Is Stop Watt really the "Elon Musk electric saving device?"

Onur Demirkol
Aug 21, 2023

Lately, you might have started seeing new ads for a product named Stop Watt. These ads mostly say it is the "Elon Musk electric saving device," but is that the truth?

Stop Watt is marketed as a tool that can assist you in reducing your electricity costs. Because of the advertisements using his image and name, it is known as the "Elon Musk electric saving device."

The Stop Watt gadget is still in question despite the claims. It has been labeled a scam by consumer protection organizations and experts, and here's why. The technological concepts promoted by Stop Watt are not new; comparable devices have been in use for a long time. These statements violate accepted physics principles and are based on poor scientific evidence.

Electricity bill reduction is not a secret technique. It involves implementing energy-saving habits, such as using LED lamps, energy-conscious equipment, and reducing energy waste. Stay away from being enticed by unproven devices; the money you spend might be wasted and jeopardize the integrity of your electrical system.

Stop Watt Elon Musk electric saving device
Stop Watt

Beware of the scam: Stop Watt is not the "Elon Musk electric saving device"

Once the dust settled, it became obvious that Elon Musk was not affiliated with Stop Watt. The Elon Musk Electricity Saving Box Ads draw Consumers into a web of false information, which sells an illusion of his financial backing. The alleged Tesla affiliation is really an elaborate scam to capitalize on Musk's reputation.

To make matters worse, these advertisements frequently have deceptive headlines that play on our desire for cost savings and a better planet. When clients discover they've been scammed, the sad truth becomes clear and might result in loss of money or even data theft.

Elon Musk is fined for delaying a search warrant on Trump's account

The Stop Watt Scam is not the only scam; there will probably be more of these in the future. Over the years, different frauds have appeared in electricity-saving box frauds, each using these kinds of tricks to scam consumers.

According to MyAntiSpyware, brands that overpromise and fall short include Pro Power Save, Real Watt, EcoWatt, Power Factor Saver, and Electricity Saving Box. On the internet, there are several evaluations and studies on these sorts of gadgets, all of which point out their ineffectiveness.


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  1. Gary said on November 7, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    1) A power factor compensation capacitor only works with loads that are reactive (motors, transformers, etc. Thus, things like air conditioners and refrigerators could benefit from capacitive power factor correctors, but the capacitors need to be of the proper value to compensate for the inductance of the load(s) so one value capacitor cannot compensate for more than one device.

    2) Since modern electronics do not generally have power transformers on the AC line (they use switching power supplies operating right off the raw AC line)s, they are capacitive loads, not inductive loads, so any power factor compensator must be designed for capacitive load (ie’ an inductive compensator).

    3) The only possible thing a simple capacitor on an AC line can do, properly placed, is to reduce high frequency transients on the AC power from the pole. Even if these transients added up to enough power to be detected by the MAINS watt-hour meter, any filter would need to be installed BEFORE the power meter to have any effect on measured consumption.

    4) A device that could “regulate and manage” a 20 KW home would not fit into a box this small and it would need a lot of active (and large) components to do so.

    5) Also, I love the part about “StopWatt” in which it is claimed that the device removes “harmful Carbon” from the electricity! The bull is drowning in that pile of BS. Since when did electricity carry any Carbon? Electricity is flow of electrons trough a conductor. No atoms of anything go along for the ride.

  2. Pamela Nunez said on October 29, 2023 at 9:05 pm

    got one was really excited but didn’t work am on fix income my light bill double so upset

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