Best Janitor AI alternatives to try in 2023

Onur Demirkol
Jun 15, 2023

Janitor AI has become one of the most popular tools that you can find online. However, it isn't the only one, and there are plenty of options that you can try. Sometimes it goes down, and you might have to search for other tools with similar services. Today, we gathered the best JAnitor AI alternatives to you can try in 2023!

The advancements in the field of artificial intelligence are best shown through Janitor AI. To enable seamless interactions and offer automatic assistance across several sectors, it makes use of powerful AI algorithms.

Janitor AI can efficiently interpret and answer customer inquiries by using the strength of NLP approaches. This feature highlights its expertise and adaptability by positioning it as the perfect instrument for information retrieval and customer assistance.

Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of Janitor AI

What are the best Janitor AI alternatives?

Many Janitor AI customers have been having various problems with the software over the past few days. Numerous persons are now looking for "Janitor AI Alternatives" on Google. Many users said that they are having problems with the chatbot.

If you are one of them, keep reading because below, you will find all the Janitor AI alternatives!


ChatGPT is one of the best Janitor AI alternatives that you can try. Similar to Janitor AI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can produce replies that sound like people would participate in meaningful discussions and learn from their interactions. The use of ChatGPT is also cost-free.

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Honestly, Janitor AI can be classified as the "ChatGPT alternative" because OpenAI's chatbot is currently leading the field, and none of the other chatbots look close to it in terms of services and such.

Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of OpenAI

Chai AI

Chai AI is a platform for two-way AI conversation. Customers may connect with the AIs through a state-of-the-art smartphone app (also accessible online), exactly as they would with a real person. On the platform, there are currently a lot of bots, and more are being added every day.

Chai has developed the Python module "chaipy," which streamlines and makes bot programming easier. You may easily create, test, and deploy a chatbot with Chaipy. The Chai AI has been around for a while, but it didn't really start to take off until February 2022.

Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of Chai AI

Tavern AI

With the help of Tavern AI, users may engage with AI-generated text in a chat-based environment. It gives people an easy and practical method to interact with text-generation AI systems like ChatGPT and NovelAI, making it the perfect tool for role-playing, writing fan fiction, and communicating with AI-based friends.

TavernAI is an intuitive platform that can be easily installed on your personal computer or used through a cloud service. The chatbot provides an easy way to communicate with AI text-generation models through chat-focused interactions. This proves to be especially helpful if you're interested in using an AI model for roleplay, giving life to fan fiction, or looking for an AI-based friend.

Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of Tavern AI

Novel AI

Novel AI is a potent AI narrative generator that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create high-caliber fiction. It merely helps to create captivating tales through narrative inspiration and plot development, not to replace a human writer completely.

Using text-to-image AI art, the program may also produce AI-generated visuals that enhance stories with drawn characters. Novel AI simply provides three essential capabilities, as opposed to other AI writing programs that offer more functions. Two of them aid in story creation, while the last one is used to create pictures for books, tales, or comic books.

In other words, Novel AI is for anyone who wants to use natural language processing to help them write fiction.


Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of Novel AI

Character AI

Character AI is the last member of our best Janitor AI alternatives list. It lets you make your own characters, make up tales, and play games. Personal usage of Character AI is free, but commercial use requires a paid membership.

Character AI neural language model is used by AI to read vast quantities of text and react to questions with the help of that knowledge. On the website, anyone may create a character, which can be made up of actual individuals or imaginary and either dead or living.

You may initiate a one-on-one conversation with a single character or set up a group chat with several characters so that they can all converse with you simultaneously.

Janitor AI alternatives
Courtesy of Character AI

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    So this is basically an ad for Janitor AI? Surely you don’t think there’s a critical mass of Janitor AI users who haven’t heard of any of the common AI options.

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