The U.S. sanctions slowed down Huawei from becoming the leading smartphone manufacturer, forcing it to change 13,000 parts in its products.

US sanctions' cost to Huawei revealed

Due to the U.S. trade sanctions, Huawei had to replace 13,000 parts in its products, says the company founder Ren Zhengfei. Despite the sanctions, Huawei focuses more on vertical integration but still […]

Samsung is expected to announce red Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5 at the Unpacked event and there are some exciting leaks about both devices.

Get ready to "flip out": Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5 uncovered

At the unpacked event in August, Samsung plans to announce its new foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 5, alongside Galaxy Flip 5. Before the event, rumors said both phones would have better […]

Microsoft 365 Copilot has launched, and here is how to use it and what features it brings for Excel, Outlook, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: What features does it have?

Microsoft 365 Copilot was introduced on March 16 at the "The future of work with AI" event, showcasing many new features. Let's take a look at how to use the feature on […]

Since its launch, YouTube TV has had major price increases over the years, and with the latest one, it doubled its initial price.

YouTube TV more than doubles in price

YouTube TV announced that its monthly price has increased to $72.99/mo from $64.99/mo. On the other hand, the 4K Plus add-on now costs $9.99/mo, 50% less than the previous $19.99/mo price tag. […]

OpenAI revealed GPT-4 and made it available through ChatGPT Plus. Now, the company launched the service in one of the target countries.

Next stop: ChatGPT Plus reaches target country

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT Plus is now available in India, and users will be able to test the newly released GPT-4 LLM by paying a monthly fee. Millions of people use […]

Steam Spring Sale 2023 is not only about games but also about the Steam Deck, which is getting its first discount since its launch.

Get your game anywhere with discounted Steam Deck

The Steam Spring Sale 2023 started yesterday, and for the first time, Steam Deck is also on sale with a 10% discount. Valve launched Steam Deck last year; yesterday was its first-year […]

Microsoft's billion-dollar acquisition deal with Activision Blizzard is facing major setbacks due to a math "flaw" by the UK CMA.

Math "flaw" hinders Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition

Microsoft still wants to complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but more obstacles are getting in the way. Lastly, the company criticized the UK's Competition and Market Authority's math calculations on a […]

Qualcomm has introduced a mid-year refresh, Snapdragon + Gen 2 chipset, and it will roll out as early as this month.

Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2: Next-generation performance

Qualcomm has announced its newest upper mid-range chipset, Snapdragon 7+Gen 2. The company says it is the most powerful 7-series chip. The company decided to skip Snapdragon 7+ Gen 1 and Snapdragon […]

One of the most famous streaming platforms, Twitch, will continue its existence with a new leader after 16 years.

Twitch's next chapter: New leader to take charge

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear is resigning because he wants to spend more time with his newborn son. He will be replaced by the company's current president, Dan Clancy. Shear is one of […]

Steam Spring Sale 2023 has started and there are some very interesting discounts on some of the most famous games!

Gamers rejoice: The Steam Spring Sale 2023 is now live

The Steam Spring Sale 2023 has just begun, and many fan-favorite games have received major discounts. Last month, Valve announced its plans to host four major seasonal discount events throughout 2023, and […]

To help improve GPT-4 by reporting shortcomings, the company has open-sourced OpenAI Evals, announced in the blog post.

Everyone can aid in the improvement of GPT-4 with OpenAI Evals

Along with the Gpt-4 release, the company has also open-sourced OpenAI Evals to help improve the LLM. Users will be able to report shortcomings which will help drive further improvements. OpenAI revealed […]

Microsoft AI event, "The Future of Work with AI," is at the door, and there are some guesses on what the company could reveal.

Microsoft AI event: What to expect?

We have almost an hour before the Microsoft AI event kicks off, and we still don't know what is on the way. However, rumors from the past and the current circumstances lead […]

Soon AI chatbots will be integrated into every device, as the latest news shows you can carry them everywhere on your wrist.

ChatGPT on your wrist: Keep your AI assistant close

ChatGPT has successfully been integrated into Apple Watches with a third-party application called "Petey - AI Assistant." Petey is a third-party, ChatGPT-like chatbot developed by Hidde van der Ploeg. It was exclusively […]

Apart from his acting jobs, Ryan Reynolds is also known for successful business moves and he proved it again with Mint Mobile's $1.35B sale.

Ryan Reynolds' business acumen shines again with $1B company sale

T-Mobile announced its plans to acquire the famous actor Ryan Reynolds' budget-friendly mobile virtual network operator firm, Mint Mobile. Reynolds and T-Mobile's CEO, Mike Sievert, shot an entertaining video to officialize the […]

Apple wants to catch Microsoft and OpenAI and lead the artificial intelligence industry, but something is holding back the engineers.

Apple's chatbot ambitions halted by major obstacle

Last month, employees were briefed at the annual AI summit on Apple's upcoming LLM and many different AI tools. However, Siri's major design flaws make it hard for engineers to move fast. […]

Snapchat is pushing more features for Family Center, and now parents will have more visibility and control over their teens' app usage.

Snapchat's new parental controls: Keep your teen safe online

Snapchat has added a new "Content Controls" section to its "Family Center" to help parents a way to gain insight into who their teens are communicating with on Snapchat in a way […]

LinkedIn continues integrating artificial intelligence, as the company recently announced two new job descriptions and bios features.

AI makes job hunting easy: Try LinkedIn's latest tool

LinkedIn is working on integrating more AI tools into the platform, as the website now allows you to enhance your profile with AI-generated writing suggestions as well as helping you save time […]

Apple wants to cut costs after facing falling revenues, and it is taking cautious steps that concern future and current employees.

Apple tightens belt: Expands previous rulings

Apple wants to cut as much cost as possible after facing the descending graph of revenues. The company decided to expand its hiring freeze as well as delay bonuses for some of […]

Samsung Responds to Backlash over Moon Photos

Samsung responds to backlash over "fake" moon photos

Recently, a Reddit user accused Samsung of misleading customers in its advertisements regarding the moon photography feature. Today, Samsung responded to the "fake moon" controversy with a blog post. Controversies surrounding Samsung's […]

One of the largest chip makers in the world, Samsung Electronics, has announced its $230 billion investment in domestic causes.

South Korea's tech ambitions fueled by Samsung's $230B investment

Samsung plans to build five new chip plants in South Korea, committing $230B (300 trillion won) over the next 20 years. In the past few years, chip manufacturing has become a serious […]

This year, Amazon wants to compete with Elon Musk's Starlink with its newly revealed Project Kuiper terminals.

Amazon's satellite internet service to rival Musk's Starlink

Amazon has shared information on its new low-cost customer terminals of Project Kuiper. It aims to bring fast and affordable broadband to customers and communities around the world, competing with Elon Musk's […]

Duolingo is one of the few companies that integrated GPT-4 on the launch day, and it brought two great features for language learners!

Learn effortlessly: Duolingo Max and GPT-4 features

Duolingo becomes one of the first companies to integrate OpenAI's new multi-modal LLM GPT-4. The company has launched a new subscription tier named "Duolingo Max" and offers the improved features the new […]

Google keeps pursuing its research on artificial intelligence as it recently announced new AI tools for Workspace apps.

Get a head start on emails and documents with Google AI

Google is testing new generative AI features for its Workspace apps, starting with Gmail and Docs, but more to come in the future. In a blog post yesterday, Google announced its plans […]

After many speculations and teases, OpenAI has finally launched GPT-4, offering many innovations with the potential to improve.

The future of AI is now: Meet OpenAI's GPT-4

The wait is over as OpenAI has finally launched GPT-4, the new multi-modal LLM that outperforms GPT-3.5 in many ways. The Company revealed it on Twitter yesterday, showcasing some of its abilities […]

Google has given multiple exciting news at The Check Up event, but one carries huge importance for the future of healthcare.

Google takes on healthcare with new open-source initiative

Google has announced its new suite of open-source components to help accelerate the development of digital health solutions, named Open Health Stack. It focuses on standards, security, and advanced analytics. Yesterday, Google […]

After the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, its parent company SVB Financial is trying to find a buyer for other subsidiaries.

SVB's major shake-up: Two subsidiaries on the market

After the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, its parent company SVB Financial is trying to find a buyer for SVB Securities and its SVB Capital VC division. Recently collapsed SVB's parent […]

The Microsoft AI event will take place on March 16, and many new features are expected to be announced. Here is a guide on how to watch it!

Here is how to watch the Microsoft AI event

One of the current leaders of AI innovations, Microsoft, is looking to unveil more features at "The Future of Work with AI," here is a brief guide on how to watch it. […]

The new SVB CEO Tim Mayopoulos has sent out a promising email saying the bank is conducting business as usual.

The new SVB CEO sends out a promising email

The new SVB CEO, Tim Mayopoulos, surprised clients with his email stating Silicon Valley Bank N.A. is not only open but also conducts business as usual. Following the recent collapse, Silicon Valley […]

The latest filing in the US shows that your private information, including your mental health, could be in the hands of tech giants.

Telehealth startup shares your data with tech giants

The telehealth startup, Cerebral, has unveiled it shared personal data with Meta, TikTok, and Google. The personal data includes the date of birth, name, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, other demographics, […]

Google is expected to announce its new Pixel 7a phone at the I/O event, but the smartphone has already been leaked online.

Surprise ruined: Google's new phone leaked before the announcement

Someone on the internet has taken clean pictures of the new Google Pixel 7a, even though the company hasn't officially announced the smartphone yet. In the past years, many Pixel phones were […]

According to the latest reports, microLED displays are expected to launch on this specific Apple Watch model by 2025.

Apple's future looks "brighter" with new displays

Apple wants to continue improving its display options, as the latest rumors show that Apple Watch Ultra with microLED screen will launch by 2025. According to a report by Digi Times Asia, […]

In the past few years, Meta took innovative steps and supported NFT and Web3 creators; however, it is now looking to pursue another path.

Unexpected u-turn: Meta halts minting and selling

After a year of pushing digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram, Meta has decided to end its NFT support. Meta's long-term goal is to lead the technology world with the metaverse. The […]

Despite all the warnings from the industrial design team and red flags, Tim Cook is keen on launching the Apple headset this year.

Apple's headset launch: Cook's gamble or genius?

According to a report, Apple designers didn't want to release the new headset this year, but Tim Cook ordered the launch despite all the opposition from his team. Apple is looking to […]

Microsoft researchers have solved ChatGPT's text-only issue and added a new capability to it with Visual ChatGPT.

Visual ChatGPT: Temporary solution until GPT-4's launch

Microsoft researchers have launched Visual ChatGPT, which aims to gather ChatGPT's and visual foundation models' abilities together to offer a better service before GPT-4. ChatGPT launched a while ago and started a new […]

Microsoft has been investing a lot in the AI industry for the past few years and on March 16, the future of work with AI will be revealed.

Are you ready for the AI-powered work revolution by Microsoft?

Microsoft will showcase the latest improvements and work for its business apps at "The Future of Work with AI" event, which is set for March 16. Microsoft has been heavily investing in […]

Microsoft and OpenAI's next big ChatGPT update, the GPT-4 release date is almost set, according to an announcement by an executive.

GPT-4 release date and more: Everything we know

Microsoft Germany's CTO has announced that the GPT-4 release date is imminent, as close as next week, and is expected to be a multi-modal LLM, unlike GPT-3.5. Lately, ChatGPT has been one […]

Xiaomi launched Redmi K60 series a couple months ago in China and Poco F5 Pro might be the global version of it.

Is Poco F5 Pro the most equipped phone of the brand?

Poco F5 Pro specs are leaked on the internet and will likely be the global version of the Redmi K60 series. Yogesh Brar, a known leaker and tipster tweeted the unofficial specs of Poco's […]

If you have ever wondered what "Share Focus Status" is within the Focus settings, we explained it to you in this article!

What does it mean to Share Focus Status on iPhone?

Share Focus Status is an option that Apple offers to users and in this guide we will go over it to understand what it is. If you are easily distracted, you might […]

Latest reports show that Apple will continue to invest in health features as the upcoming AirPods will bring more of them.

Your new personal health assistant: Apple AirPods

The latest reports show that Apple is investing more in health as AirPods may come with hearing-based health features by 2025. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has shared interesting information on the upcoming AirPods […]

Samsung introduced Space Zoom a couple of years ago, and the authenticity controversies surrounding the technology continues.

Caught red-handed: Samsung's moon fraud

Controversy on Samsung's "fake" Space Zoom feature is brought to light once again after a user's post on Reddit. Samsung has launched the Space Zoom technology with the S20 model. It lets […]