimination that ethnic minorities have been through for years.”

    Shame of one’s race at birth? Do people really think and talk like that? Why the heck would you feel shame? Oh this world is so…

    1. Karl said on July 17, 2023 at 5:38 pm

      By the way.

      The account is no longer there.

      But this is what it looked like:

      …and it looks like some “RCTA” video was the latest one that she posted at the time of page saving to the archive. Which was back in october 2022. At her age of 16, as she claims, I fortunately wasn’t this deep into social topics, but if I was, this sort of “trend” was not a thing online back then, I would probably have discovered lots of weird crap, but “etnicity/race changing” was definitely not launched as a sane idea around that time.

      1. bruh said on July 19, 2023 at 1:21 pm

        Karl – you already have hilarious notions such as biological sex change (scientifically impossible at the chromosome level) which are widely accepted. You’re surprised that there are people taking this a step further into a logical progression path? If anyone can identify as anything, and be anything, then truly, what arguments do you have against this? What do you say to those who feel as if they were “born in the wrong body”, or “identify differently compared to how they outwardly appear”?

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